Russian translation


Count me in.
I can help too


How long are we waiting before a translation project will be created?


Seems russian translators come here from NBN (notabenoid)… Glad to see them here :wink:
I may help if need, but i think russian translate already done 98 percent. :smile:
(P.S dont forget abot “likes” for topic)


bump topic! :smiley:


Hello again =)
Screenshots from Russian version:


Sorry, but I can’t say it’s perfect. There are things that are not in place. In the end it’s a product for sale, not a fan mod or something, so you should either abandon almost half of your translation or just wait a bit for developers turn. We are still waiting for the start of this project, dear devs! :wink:


some places terrible translation and adaptation.
there can be a lot less text and more compact phrases.
still waiting till project starts


Still waiting to help with the project! Bump :wink:


Recently bought the game and was very disappointed that she did not have the support of the Russian language! I had to download and play pirated version! The theme was created almost a month ago, and the result dosih not, SHAME! Greenheart, remember your own game if you do not release an update on time can lose their fans. (Недавно купил игру и был очень разочарован, тем что она не имеет поддержки русского языка! Пришлось качать и играть в пиратскую версию! Тема была создана почти месяц назад, а воз и ныне там, ПОЗОР! Greenheart, вспомните свою собственную игру, если не выпускать обновления вовремя можно потерять своих фанатов.)


As with all other translations we need at least two competent language moderators with prior translation experience, voted in by the community before we start the translation project. When those nominees accept to be moderators (and have the qualifications), just create a post with the details, tag me (@PatrickKlug) and we can unlock the Russian language and work towards a official translation.

Please also STOP hosting our game on your own servers. This is illegal, and to be honest, this behaviour doesn’t really paint the Russian community in a great light.


I hope this will happen, i have no serious prior experience in translating, but i surely can contribute.

As for hosting the game on russian servers - eh, that is to expected. It is a shame, but i hope when the game will be released on Steam with russian language support (and with regional price around, probably) CIS sales will surprise you.


Do you have to be qualified as moderator to contribute to the translation?


anyone can make translation suggestions but we need to competent moderators to actually approve and vet suggestions.


OMG! Do you even know russians?) If someone somehow limits them - they break all the rules and even do unexpectable sh*t.
you dont have rus version - here you go pirated translation
you dont have regional prices - here you go pirated versions (or not pirated 1 buys and give it free to others)
you dont want to help ppl do game better and translate it - here you go a whole country riot

something like that

and for the record i was many times moderator and administrator in RUcommunity forums of many games such as BFBC2 - Dayz - Jedi Academy Ukranian League - and so on. NO ONE want to be moderator in ru community because of ru comminity itself. its bunch of trolls, dumbheads and little whiners.

Just do a project - let ppl do a translate - but dont release it - let it be like 1 week to polish the translation and do right adaptation. Dont be like Dean “Rocket” Hall (dayz creator) which site after 1.5 year doesnt have proper translation which we gave him almost in first week.

i dont want to be a moderator or so because it needs liability and very hard work. because of mentality of RU ppl.

p.s. sorry for my grammar




what’s the translation? :wink:


in Russia there are no obstacles for the ordinary people


haha, well that can be good but we’d like to build a door together, so don’t just crash through the wall :wink:


So much activity in this topic lately. :wink:

Weren’t there already few guys offering moderation services including myself? I would like to remind that I’m still a person that could be counted for this role.



so yeah, do a project - we start translating - then we can polish it and decide which one is better.