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This program is outdated.
Please read the topic.


I understand that, and it’s been stated several times in the topic. I was asking Stian about HIS program.


It is still in the works but soon I will release a development log.


You could of specified :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s awesome! I wanted to create my own mod and I was truly sad becaysuse I couldn’t.


HOW TO DOWNLOAD??? I can not find a link…


Its severly outdated
Its better not use it

Just learn javascript and your good

Excuse me right now as I am playing SpLaToOn
And currently in a fuzzy pickle


Hi guys…

here I am… after quite a long absence. Long story short…If you can tell me in a nutshell what does work and not, what has changed an not, chances are quite good that I might sit down one of the next evenings and provide a version that works with the current version of the game.



I like this guy


From what I’ve heard making topics still works, trying to make custom platforms, engine researches, Hardware researches, lab researches (didn’t work before GDT’s code was updated), events or achievements on the other hand do not. Also the ability to add complex events was never added.


Nice to see you back! Please continue with this project, it improved the community so much!


that post is like a month old!
@alphabit probably died by now…


@alphabit is the biggest zombie ever seen by humanity, he just dies and comes back to life a surprising amount of times


. i want to dabble in mod making, im using the UME, but my self made mod wont show up, someone help me please?


UME is outdated and is not currently working with the latest version of GDT. Sorry.


so no way to make mods?


There is, but it is a lot more difficult and complex. You would have to use the modding API (included in the games mod file) in order to make a mod.


o. well i consider myself half stupid so straight up code from scratch is way outta my level lol. so is there gonna be a updated version sometime?


Depends on what the developer will do. I hope he will, but most likely not.


o. dang. oh well. thanks for the heads up.