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Hey all,

after one day i was able to finish the game after 31years 1month and 1week gameplay :slight_smile:

This game is so awesome, and i hope that the devs will implement more features, this game truly have a great future.

here is my final score, go on and show me yours :slight_smile:

here is what i mainly did.

  • created games in different fields till i had more then 12m $ then changed to the new rooms
  • hired one worker and created some games and made research till the company had arround 16m $
  • hired another worker and created multiple games and made research till (i just wanted to have 40m but then i created King Arthur 2 which gave an income of 69m) 100m and switched to the new location
  • hired 2 more workers and created multiple games and a portable part of the game till end of the game :slight_smile:

this game is just awesome! thank you greenheartgames!

score: 37,356,086
cash: 146,3m
Fans: 287,1k
Best seller: King Arthur 2 (6,3M units)
Self-published games: 46
Publisher used: 0
Top hits: 11
Good games: 13
AAA games: 0
Large games: 4
Medium games: 23
Small games: 19
Technology points generated: 3175
Design points generated: 3590
total research completed: 54
researched topics: 31
Most used genre (Simulation): 23
Most used topic (Racing) : 9
Least profitable (Borgeneuron 2): -1,8M
Most profitable (King Arthur 2): 65,7M
Most expensive (Tonkey Donky Portabl) : 5,6M

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I’m going to be interested to see if anyone has any AAA games in their ‘final score’. I would’ve liked to be able to get to that stage while the game was still progressing. It’s very difficult to have enough time and RP to upgrade your developers while also researching new things though.

My final score wasn’t too great, nothing compared to what my company has now. I’ll load up the game in a bit and find it though!

My Highscore is:

47.126.605.36 , ~1,4m Fans, ~180m Cash

Game length 35 Years

i only have the Savegame just right after the end so no detailed data :smiley:

With the power of love, I will make great games!- Flonne Castilio, CEO
Link since I can’t do images: First successful playthrough (second overall)

The high score of my game company “Snow Leopard” after 30 yrs for the first try is
My biggest surprise hit was a small Pirate Adventure game for Young audience, for mBox360… it pulled me out of a financial hole after a period of struggle for my own biggest surprise! So I’ve been creating hugely popular sequels for it throughout the game. (both the first the second part scored 9.75!)
Towards the end I released the MMO version of an earlier Fantasy RPG that was not meant to be big either but got a very favorable reception, so I gave the masses what they wanted and the cash began to flow. The first two expansions were kindof meh, but the third one focused on the villains of the game with huge attention to dialogue and story, putting extra workload on my best designers, and it turned out great, helping me break the 200M barrier.
Thanks for the journey Greenheart!


My highscore on my first playthrough was 45.153.360,44

Was missing a lot of stuff, AAA not unlocked, No labs and no MMO or console or anything.
Best sold game was 13 million copies Fantasy adventure rpg.
Now some years later I manage up to 30 million copies sold per game.(around 500 million profit per good game)

Here are my Highscores up to now:

The only thing I am having problems is just getting these damned MMOs working :smiley: I suck at it lol

I didn’t even took picture of my final score will take next on or highscore board lol

55,505,448 final score after using the wiki extensively for each game. Didn’t get MMO’s unlocked but I did make like 4 AAA games and my own console.

The key is to keep upgrading your engine so it stays current.

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On my first game:

410M and 500K fans right on year 30

No MMO, no Console.

It was disappointing when I finally made it to #1 in G3 but got no achievement.

During my first attempts I noticed that switching to the second office quickly made my expenses rise and, perhaps my games drop (not sure why). I stayed in the garage piling up money with big hits and moved when I had like 24M, assembled a team, trained them well and that got me on a pretty good track.

Tips I found:

  • High earnings depend on you fanbase more than how good is the game, work on your fanbase.
  • Low rated games hurt your fanbase badly, and thus your future income, try to avoid them or reload.
  • Lose as little time as possible, while someone is researching, pickup some contracts or have several guys research at the same time.
  • When creating sequels, make sure they are using a newer engine.
  • Leaving some bugs in the code and providing a patch later actually increases your fan base, but it costs and you risk lower reviews.
  • If you find a good recipe for a game genre (9+ rated), developing the next game without changing anything except the topic (select another that makes a good combo) will sometimes make it to 9+
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Final score 2nd time i finished the game out of my like 20 attemps :slight_smile: im proud :smiley:

Edit cant upload pic so =(

Score was 63,513,965 :o

Edit edit: Some tips i foundout too =O

  1. stay in the garage until you have ~5 mil AND you level to 4-5.

  2. Once you got around level 4 or level 5 hire a 400k tech guy (shud be around 200-400 tech and like no design)
    Also hire a 350k Design guy (also should be around 200-400 design and no tech).

  3. Take publisher deals that your confident you can do and you believe are good. (Example PC/Military/Action/Mature, dont take something like Gameling/Medieval/RPG/Mature.)

3.5) USE THE WIKI, it helps so you can make good combos =D

  1. Try and “specialize” your studio. If you focus for example on strategy games, you should thus try and only research what would be good for strategy games. This really allows you to get the things you need to make good games in that genre becuase your only focusing on researching things to make a better engine. (Hard to explain but like yeah just specialize xD)

  2. Dont really bother training your guys, once you reach the final level (and once your like level 7-10 with like millions =D) Just fire everyone and hire new people that are well trained.

  3. make your own games research when you have the money…

And thats it =D

My second try and first successful game:


I only made simulations, starting with 51 small games, one for every topic. I didn’t bother to change the workload very much, or train my character or anything.

