Russian translation


We need two competent moderators with prior translation experience. As soon as anyone here can compile the info about the moderators in a post and the moderators confirm then you can tag me and I’ll start the project.


All right, guys. Let’s take our chance. This post will include people who showed their interest in moderator’s task.


Please confirm if you want to be on this list or not. After we’ll have the final list we’ll vote for mods. Also, please leave some information about yourself. Let me leave an example here:

Personally, I used to participate in fan books translations few years ago, now I use to help with open source software translation. I’m 23 years old IT Manager, use to work with people a lot, both foreigners and russians, internal and external clients plus my own team. Hope this helps to describe me as a reliable person in matter of teamwork. But it’s your choice whether to think so or not, guys. We do need a proper result here, am I right? :wink:


Man, are you Russian? Or Ukranian? It strange to me because first you say russian mentality is basically crap and then you want to participate in Russian translation. If you so dislike russian community why bother youself with translation?


you got problems with that nations? coz i dont care who is who - i just doing it for free for fun and for ppl who dont know english


In Soviet Russia, game translates you! .#YakovSmirnoff

(Sorry, couldn’t resist. Good luck with the project!)


@PatrickKlug, could we start the Russian translation project even though there isn’t a moderator yet? I’m thinking of having the suggestions get started earlier while we’ll figure out who the moderator will be.


How come you guys doesn’t understand - to start the project there are few requirements in place. Why won’t you just do what devs asked about few times already? No patience? Shall it be read as neither you would be patient enough to provide the decent amount of suggestions for the translation?

Come on, just follow the rules and we’ll success.


Я (Haoose), MysteriO и еще несколько людей уже перевели игру. Мы можем быть модераторами тут. Онлайн-версию мы убрали. Ждем начала официального перевода. Опыт в переводе игр у нас есть и не маленький.


I dont have any problems because I am russian myself. It’s you who looks like dislike russians.


Now you’re really make wise step to responded to the English-speaking forum in Russian


yes i dislike russians. 80% of them all. are we cleared now?
maybe youre in mature category of wise - good pepole? but you do have habit to make any topic to the personal showdown. this is one of the many reasons i dislike russians.
if my words insult you somehow - its your problems. if you have any more questions - please meka it outside this forum.

im so sorry for the big offtopic


I (Haoose), MysteriO, Skittles and several people have already translated game on Russian language. Here we can be moderators. Online version we removed. We are waiting for the start of the official translation. Experience in translating games we have not the smallest.


@PatrickKlug read above please


game is at all torrents with translation from Haoose. so this topic is kinda usless atm

we wasted so much time to decide “whos gonna be a moderator” @PatrickKlug


well, finding good people to do a quality translation is never a waste of time.
Sadly Russia is the number one pirating nation. Our statistics from Russia are incredible.

99.7% of Russian players pirated the game…

Question: Piracy % today?

I wonder if there are any Russian game developers, and if yes, how do they survive?


The fact that I’m from Russia, and the fact that we translated this game, and the Pirates have posted it on torrents - does not mean that we do not want to translate it officially. If there is an official translation - a lot of players from Russia will want to buy it, because it is really cool!


I think the numbers are extreme but I’d rather have them play a proper verified translation so I’m willing to collaborate.

The translation project lives at

Since you’ve already translated most of the strings it’s probably better if you download the empty ru.po file from github:

And then use POEdit or something like that to enter your existing translations. Just get back to me with the filled out ru.po file and I’ll upload it and organize someone to verify the quality.


yeeeeey im in the 0.03 % !!!

i duuno about russians - but here is ukranian


Ha-ha. I’m in 0.03% too!