Russian translation


Thank you and hope you had fun at GDC :smile:

And sorry for that ‘!’ that broke .po file.


no worries it was easy to find :slight_smile:


Hmm, for some reason the already translated message became English again:

Something wrong in .po file or in code?


There is one translation missing in the po file.
I am not sure why but I will add the missing translation. Could you tell me the correct translation?

First version which is in the po file:
msgid “”
"{0} is no longer supported.\n"
“You’ve released {1} games for the platform and earned a total of {2}!“
msgstr “”
”{0} больше не поддерживается.\n”
“Ваши игры для этой платформы ({1} шт.) принесли вам {2}!”

Second version is missing:
msgid “”
"{0} is no longer supported.\n"
“You’ve released {1} game for the platform and earned a total of {2}!“
msgstr “”
”{0} больше не поддерживается.\n”
“Ваши игры для этой платформы ({1} шт.) принесли вам {2}!”

The difference is just (games <-> game)


The missing one:

msgid “”
"{0} is no longer supported.\n"
“You’ve released {1} game for the platform and earned a total of {2}!“
msgstr “”
”{0} больше не поддерживается.\n”
“Вы выпустили одну игру для этой платформы, и она принесла вам {2}!”

Am I right that {1} here is always “1”?


yes there is always 1 but the {1} needs to be in the translation (gets replaced by 1 then)

i guess the correct translation would be:

“{0} больше не поддерживается.\n”
“Вы выпустили {1} игру для этой платформы, и она принесла вам {2}!”



Yes, your translation is also grammatically correct, please use it if {1} should be there. Sad that it is not allowed to omit {}, because sometimes it sounds better with some ‘refactoring’.

Is there a way to fast-check for the translated strings that also miss {}? I didn’t know about it and omitted them in some other places.


Well it works without {1} as well.
Is your first translation better?
In most of the cases {x} gets replaced by different things so it should be in the translated strings most of the times. This case is different because it gets replaced by “1” all the time.

That means if you omitted some of them on purpose because you knew its everytime the same than its ok.


I usually omitted it because it was hard to translate keeping grammar rules, as far as I remember. Will try to review it later and make sure it looks good (or fix it).

Yes, I’d prefer the first translation here, but in this case the difference is minor.


1.5.18 is in beta now. Added the first translation.

  1. Could you please tell where it is used?
    msgid "Publishing"
    Looks like it is a research name, but as far as I remember publishing contracts are unlocked with a ‘message’ from Jasmine Droke, not with a research completed.

  2. I have noticed that all language names in the options combobox are capitalized, except for russian and ukrainian. They should be “Русский” and “Українська” (“мова” means “language” and is obsolete here).

P.S. I have almost finished retranslation, the end is near :slight_smile:


Publishing is the category name when researching “Marketing”.

I will change the language options to be capitalized and remove мова in the next update. Thanks for telling me.


Hi, could you please do another beta release? I have reached end of ru.po and ready to test the whole game translation:

Most probably there will be some other changes as a result, but I really hope that Russian version can be out of beta soon.


@Stormbird Updated beta version to 1.5.19. Ready to test. :smile:


Great, will check it out in the evening :slight_smile: (at work now),

  1. A question: is it possible to bring back a subscription envelope (top right corner) after pressing ‘No thanks’?
  2. Suddenly, a couple of untranslated tokens:
    (Player name placeholder at the ‘Start new game’ screen)

(Mods screen)

Game development (this was OK in previous release!):


Bring back the newsletter isn’t that easy without risking your savegames :slight_smile: but I made a screenshot for you.

I’ve checked ‘Player’ and it was never translated. Will add this string in the next version. Could you give me the correct translation for that?
Additionally I’ve found the string ‘you’ which wasn’t translated until now. It is used for thanking the Player for purchasing our game. (Special thanks to {0} for purchasing this game and supporting us!) I’ll add that as well.

The string “By submitting …” is not translated on purpose.

I’ve tested the string ‘Story/Quest’ with the latest build and it works on my PC. Is it possible that you switched the language with your current save game? When switching language and loading a game it can happen that some text is already translated in the save game.
Should be translated in the next Game development stage.

I’d need a translation for ‘you’ and ‘Player’ so that I can update the beta version.
I added them on github already.


As for Story/Quest – it happened once, and later I also saw “AI”. Guess you are right, it is because of switching languages and should not reproduce any more.

I can’t find “Special thanks etc.” in ru.po, and without translating it I can not properly translate “you” in this context. I have added the most probable version, but could you please give me a screenshot of the result also?

And here are the changes by this moment, you can update the beta version.

Also could you please provide a screenshot of the newsletter window after update so that I can check my corrections?

Upd: another untranslated string, header for the letter from G3 about challenges (“Since G3 has become the biggest meetup…”)


missing: "Special thanks to {0} for purchasing this game and supporting us!"
where {0} is you or the “username” when available (Windows 8)

I’ve added “G3 Training” as well.

@Stormbird Could you write those 2 translations here so I can update github and the beta version?

new screenshot


I can’t believe there are still so many odd pieces untranslated. Massive thanks to @Stormbird for finding all of these!