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i don’t know. I only know that they changed modding system or something and now UME don’t work properly.


@Jakub and so now anyone good program to moding?


and this is the time that as i retire as a UME modder…


You see, the developers of UME thought that "Hey! Lets make this program closed source so the program will completely die of when we leave! That sounds like a great idea! :smiley: ".

If the developers didn’t take such a horrible decision, I could fix it. But I cant do that now.


fix it!

btw its 2015 here so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


I said, I cant fix it.


Because closed source. For now, manual editing is the only way to make mod works


I cant find the download link


Looks nice, but uhm… Download? Cant seem to find it.


@aimlezz This program is outdated.


Hey! I love UME but just a question, how do you use Lab and Hardware Lab researches? I know how to create them but not how to use them (For example, if I want to create in the R&D Lab Graphics V8, how do I do to get Graphics V8 when I finish the research?)


Ok, I have a problem when I insert the mod into the archives of the game… This happens.

Can someone help me?
http: //i.imgur.com/MOfJKcT.png
I separated the link because I am a new user.


Dude dont use it its not updated to the games current mod format
You have to do manually at the time


So, what should I do? Sorry I’m spanish I don’t understand english very well.


Oh now I understand…

Could I download a previous version of GDT?


How do I put my mod in my game, PlEASE HELP!


@TheReversedGuy, UME is outdated and you can’t download a previous copy. Check out my mod-maker GDT Enlightening which is in the works at the moment if you’re interested :smile:

@jdh3nz, no reason in trying. UME is outdated and it doesn’t work properly.


So is there any other way to make mods for GDT without UME?


Please read my previous post :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, and because I can’t find it, where can I find your mod maker?