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If you could tell me the error.


@braeden98765678 Hi. The error should tell you in which file and on which line the error has been detected. Can you make a screenshot out of it? As a hint: You can paste a screenshot directly into a forum post

If you want, you can also send me the .ume file at support@greenheartgames.com and write that it’s for “alphabit” :wink:

Just another hint:
You don’t need to upload your mod to Workshop to test it. Simply drop the mod folder it into the GDT’s mods folder and you can test and play-test it before uploading it to Steam.


http://gyazo.com/4e84d3a75c6957c0a10f1878969c7ebc that isn’t helpful I would guess so I’ll send you the file. Also I worded that in a weird way I meant I was going to test it then put it on steam, so yea :wink:


did you get the email? I’m kind of not sure because you haven’t said anything :.


Yes. I’m looking at it.

The error was caused by the wrongly generated ID. If you take a look at the generated ID, you will see that there is a dash and a “(Viking)” inside. This wasn’t meant to be allowed, so I’ll need to fix UME to correctly handle this.

In the meantime, you could edit the ID, switch to manually and use an ID like: ConsoleWar_BraedenViking. That should work, then.

Apologizes for any trouble caused by that. Fix will be released very soon…


Thanks for the help! I’ll fix that.


it would be nice if you updated it now since i have beta access and would like to upload my ume mod


@Jediwolf I believe the new update is out for UME


but can i put the ume on the workshop and will it be able to play without crashing


Yes you can put the mod on workshop :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you talking about, the workshop update is now public


well i didnt frickity frack know that


I have a couple of questions.

  1. With creating Platforms, how do we set it up to never retire? Like PS5, Mbox Next and PC for example?
  2. How can we extend game play length?
  3. Can we create RPG elements, for example, make it so when you use design
    or tech points to play the game you can level up that specific trate?
  4. Can we edit all ready in game platforms, topics or research?


hey @alphabit. is the latest version of UME now supports XP and NET 4.0??? I haven’t made new mods. just updating my (almost) popular mod.

Just asking…

  1. True game end is in 260/12/4 All consoles get out of the market
  2. Advanced Modding, I don’t think UME Allows that.
  3. Simple modding, I can edit the marketshare or when platforms get out of the market right now.


So I used UME to make a mod in order to add a few topics. When I was done, I clicked “Validate project and code”, and no errors were found. Then, I clicked “Build expansion mod package”, named it, and when I want to upload it on the workshop, or even just put in directly in my mod folder, nothing works.

If it’s directly in the folder, an error message pops up, and if I want to upload it, I get this: “error invalid game dev tycoon mod”

What am I doing wrong ?



Can you edit the console names? Or is that even alloud? My mod will add a lot of consoles and topics, I have put the Odyssey in now and my topics are these
Them Park
TV Show


Edit the names to what? Original? That’s not allowed. The developers have changed the names to avoid issues.


Your alloud to have original names of stuff in a MOD not a game you sell, look at GTA there is mods to use original games. As long as you don’t make money on it, it should be alloud.


True that.


Is there like a guide for the console making?