Russian translation


Hey @pashok6798

Thank you for asking. As far as I am aware all strings should be published and up to date. Are you aware of strings which remain in English?


I remember, that was English strings in menu (Credits, Forum, Support and in save data were some English strings) and in steam was English phrase about synchronising saves with a Steam Cloud. Oh. And in settings didn’t translate phrase “Tutorial” (Обучение).


Thank you for letting me know. I will look into it.


Hi guys,

Is Russian translation project still active? I would like to contribute, because I am very disappointed by the quality of the translation :disappointed_relieved:.

Sorry, I understand it’s not the best way to introduce myself, but… really, guys, the level of the translation is far below the level of the game itself.

I am one of the 6 moderators at Steam Translation Server, have the required experience and am ready to help.

UPD: Unfortunately, Weblate at keeps returning server error, and I can’t register.


Hey, nice to see you here! :smile:
I have reported the current translate issues to our sys admin @FlorianBeer
Give us a couple of days and we should have something sorted.


Seems that there are several non-localized tokens:

  1. The very start of the game, smth like “Synchronizing Steam Workshop” etc.

  2. “If the game were a music record it would have {0} status” – param passed here is not translated.

As for (2), maybe the achievement titles are used here? If so, may I ask to change this and introduce separate tokens for it? In Russian we use different forms of words in those cases.

PS. BTW, it refers also to all other cases when one token is used in different places (e.g., I suspect that ‘Detective’ is used both for genre and for an achievement – hope that I am wrong however; ‘Fan’ is another possible example). Would be nice to have them separated, because other languages tend to use different forms of words where English uses the same.

#152 (as a new user, I can’t insert images in posts)

When Design level exceeds 3 digits, boxes in staff allocation become too high.

(Not sure if it is language dependent, sorry if I report it in the wrong place. I suspect it is caused by some lines that are longer than in English.)


Thank you for the feedback @Stormbird.
@DanielKlug who handles translation strings is currently on vacation but on his return he will look into any feedback that you have left. I did get a message to him however so he is aware we have new information. Cпасибо


Thanks for keeping informed :slight_smile:


No problem, thank you for helping out :smile:
It is the holiday season at the moment so I am unsure when translate will be up again, soon I hope.
In the meantime Github is the place to post and thank you again.


Do you have any news, @Charlie? I still can’t login to due to errors, and there are some open pull requests on github. Would be nice to have them reviewed, it should make the following translation easier.


Seems we will have to ditch weblate. We are just having too many issues with it.

I will go through the pull requests late this week (sorry for the delay). Can you make one single authoritative PR (so collapse all the little ones together) and get someone else to vouch for its quality?


Here is the cumulative pull request with all my recent changes:

And sorry, I don’t know anyone from current Russian translation team to ask for vouching. I can ask one of other moderators from Steam Translation Server to review my changes, though, if you don’t mind.

Well, Roganik has added a useful comment to one of my pull requests, so if you trust him, I can ask him to review.


That’s great. The okay from another experienced moderator would be ideal.


MrFreemanBBQ has agreed to review my latest pull request, he will write his comments in a Steam discussion later today.


fantastic. I should be able to merge the changes by Friday. Integration into the game will probably be next week.


You are really agile :smile:
Just to make sure we are on the same track: there are more changes to follow.


MrFreemanBBQ has reviewed my changes.


Excellent. I merged those changes.


Seems that ‘News’ msgid is used in game without translation, could you please check?

And could you please also check one of my previous posts about other localization issues?