Russian translation


@DanielKlug was there a problem with this? Find it hard to believe that this was incorrectly in the game for all this time…


@PatrickKlug @Stormbird Yes, the order was wrong all the time. I’ve fixed it and it will be included in the next update.


Thanks. Am I right that the new messages will be added to en-US.pot?


Yes you are right. I’ve already added them and default translations to all “lang”.po files as well.

  1. Could you please tell where the following msgid’s are used?

  2. msgid “Didn’t we just play {0} recently?” – what is {0} here – game title, genre, topic?

  1. “As {0} as the name.” as review message
  2. the title of the original game (just used for sequels) as review message as well


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Sorry to bother you again, but I have another question.

msgid "outstanding"
msgid "great"
msgid "good"
msgid "moderate"
msgid "below average"
msgid “pretty bad”

I have found 3 places where they are used:
msgid "It seems that the initial sales for {0} have fallen way below expected numbers. The game received {1} reviews but it seems that the chosen platform isn’t very popular with the target audience."
msgid "{0} has recently released a sequel to their game {1}. The newest game in the series titled {2} was met with {3} responses."
msgid “{0} has recently released an expansion pack to their game {1}. The expansion pack titled {2} was met with {3} responses.”

  1. Am I right with those 3 cases?
  2. Are there any other places where those adjectives are used?

Side note: I noticed that if you choose to use hints from the previous games, only 1st group of trainings (books) is hinted. All other training groups never show hints until you use them in the current game. Is it a bug or a feature?


And another untranslated window heading:

It’s a message about “new headquarters not too far away from our university” (all its parts).


sounds like a bug. we will investigate.


@Stormbird Those 3 cases are the only occurences. Training will be translated with the next update as well thanks.


Thank you for the replies.

I have another part retranlatslated, will prepare a pull request soon. Could you please add my changes to the next beta update to test them? It helps very much to see the text in game, I have already fixed some of my own strings after the previous update.



@Stormbird I’ve updated the beta version.


BTW, it turned out that at least msgid “great” is used in post-release analysis, now we have funny sentences in beta :). I’ll prepare a fix soon, may I ask you to do a beta release when it is ready?

(Sorry, I don’t know how complex your beta release procedure is. If it requires too much effort from you to do it often, then forget it, it’s beta after all. But I’d really like to fix my failure ASAP, it appears too often in game now.)


In what some call a bizarre show of arrogance Vonny representatives have been trash-talking Mirconoft’s successful mBox 360 while praising their own upcoming Playsystem 3 in the lead-up to their launch {0}

Is a mistype here deliberate? :slight_smile: I see that both Mirconoft and Micronoft are used in different sections.


@PatrickKlug or @DanielKlug, could you please answer?


A coulple of issues I have found:

  1. I spent a lot of time playing, but have never seen the messages from ‘Gordon Hench’ and ‘Frank More’. Can it be that there is a bug preventing them to occur, or am I just unlucky?

  2. msgid “lost!” (part of confirmation for cancelling research lab project) is followed by a dot, both in English and localized versions:


Hey, thank you for the continued help. Patrick and Daniel are currently running amok at GDC so they will be afk for a few days.


Thank you for the info. No problem, I understand the priorities.


@Stormbird Sorry for the very late reply. I came back from GDC yesterday and didn’t have the chance to look at translations before.
Regarding your findings:

  • The mistype Mirconoft <-> Micronoft was not intended. (Just a mistype)
  • The message from ‘Gordon Hench’ and ‘Frank More’ is a random one so you were just unlucky to never see them in your game.
  • msgid ‘lost!’ was a bug and is fixed with the new beta version (thanks)

new beta version 1.5.17 is now live