Russian translation

He there!
We are just a group of enthusiasts, but we want to translate your game on russian language, if u give
permission to translate not only for big groups and teams.


Thanks for the offer! We will need at least one or two moderators for a language before we unlock a translation project. A moderator needs prior translation experience and should have excellent skills in both English and the target language. A moderator should also have a good grasp on grammar and be able to correct and refine suggestions.

It is probably better to wait until we have a moderator for the Russian language before we start translating.

I do translations games in Russian language. We have a team of enthusiasts. We have moved a lot of games on the Russian language.
We would like to translate this game officially. Could you create a translation project here: ?
Thank you.

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yes, gladly. Please just give me a day or two things are a bit crazy at the moment.

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Cool game. I was especially surprised that it is written in JavaScript & HTML =)
We will wait for the creation of the project.
And now we are going to translate it "as is."
Then transfer the part already completed translation in the project.
Once again, thank you.

Hello there!
I also e-mailed you some time before but got no response.
I guess im joining too.

yes, sorry. I was a bit overwhelmed with emails lately. As long as we got at least two competent moderators I will start the translation…

Who needs translation? Silly students who despite teaching of foreign languages in second grade, nothing in this language is not understood.

PatrickKlug, We have several people who can be moderators. You can create a project, I will give a list of moderators.

I’m in the team Haoose, we would like to translate this game officially.
I can be moderator.

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I’m also in the team Haoose,
we would like to translate this game officially. +1

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Team Haoose? Google gives me no results.

w8 for moderators and i hope we can start translation with team of enthusiasts. Without guys from “NONAME” team, who wants to tranlsate this game officially.

I am Haoose =) MysteriO and Skittles - my friends :wink:
I took a lot of games in Russian language. I showed the link above.

Haoose, i have nothing against you, but when u translate “Game Dev Tycoon” like “Create a cool game” it’s looks like typical russian translation (yea, 80% of translations is rly bad in our country).

And you hide your translate…
Good translate? I dont think so…

“Create a cool game” - it’s joke =)
xD Это шутка такая (Я про название перевода на сайте notabenoid)

I want to help with russian translation too :wink: Registered and waiting for it to start!

Count me in, I’m ready to start too.

Hey there,

I would like to help with the localization also, currently working in software localization and been working with games for 5 years. Now, I just keep translating them for fun.

So if you will decide to start the process, let me know.

PS. Good luck with Steam release! Moreover, your idea with piracy present was great, the news about it made my day))

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Hello, everyone.

I would like to offer my service as a moderator for the Russian translation project. I used to participate in fan books translations few years ago, now I use to help with open source software translation. I wish to help because your game is so cute. :wink:

P.S. If for some reason I’m not applicable as a moderator, I still want to help and participate as a common member.

I can help with the translation.