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If you look at the video up top he explains a lot :smiley:


Lemme check if this is true. (If I can change names) if not, I’ll tell you


OK, thanks, I just know that its not illegal if you DO NOT receive any money from it, not sure about a donation button though, let me know, if its not possible can you tell me how any ways? Then I will create two versions of my mod, one with (My Computer ONLY) and one without (Community) real names



Trade Marks

In-game assets, consoles and companies have been deliberately designed to parody historical events, developers, hardware and systems. Your mod may not reference or incorporate trade marks or publicity rights of any third party without written consent from that party. You must provide us with proof of such consent immediately upon request.

Taken directly from the modding agreement


Sure, will check out after I’m done with some ‘chores’


Is that Greenhearts policy? If so, I will respect it. Take a look at Grand Theft Auto Mods, there is a lot of real car names in it. The modders don’t make money so they aren’t stealing their name. Just free advertisement for the car companies :smile:


Yes, you can find the modding agreement here: http://www.greenheartgames.com/legal/game-dev-tycoon-modding-agreement/

This statement is true, except, no, no it isn’t. Yes, they are not making money off the companies name, but they are still using it :stuck_out_tongue:


OK then why does Gamebiz 3 use real names then? seams to be ONLY Greenheart’s policy



And i’m not even bothering to argue with you anymore, Gamebiz 3 probably aren’t aware of what can happen in terms of legal issues, GHG are


Oh sorry, I ment seems, lol

But anyways, I don’t mean to argue, I just don’t understand why there are A LOT of games including big named games like Grand Theft Auto either have real names, or have modders that mod real names into their game.

Surely if Rockstar allows MODS to make real names, it must not be illegal for modders to do so unless they recieve money for it.


I dunno, probably just because rockstar is such a big company.
And also, with a mod that adds real names, the developers would not get into trouble, it would the mod developer who gets in trouble :stuck_out_tongue:


well it is just strange to me, like how could you get written consent from atari? lol are they even arround any more?


Can anyone please help me with my problem…?


@alphabit Hey, you should add the achievement criteria “Game Name”, “Game Topic”, and “Game Genre”. Like the achievement “Inception”. Thanks if you do.


Don’t hate me for asking, @alphabit and @SirEverard :smile:

Now that GDT is Workshop integrated, have you considered implementing Click to Add to Workshop in similar to Bethesda’s Editor to Skyrim?



i have a little problem.

Every time i creat a engine research with the criteria category level i get an error.

For example i create the own engine research “simple animal ai” and set the criteria category level a.i. to minimum level 2 an error occours when i activate the mod in the game.

I can´t upload a image cause im a new user so i write the error message here:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘experience’ of null


Just to clear things up:
It is NOT illegal to use real names in a mod if there is no financial gain. However GHG are a small company and large companies can use this to their advantage to effectively ‘bully’ GHG if their name is used, even in a mod. Because of this GHG has a policy in the modding agreement, that you CANNOT RELEASE a mod with real names for consoles etc, without permission from the company. By modding you agree to this.


@alphabit Any idea on when editing vanilla stuff and adding genres will be available, as I am planning a mod that redoes all the topics, genres and consoles. Sorry for nagging, I’ll look into doing it myself in the code in the meantime but, I was just hoping to know if it would be any time soon. Thanks


With original names? (talking about consoles) Unfortunately it’s not permitted. :’(


I just have to say I’m really taking a liking to this mod, in particular due to its user-friendly nature and how I’ve already been experimenting with custom achievements. I just have to ask when and if you plan to ever create a version of UME that allows for the creation of Complex Notifications and Events as I’ve wanted to create those kind of sequences where responses to events might result in the loss/gain of fans and/or money. I also was hoping for more specific criteria for achievement creation which would allow for things such as an achievement for releasing 3 consecutive titles to receive ratings of at least 8 or higher.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m just complaining about content that doesn’t exist in a mod, in fact it’s because I appreciate this mod as to why I’m questioning whether any new versions are planned for the future. Also, what kind of research would things like “Target Audience”, “Marketing” and “Multi-Platform” be listed as? I’ve been trying to create a multi-topic mod with different working combos, but so far I haven’t been able to.