Russian translation


Received Spasiba, Have emailed you the updated PO file from the new version.


I send PM… =)


Got it Spasiba, we look forward to seeing the new strings updated!


Hey Guys,

Just to check, anyone who is still active and wants to contribute as a moderator (and has previous experience) let me know.
And for those who dont have previous experience please feel free to add suggestions at

How is the quality of the RU translation looking?


I have no experience with an interpreter or a tester, but if there is a Russian version of the game is ready to go carefully and write down all the typos and errors.
У меня нет опыта работы переводчика или тестера, но если будет русская версия готов старательно пройти игру и записать все очепятки и ошибки.


Russian is at 100% @Charlie @PatrickKlug @DanielKlug

There are 1231 strings, out of which 100.0% is translated and 0.0% is fuzzy. There are 16306 words, out of which 100.0% (16306) is translated.


Они в курсе :wink: Наконец-то модераторами сделали. Вот и добили до конца. Ждем бетку.


:clap: :cake: :tada: Well done guys, we hope to get the beta build ready asap for the moderators to test.


Я русский! Я могу помочь с переводом других игр!


Hey guys,
3 small strings need completing! 99.9%


Ok Guys, RU and PT-BR translations are live for testing! :clap:

This is how it will work;
-Restart your steam client.
-Right click on Game Dev Tycoon in your steam library.
-Go to properties, beta’s, select your language
-After that select the RUas beta build. Your game should get updated after that.

Please start a new game to test otherwise some strings may remain in English.


Hey guys, we will need all the translators and moderators names, as they would like them to appear in the credits. If you can compile a list here that would be a great help!


(In alphabetical order)

Aleksandr Potrakhov (Haoose)
Yuri Mashukov (Jazzis)
Evgeny Lebedev (Jek-pirat)
Viktor Yurchuk (MysteriO)
Nikita Pugach (Nekkit333)
Dmitry Skoptsov (Skittles)
Vadim Voroshilo (Zydex)

This list is not complete. Names will be added/changed!


Charlie SpasibO (Thank) you for helping to create the official localization. You’re cool =)


Did anyone try out the beta? Are there any issues? Please report them here (best with screenshots) so we can investigate any problems. Thanks.


Ошибок полно, судя по статистике:
Во-первых, после “сегодня” и “недавно” не ставится запятая. Никогда. Во-вторых, “marketing” вполне себе переводится как “реклама”. Не нужно делать дословный перевод. Перед “как” с какого-то чёрта нет запятой. “3D-реализм” должен быть написан через дефис. Зачем-то стоят запятые перед союзом “и”, разделяющем однородные сказуемые, да и на причастные и деепричастные обороты вы явно плевали с высокой колокольни.
У переводчиков явные проблемы с пунктуацией. Если хотите, я мог бы к вам присоединиться.


Запустил бету. Сразу приметил недостатки в дополнение к написанным выше: на кнопки не влазят слова. Попробуйте вылечить тем, что, например, на кнопках “Выбрать плаформу” и “Выбрать игровой движок” будет написано “Платформа” и “Движок” соотвественно. А вместо “Маленькая” на кнопке, определяющей масштабы проекта, можно написать “Инди”, к примеру.


Spacibo you too :smiley: You were great to work with!


Hello, creators.

I live in Eastern Europe, in our small country of about 60% of Russian speakers.
Your game at release had normal price for indie games, but it was one very big problem - there was no translation into other languages.
But your game is very much dependent on the text.
It put a lot of my friends from buying a steam, eventually forcing them to look for a translation of the pirates, because in your version of the translation did not show up.

We, Russian or Russian-speaking, not as bad as you think.
Release with at least a small discount game with translations (for what she got into steam discount) and some people will buy it yet.

Although, as we have said, the right moment has passed.

P.S. Many download a pirated version, and if she’s all right, “thanks” to the creators by purchasing official game.
But if in a game where a lot of “difficult” text, there is still no translation, many people do not even buy for “thank”

P.P.S. Sorry for the mistakes made in the translation google translate


Completely forgot - I will gladly buy your game with Russian translation when it appears.
Simply, we usually look into the steam tab discount, since our regions we have no prices for Russian Federation, and all the prices are in euros, and it is usually expensive to purchase.