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@kingofblox360 he already said the next version would support .NET 4.0. Seriously please read into that kind of stuff before you post :wink:


@alphabit Can you give us any news?


Hey guys… sorry for the massive delay. But many things have changed recently so I couldn’t find any time to work on UME until 2 days ago, where I started to fix all bugs and annoyances left for doing a (more-or-less-final-for-a-while) update for the Windows Version.

What will you get? Well first of all, the final update will be definitely a .NET 4.0 compatible version, a new ID system for the modules (so that naming will be more consistent), massive bug fixes, especially in code generation and picture management, as well as some UI glitches.

This is what I have in my board atm. Please let me know if there’s something important you want to have fixed:


When do you update it? I want a new version :frowning: (srry for my english)




I think that, if you’re going to do a FINAL update you put the things on the “Changes you can expect in the next release” list and some things of the “Planned things for future version(s)” list…

Also remember to fix that coding bug that crashed my mod and TimeZonePack

And… That thing were you were (terrible english) going “pass over” UME to the famous coders of this forum like @DzjengisKhan, so they can update it with more frequency… It ended in something? It would be nice…


i cant figure out how to update my mod


Idk about ultimate mod. It’s a work of art don’t get me wrong, but I personally enjoy plain old typing out code.


then use ultimatelib instead t.t

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@alphabit How’s the update going?


@alphabit I don’t know if your still coming on but I found an issue where in an event the year is limited to 4. Also I think the main new feature you should work on is adding genres since that is something I would like to see appearing in mods soon.


@alphabit Got a win7 32bit VM (Virtual Machine) running so that I can use this and other windows only applications, and upon trying to install this so I can (finnaly) use it, it says my processor is not supported. It is a 2 GHz Intel 4 Core i7 (Cira 2011 or so). is there any way to fix this?


what is your real OS?


@tmch Mac osx maveriks. I fixed the problem on my own, though. Apparently I was trying to run the 64bit version on my 32 bit vm. Do’h


@alphabit Are you going to relase a new version of UltimateModEditor?


Yes. Some short time after the workshop release, UME will be updated to reflect changes related to Steam Workshop.


http://gyazo.com/bc238a4a92814253fc7ee7b3a0f42ef7 Help? Is this because of the update to the workshop and I will need to wait for UME to update?


Something is wrong with your package.json. Send me it and i’ll take a look


###Sign of Life and Good News###

To all modders out there that are using the UME, it’s a good day today :slight_smile:

I have just published a new build of the editor, that includes several important changes, especially one that works with the latest GDT builds.

Here is a brief overview of the major changes:

  • Reversion to .NET 4.0
  • Again support for Windows XP and higher
  • Improved Mod ID Generation and Management
  • Completely revised Code Generation for complying to GDT 1.5.x and higher
  • Plugin System and Extensibility (*experimental) for later extensions
  • Several minor bug fixes

####Please note####
Should you have trouble using the auto-updater from a previous UME version, please download the installation files directly from the website (see first post).

####Some impressions####

The new, more flexible and better (mod) ID system

Code generation compatible to GDT 1.5.x and higher with additional automatically generated comments

And even more comments

Demonstrating how the new relative paths are used

####And last but not least####


hey, after a couple hours of work I was ready to test my mod and then put it up on the forums/workshop, but when I click the “Build expansion pack mod package” it says: Error in code detected I then click the button directly left of the build expansion pack one assuming that fixes it nothing happens…help D: