Russian translation


Парни, готов присоединиться, готов подправить ваш русский вариант, на русский вариант: с пунктуацией, без ошибок, недочётов. То есть стать “тестировщиком”/модератором, заточенным на выявление неточностей (глаз у всех может “замылиться”, а я со свежим взглядом), перед выпуском продукта в свет.
Продукт купил уже давно (до выхода в стиме) поиграл и забросил (из-за незнание английского, правда игре это нисколько не мешало), но с русским языком игра выглядела бы презентабельней.
Как получить код бета-доступа, к закрытой русской бета-версии?

P.S. Уже начал выборочную модерацию - - Сергей Романов (Serdobolniy)
P.S.2 Пользователь под именем Viktor Yurchuk меняет правильный русский перевод на неправильный, как-то можно повлиять?
P.S. 3 Парни, толку от редактирования никакого - изменишь, сохранишь, и всё равно изменённый вариант вернётся к предыдущему - отредактированному Viktor Yurchuk. Как от его перевода можно избавиться?


как скоро выйдет русская версия?


Hey Guys,

There was an update today to fix an issue with some strings remaining untranslated despite being translated.

Please try out the latest version and report any issues such as strings remaining untranslated after translation or strings which don’t fit in the layout.


Hello. Can you add some strings for translation?
“patch complete” and here is some words:

Thank you.


Thanks for the feedback, we will investigate this.


Hello again. Is that we have to translate it or not?


Hey Guys,

So far as credits i have;

RU -

Aleksandr Potrakhov (Haoose)
Yuri Mashukov (Jazzis)
Evgeny Lebedev (Jek-pirat)
Viktor Yurchuk (MysteriO)
Nikita Pugach (Nekkit333)
Dmitry Skoptsov (Skittles)
Vadim Voroshilo (Zydex)

I need to know which category people fit into from Moderators, Top contributors and quality assurance.
Aleksandr Potrakhov - Moderators

Also please let us know if any other people need to be added to the credits.


Actual russian translation is really awful sometimes, because there are some frases, which are wrong and never used by russians, but this is actually even not surprising, every time russian localization is awful, but this is even unreadable. Please, do something about it.


Thank you for the feedback.

be aware that the russian translators are doing this as volunteers and if translations are not completely accurate, please do not tell them their doing a bad job.

This is what i suggest.

Check out this post Russian Translation

If you would like to contribute to the russian translations, you are more then welcome to post suggestions on the translations website.


We translated all together. I can not take and divide us into groups.
And add pashok​6798 to translators


Please, add in credits Pavel Sudakov - Moderators. It’s me.


Top contributors
Aleksandr Potrakhov (Haoose)
Yuri Mashukov (Jazzis)
Evgeny Lebedev (Jek-pirat)
Viktor Yurchuk (MysteriO)
Nikita Pugach (Nekkit333)
Dmitry Skoptsov (Skittles)
Vadim Voroshilo (Zydex)

Aleksandr Potrakhov (Haoose)
Yuri Mashukov (Jazzis)
Evgeny Lebedev (Jek-pirat)
Viktor Yurchuk (MysteriO)
Nikita Pugach (Nekkit333)
Dmitry Skoptsov (Skittles)
Vadim Voroshilo (Zydex)
Pavel Sudakov (pashok​6798)


Hey! Thats great. Many thanks for collecting the names for us! :cake:


Hello. Can you add strings for translating like this, which I underlined?


Hey Guys and @Haoose

Can you please state your forum name if you were a formal ‘moderator’ for the RU translation.



Why? I do not understand what you need. Links to our forums or what?


Heya Haoose! Good to see you. Apologies for not being clearer.

Listed - Forum Name
Haoose - Haoose
MysteriO - MysteriO
Skittles - Skittles
pashok6798 - pashok6798

So the users listed as;

I cannot find forum names for the above. Are the registered here on the Greenheart Games forums? If so, do we know their forum user names?


Charlie, I’m sorry that I don’t help now, because we recently released fan’s translation for the game “The Wolf among us” and I’m a bit tired. When I’ll relax, then I’ll help with moderation again.


Hi, Charlie.

I want to offer you an idea about the Russian language. Please translate all the achievements to Russians achievements were in Russian.
Thanks in advance.
Player of Game Dev Tycoon Vitosh992.

Привет, Чарли.

Я хочу предложить Вам одну идею насчет русского языка. Переведите достижения так, чтобы у россиян они были на русском языке.

Заранее спасибо.
Игрок Game Dev Tycoon, Vitosh992.



Hello. Do You plan to send new strings for translation?