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Yes :slight_smile: I don’t think it does anything really… it just reverts back to normal. It would be cool if it did something :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG :laughing: Ok. This needs to be fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Humm… well, what should it supposed to do? Creating a parent-child relation between two or more items wouldn’t make really sense for that kind of items.

I was lookin’ at the screenshot and thinking WTH went wrong? Good to know I simply did forget to disable the Drag’n’Drop feature of the tree control! :stuck_out_tongue:


well, i was thinking about if it would be able to like if the research is under a research that might be called “Internet” (just an example) and you make another called “browser game” and if you put the browser game under the “Internet” you would have to research Internet before you will be able to research browser game… I kind of think that feature is missing… maybe it’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

But otherwise I wouldn’t mind if it’s there or not, since it’s not really supposed to do anything




@JackBank That is a great idea! :thumbsup:


i was just about to type the same thing. But @JackBank bet me too it


@alphabit Can you give a list of some features coming in the new update???


Mainly a tech update featuring:

  • Bug fixing
  • Reversion to .NET 4.0
  • Again support for Windows XP and higher
  • Plugin System
  • Extensibility (*experimental)
  • Special Researches (?)
  • Publishers (?)


Nice :smiley:


@alphabit I thought of a pretty cool idea for my mod, i can implement it but not the way i want to implement the idea.
The idea is called a “Side Topic”, a side topic can only be selected in the second topic box when Multi Topic is unlocked.

EG. Military/FPS=BF/CoD


@alphabit Do you have any feature done or all of then need to be polished?


###You are awesome, guys :clap: ###

With a total download count of more than 4k and around 40 modules created with it, UME has reached another incredible milestone in its young history.

Muchas gracias amigos! This is simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

For your constant support, you will be soon rewarded with a new version… It’s still worth to stay tuned :wink:

@supersamuel Most of the things are already done, but need to be polished. The good news is, that I’ll be back at home this week and can invest much more time in the project again :wink:


I can’t see the word “new version” that I stay like this:


I love this but I have a burning question to ask. Is it possible to make it so when you create a new research part you can make one of the criteria’s be one of the parts you made?


Engine Part 1 needs Engine: Simple Physics Level 1.

Engine Part 2 needs Engine: Advanced Physics Level 1 & Engine Part 1 Level 3


This is something I planned to do, but it still was not implemented. I need to dynamically add/remove custom things to allow that.

It is something I will consider for the next release!:smiley:


Hey @alphabit

I accidently replaced my mod with a new save and all my stuff is gone… ( .ume file) Is there any way to get it back?

If it’s possible to copy the code.js main.js and package.json from the finished mod (when you click the “Build expansion mod package” button) in the ume tool into the ume tool… hope you know what i mean… It could really help me. I can’t do what I tried to explain above, if you can do it, would you help me out? Thank you


That is not possible at the moment @JackBank


I create the console, I give fashions to friends.
Consoles in set time aren’t present.
All points, the prices, the message it is attached.

in single game of 70% works

whether will work in a multiplayer? GDTMP


@alphabit, can you make it so it DOESN’T require admin permission? My dad is admin, and he only is home on weekends.