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I did still nothing


Hmmmmmmmmmmm… Tried re-download and install? Got the latest net framework?


Hey there. Fairly new to the modding business, and I was wondering if someone could please help me with something? I would like to know how to make those popup messages where you can select from two or more options? I can’t seem to make them in the UME, and I dont know too much code. What i mean is things like when your fans ask you to release an older version of your engine, and you can choose “Give it away”, “Sell it”, and “refuse”. I want to know how to make something like that for my mod. Is there anyone that could help me with that? thanks in advance!


You can’t do that in ume


Could you explain how to do it elsewhere and import it into my mod?


Ask @DzjengisKhan or @alphabit


Ok, thanks for the help! ^^


Yes 4.5
I’ll retry though


how can i use this program when im using Windows XP?? game dev tycoon works for me even with mods. so why this program is not supported for xp??? please support for win xp! :frowning:


This mod maker seems alone and outdated @alphabit


.NET Framework 4.5 is not supported by WinXP. In the next update @alphabit said it would be reverting back to .NET 4.0 which is supported by WinXP


U can use the previous version (supporting framework 4.0). Download from: http://gdt-ultimatesuite.abesco.de/UME.zip


I tried to install it. There is a error when i double click the UME. It said does not support the OS but i have NET 4.0

EDIT: oopes i must download a earlier version. Sorry about that!


Is it possible to turn .zip files back to .ume files? Cause i lost my .ume file long time ago.


No it isn’t


So i’m need to rebuild my mod from scratch…
Someone should made converter.


This might sound like a stupid question… I am new to UME and dont know my way around it but is there a way to unlock Engine Research when lab research is completed? because as far as i can see the lab research that can be created with UME can only be used to research R&D items but not actually add any engine functionality…


@alphabit Are working on the update? And all that thing with @DzjengisKhan and @Darkly will happen?


It would be nice if you could set the topics, research, platforms etc. in alphabetic order :slight_smile: Makes an easier overview. I tried to move them in alphabetic order myself but everytime i created a new topic it would most likely randomize itself


@alphabit. When do you update the UME?? Can you support the latest version of the UME for NET 4.0. PLS!