Russian translation


New strings:

“G3 Training”
“Обучение от G3”

“Special thanks to {0} for purchasing this game and supporting us!”
“Отдельная благодарность {0} за покупку игры и поддержку нашей компании!”

and please correct:

“лично Вам”

Thanks for the screenshot, looks better now :smile:


Beta 1.5.20 is live now. :smile:


(I still test the translation.)

  1. Just interested, what is shown as {2} here after “third”?

“{1} was the {2} console created by the company.”

If “[number]th”, then it should be localized in some way, too.

2.Red warning here (and in some other cases) is overlapped by the “Next” button. Can I use \n in my string to split it in 2, will it be formatted correctly?

  1. well it is ‘first’, ‘second’, ‘third’ and after that it’s just 4, 5, etc.
  2. I will decrease the font size for the warning dynamically in the next update to prevent overlapping.



Thank you for the answers.

I have found two strings: “No Project” and “No project” – is it a mistake? If not, then what’s the difference, where is each of them used?

Could you please also merge my pull request with more bugfixes?


It was a mistake. Only “No Project” will be used in future :).
I’ll merge your fixes and update the beta version.


Me again :smile:

I noticed that ‘Basic physics’ and ‘Advanced physics’ are not mutually exclusive and can be selected together – bug or feature?

And I have prepared the final set of corrections (hope so), after which the Russian translation can be released (I mean, beta status can be removed).


Just noticed that the Russian translation is already in release version. Hoorah!

I’d like to thank your team – Patrick, Daniel and Charlie – for your active communication. You are very close to the community, and I am sure this is one of the reasons for your success. I had my questions replied literally in hours, and my changes were going live in beta with fantastic speed.

I also had an exciting experience of planning and performing the translation of the project as a whole, it was both challenging and fun. Hope this translation will bring you more players from Russia – those who buy the game, I mean :).

And, of course, thank you once more for a wonderful game dev simulator!

And don’t stop, good luck with your new projects!


Hey! Yesterday I noticed that when I have long game name and I try to make a sequel to this game, name won’t fit to the menu.
In screenshot you can see what I am talking about. Game with name “Movie Maker kids HD” don’t fit to the top of the window. (HD>> part on the second line)
Not sure is it Russian translation related issue or already known thing.


Wait, what are you talking about again? This is a thread about a russian translation that’s complete.


I’m talking about “long game name does not fit to the title about sequel”.
I don’t know is it Russian translation related issue or not. So i decided to post about it here.
Was it wrong decision to post about it here?


This is not related to the russian translation. I guess you will get the same problem with long titles in any language.


Not sure how I missed this post so a belated thank you very much for your help with the Russian translation. I’m sure many players appreciate the improved version!


Hi again!
I’ve heard news about mobile version, are there plans for translation updates?


Yes, we are updating translations for the mobile release too and will re-instate our translation portal closer to release as well.


Oops, seems that I have missed some news. Could you please give a link to the current translation portal?


I’m pretty sure there’s none anymore,, there’s a translation repo on there


Yes, but English file from it has been last updated 3 years ago. I guess mobile resources are located somewhere else.


Yes, sorry. Given the time constraint we opted to go a different route for the initial mobile translation but we will update our github repo and potentially revive our translation portal for ongoing maintenance.