On all topics that scored above 7, I made a mid-size sequel. At that points, I started excessively training my characters.

In the end, I even managed a few big games, making sequels for outstanding sequels.

I did not use any publisher deal, all 74 games were pusblished independently. And I only used 5 engines over those 30 years. I guessed that if one does only create simulations, some research possibilities could be skipped. :wink:

47 million

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My First Final Score and Third Attempt: 26070974

Company Name: Double L


  1. This was my third Playthrough and first to make it to the end.
  2. In general, I don’t like save scumming or continuing from Game Overs. If I go bankrupt, I start from the very beginning instead of from newest office.
  3. On this playthrough I gave myself 1 constraint: All game titles must be 2 words, each beginning with the letter L - hence the company name (articles like “A”, “The” and “&” are allowed, and sequels can have numbers or subtitles).
  4. I started doing text-based adventure games for the G64 before moving to the TES
  5. Moved up to the newest offices first chance I got. Each happened after releasing a Massive hit game. I owe that to the “Linsay Lark” series of fantasy RPGs
  6. Was close to bankruptcy once then saved by a hit game (thank you again Linsay Lark)
  7. Once I researched medium games I stuck with them.
  8. I had Licenses for: TES, Gameling Super TES, DreamVast, mBox, GS, mBox360, and Playsystem 4
  9. I barely used the R&D
  10. Highest Rated game was 9.75 (so close)

Custom Consoles: 0
Cash: 176.1M
Fans: 305K
Best Seller: Linsay Lark IV (5.7M units)
Self-published games: 46
Publishers used: 7
Top hits: 5
Good games: 15
AAA games: 0
Large Games: 2
Medium games: 32
Small games: 19
Technology Points generated: 4433
Design Points generated: 7562
Total Research completed: 46
Researched topics: 29
Most used genre: Action (19)
Most used topic: Space (7)
Least Profitable: Lawyer Louie (-26.8K)
Most profitable: Lower Lands (69.4M)
Most expensive: Lanky Lycanthropes 2 (3.7M)

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My first playthrough, whitout any tips: 72.629.648,11
My second playthrough with many tips: arround 62.000.000. WTF ?

Played through yesterday night for the first time. My final score was 39ish.
Moved to the second level with about 5 Mio cash and than hired a great tech guy with around 800 tech skill immediately.
That really made my breakthrough after several attempts where I moved early with about 2 Mio and got bankrupt all the time.
I used publishers a lot in the beginning of stage two with also pushing the games with magazines and demos a little.
Stayed with PC games the whole time and in the beginning build an engine about every 15th game.
Trained staff a lot at stage 2. researched a lot in between projects, but renewed the engine very slowly there.
And I used the wiki extensively as at some point I was tired of making my own notes. It´s not all correct, but I found it better than making notes of my own experiments.

For MultiGenre games it´s not good yet and I had to figure out on my own judgement again. But thats part of the game heh?

Researched a lot in stage 3
Made a couple of AAA MMOs and sequels but not so hugely succesful was close to bancrupty there. The costs tend to run out of control for AAAs but once you launch them they play in the money fast.
I was not able to make my own console within the 30 years so. And at this stage I´d rather start a new game than continue the free game.

My last cash was very low becaus shortly before end I spend around 180 Mio for another AAA game.

Anyhow this game is greatly addictive. will definitely do a few other playthroughs.

I got 39,873,229.01 but can’t post images because I am a 48 year old ‘noob’ and can’t be trusted.

I’ve played 4 times so far (prefer to just start again, rather than playing on after 30 years).

  1. In my first attempt I went bankrupt in the 2nd office, this was playing without any help at all.

  2. In my second attempt, I finished the game with a score of 46,503,786.47. Also without any internet help.

  3. In my third attempt, I found the wiki site, which I used to nudge choices about which games to make for which consoles, refine target market, and refine slider settings. (I had pretty much figured out the main combo choices already). I spammed RPGs (of different topics) for a while in the mid-game, to see how it would do, worked okay. Final Score: 53,196,225.17.

  4. Just finished my fourth attempt last night. Did some analyzing of the grid on what sliders were needed for what, etc. Decided to drop RPG & Adventure from my mix entirely, and aggressively target 3D tech & creating new engines as soon as I could to move to the next graphics technology. Worked very well & I ended with a score of 63,849,764.64. And I by the last office / final 7-8 year or so, I was just researching whatever and basically throwing money out the window.

My next attempt will definitely continue on this strategy track, with some refinement. I’m thinking about writing up this next game as a (long) post.

(Oh, I should note that I read a thread that said MMOs were overpowered, so I’ve been avoiding them. All of these scores were achieved with no MMO development).

First successfull game in four attempts:

Score: 39 250 943
Cash: 137.7M
Fans: 762.5K
Best seller: BioShock (59.1M units)
Self-published games: 23
Publisher used: 13
Top hits: 11
Good games: 12
AAA games: 0
Large games: 10
Medium games: 11
Small games: 15
Technology points generated: 8170
Design points generated: 9999 (cap reached?)
Total research completed: 67
Researched topics: 51
Most used genre (Adventure): 9
Most used topic (Racing, Cyberpunk, Pirate, Vampire, Detective): 2
Least profitable (Rogue): 24.5K
Most profitable (BioShock): 822.3M
Most expensive: (Monkey Island): 6.3M


  1. Only PC releases;
  2. A lot of “dummy” games with no features enabled to minimize cost have been developed and trashed for research points.

first playthrough 44,3 M points nice game i like it