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Hi! Thanks for awesome game! I have just 1 question: I search for translation into Russian, but i found just cracked version. Why pirates can translate the game and our community cannot do this? :slight_smile:


why you dont read all the topic ?)


I mean that official translation has just 22.2% ( but not official has about 100%.

P.S. I clone git repository and will try to help =)


Hello! I’d like to join translation process. What should I do to get in the process? Just register on translation site or something else is needed?


Hey again Andrew! Nice to see you on the forums! :yellow_heart:


Hi!:slight_smile: Have you already got my email with OS version and game type?


Yes thank you! I am just having a break from Support emails to manage the forums instead! I need a clone-ing machine :dizzy:


Just bought the game, after played russian pirate version (translated by Too bad you guys don’t want to implement at least this pirate translation, it looks nice.

You can beat Russian piracy in two simple steps. The price, and translation. The price is already more than reasonable. Now make another step.


Oh, wow. Would you mind sharing the source of this number? Not that I doubt it, just curious if things are really as bad as this.

[quote=“Vladiz, post:69, topic:87”]
You can beat Russian piracy in two simple steps. The price, and translation. The price is already more than reasonable. Now make another step.[/quote]

That’s not quite correct. While 8$ price tag might just work (I don’t know how well indie games sell in Russia, but they regularly have to compete with AAA-titles which are priced down as far af 50% for local market), the only way to see any profits from Russia is to put game on Steam with official translation.
(Also that the game looks like GDS makes it way easier to justify piracy, but I guess nothing can be done about that).


@PatrickKlug Just to note that we got a pull request on Russian translation. May need to review.


I’m awaiting the .po file from @Haoose as discussed here


This was simply comparing purchase numbers with usage numbers via our anonymous analytics. Russia has the third largest player base for Game Dev Tycoon (only US and UK are higher) but very very few purchases.


@Haoose could you please confirm that you’re working on the PO file. we have suggestions coming in for the Russian translation but I really want to import the existing translations before electing a moderator.


Как можно винить русских в пиратстве, когда игра официально не переведена? Я нашел её на пиратском сайте, она мне понравилась, да что там говорить, она меня очаровала, поэтому решил купить игру, я нашел сайт, я увидел страницу для покупки на русском языке, я купил и что же я увидел? Игра не поддерживает русский язык! Я чувствую себя обманутым, меня до сиго момента никто не информировал, что игра не будет поддерживать мой родной язык. А теперь мне предлагают самостоятельно занться переводом для коммерческого проекта, возможно я не понимаю суть европейского бизнеса, но разве там принято сначала брать деньги за товар, а потом предлагают его вместе с вами доделать?
К слову, российские разработчики чувствуют себя неплохо, недавно вышли Космические Рейнджеры 2 в HD-текстурах и собрали неплохие деньги, к сожалению фанатов почти всё забрал себе издатель.


Я русский, сначала увидел игру в Ютубе, решил скачать. Нашёл на торренте,скачал, и прошёл за один раз. Игра меня очень впечатлила,решил её купить что бы отблагодарить автора. Но как я понял по комментариям здесь,у игры нет официального русского перевода. И если это правда, то как я смогу в неё играть? Но в любом случае когда она появится в Стиме,то я куплю её,это будет честно я считаю. Но прошу сделать официальный перевод на русский язык.
In Russia it is easy to download games from Torrents,i did that with Game Dev Tycoon,but i really enjoy this game and now i want buy it to say thanks to the creator.
Sorry for my english.


I have not heard from @Haoose about the current translation and since there is no moderator for the Russian translation yet all we get is suggestions.

We need at least two moderators who can be active in accepting translations and generally following the guidelines.


i can filter realy bad translation suggestions, which not accept rules
Text contains special characters such as {0}, {1} …,\n and {n}. The translation MUST contain these elements at appropriate places, otherwise it will cause an error in the game!
The game contains made-up company names (such as Ninvento, Vonny), product names (such as TES, Gameling) or character names (such as Steve O’Connell). You must use these same names. Do not change them.
and “fun” translation
Can accept basic translations like New game-Новая игра Invitation-Приглашение etc.


я норм переведу не бойтесь
I can tranlste just tell me what? and where?


@Haoose what happened with you, where are you? The game already released, but you did not appear here about 3 months.
@PatrickKlug I’m not a professional translator - I’m developer in the game company and sometime I correct russian translation for our projects. I don’t see any activity @Haoose last 3 month, maybe I can be a moderator to move the russian translation from the dead point?


Hi there, it’s again me, topic starter. Haoose is just a little schoolboy, i knew it from his first post. I can be moderator and we translate every word in this game through my account, if u want…