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You know, everything is possible if you learn to code a mod, pretty a one week of training each day for 1-2 hours in codecademy.com is enough to learn the basics. If you want to stick with UME,

it has some limits, and you can’t to pretty much everything. Sure, you can make Topics, Achievements or Researches in a hurry, but it has a few limites, unlike using the API.

Now, “Marketing” or “Target Audience” are Special Researches, if I’m sure.


So I’ve decided to start with smaller, less ambitious projects and have been browsing the help documents within the UME to experiment with the code I found to create things like contracts, publishers and other things. I’m starting to understand how the code works, but for some reason even though I save my changes whatever code I add to the Code_Before.js and Code_After.js areas vanish completely when I reload the file. Am I simply entering the data in the wrong sections or something?


@alphabit any news? Your last post here was more than a month ago!


so are you able to put mods like this on the workshop?


@alphabit Linux support, please! <3


How about all the features in UltimateLib being included in UME.


This project has been unofficially discontinued ages ago.


how do you know?


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Look at @Gamingthrou’s post.


We need to return UME to its former glory! :wink:

P.S i am not NECROING (well almost) its 29 days since last post so im fine now.


No we dont. We need to create a new tool and not feed the closed-source Windows-only program that is UME.


Aww… its the only the modding tool i want… :sob:

Well R.I.P UME… I DONT KNOW - 2014

Well atleast we need a UME like program that will run Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7, 8/8.1 10 (pre-release)


Android and iOS? Of course not! We’re not EA and we dont target mobile platforms for a professional mod making tool.


Why?? Is that the problem of the current war So called PC vs Smartphones War 2010- Now


What? if you really think that a “GDT Mod Maker” app for iOS or Android would be amazing, go ahead. I mean, its barely used on PC and I dont think there’s any desire for it. What is cool and what is logical is two different things


Okay… lets just go back to the drawing board.

The GDT Mod maker will now run Windows Vista - 10 Mac OS X.7 - 10.10 and All Linux distros…

This will cheer you up…


@alphabit I make mod at this program but in game have error… How to fix please


UME is old und outdated, you must code manually.


@Jakub What i must rework for good working?