High score Contest! Show us your high score!

So its all good and fun to have unlimited time and get to impossible large incomes and amounts of fans.
But let us see how good you are with just what the game is designed for, 30 years!
Second game, played it for the whole day :smile:

This was already posted previously. Please use the search function in the future before creating new threads. :smiley:

First playthrough. :smile:

Come on people, post your High Score, lets see who leads the best games :smile:

Here are mine:

Very nice Bogus!
How did you do it? awesome score!

Hello, I would just like to remind you, there is a thread for this here.

Hi there everyone,

As we mentioned before, there is another thread about final scores. We generally like to close out the smaller thread but, with these two threads, it’s been nearly equal popularity so we decided to close out the newer one, and instead use the older thread. You guys can continue posting your final scores in the thread below:


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