Russian translation


Any hints where this would occur? I checked through all News occurrences and they seem to be translated correctly.


re. 1 - not sure about this. will need to check.
re. 2 - confirmed, wasn’t translated. I will add the comment "music record status"
re “Detective” and “Fan” - both should have comments saying “achievement title” or “topic name”


Sorry, forgot to make a screenshot. It was a message early in game about one of the first successful games.


re. 3. I have checked en-US.pot – there are 2 msgids with comments, you are right. And I found out that in ru.po there is only one msgid without comment. In fact, all the comments in ru.po are removed :(. Will try to fix this where possible, thank you for the hint.


that doesn’t sound good. sounds like a rather nasty bug from weblate might have caused this :confused:


Is en-US.pot up to date? I can spend some time restoring comments in ru.po, if they are not just comments but identify similar msgids.

BTW, how does code distinguish msgids with the same value, but different purpose? I thought that English value at the same time serves as the key, but having two ‘msgid “Fan”’ lines violates this…


Got another strange line:

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And yes, I have a new pull request.

  • Это должно быть проблемой для англоговорящим пользователям увидеть, если они знают, что линия это от
  • This should be a challenge for english users to see if they know what line this is from
  • Dies sollte eine Herausforderung für Englisch-Nutzer sehen, wenn sie wissen, welche Linie ist dies aus
    First one is russian.


The screenshot is for developers mostly, it’s ‘MSCDPN_88’ part that matters. All the Russian strings around don’t matter. I can only add that message box is about ‘Game is off the market’.

(PS. First line is not in Russian, sorry :). Google Translate failed :).)


this is roughly the logic we are using:

get both the English text, and comment from code, then look up translation:

a) if text+comment matches a key in the lookup file, use this translation.
b) otherwise, just use text to look up the translation.


this is by design and doesn’t need to be translated. in the game this appears when your credit card is stolen. it’s a fraudulent charge.

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@Stormbird do you want to be listed in the credits (probably under quality assurance)? Please let me know.


Yes, thank you :smile:

BTW, should I squash my commits to one before creating a pull request, or is it better to leave the changes grouped by topic?


@Stormbird The new russian translation is now live on steam. It’s currently in beta so that you have the chance to test it before we set it live.

Just in case you are not aware of beta support of steam:
How to use the Steam beta feature.

Right-click on Game Dev Tycoon.
Click on Properties.
Go to the beta tab.
Select the beta version from the drop-down list. (If you don’t see a beta version, try re-starting the steam client or log out from the client and log in again.)
Wait, until Steam updates the game. Once the update is complete, you can start the game.


Great, will look at it in the evening!


A side note while translating interview results (group with hypgfr1/hypgfr2/fragment comments). It would be easier to localize if there were just complete paragraphs for every case, not fragments. It’s hard to build natural sentences to fit the structure :frowning:

And another related whining: in Russian we have different verb endings for predicates in cases of fem. and masc. subjects (for past tenses). So ‘{0} said’ should be translated differently with ‘Andrew’ and "Anna’. Luckily, ‘{0} says’ does not change, and in most cases sentences can be rewritten to use present tense.

[Whining mode off, thank you :slight_smile: ]


Found a couple of not localized tokens.

Settings window:

R&D Lab projects: Hardware project name.


Got that untranslated ‘News’!

These tokens:
msgid "According to our market research the recently published game ‘{0}’ is a surprise hit with players."
msgid “The developer {0} is fairly new to the gaming industry but we cannot wait for what they will develop next!”

And please check, seems that it also reproduces with some other messages.


msgid "Platform genre-match ({0}/{1}): {2}."
msgid “Platform audience-match ({0}/{1}): {2}.”

Seems that here {0} is genre or audience and {1} is platform (reverse order)


@Stormbird Thanks for the feedback. I’ve fixed the untranslated messages and updated the beta version on Steam to 1.5.15.