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You can look at examples of other mods and get an idea on how to make a mod from scratch from there :wink:


It isn’t THAT complex… just copy and paste API examples and change the fields you want to change


Just… Just…



how do i add my mod to the game???


@alphabit Almost every time I try to make a mod and I’m almost finished, this comes up when I try to build the package: “Expected ;” in code.js on line 18, where line 18 is pretty much always a comment in code.


@BloodfallenTear UME has been broken for a while now…


Rust In Pepperoni’s US/UME/UL website


We will never forget you.


I am sure it is, but I’m sorry to say that I’m not able to download the ModEditor.
I think link doesn’t work, but it may be my problem and not your.
So, thanks for your attention.


UME is outdated anyway, so the fact the link does not work doesn’t really matter.


@KizzaGaming thank you for your explanation
I think it’s a shame T.T (positively). But maybe it’s better like this, so developpers can concentrate on Game#2, isn’t it? I was just interested in trying this, to learn (I’m just a beginner in programming) and have fun. Anyway, thank you so much for your work (on games and on this project) Greenheart Games, you will not be forgotten!


Not really, UME and GDT are made by different people. UME just never got properly updated to work with the workshop update.


Yet, only was Hoping someone would Resurrect the UME. Its like the Tools for all your Problem Needs in GDT Modding @KizzaGaming


Meh, the API is fairly well documented so making a mod from scratch isn’t that difficult. There is also some other mod makers out there.


Speaking about…

I founded a website that contained the UltimateModEditor, if anyone needs it, here you go:

Link: http://ultimatemodeditor-gdt.software.informer.com/download/
it contains the latest V. []

But also founded the Official UltimateLib on steam, if without steam here:
it contains the lastest V. [1.4.0] [Its Steam Version, What’ve you thought?]


Leave what to me to find out?


That is very simple. Just look in the mod folder at the package.json


For the windows of program just look at the info of the program it may or should contain the version. I’m on my phone and not by my computer right now



How to make a research in “Lab Research” like Marketing (only able to research when I making a game), In this case if I’m having a MMO.
Also I couldn’t add a research from mod in Criterias.
And thank for anyone help me :gift:


@alphabit Help me i have a problem with ume ;(

here is the problem : http://pasted.co/e7d1d91f