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@SkyCodeStudios It should not require admin


It does for me. The icon even has the little shield in the corner. @KizzaGaming




I still need this bug fixed. I just wanted to make some stuff, and I don’t have my dad. My mom has the pass, but she’s in the hospital. Help! @alphabit


You can download a no-install version of UME I prepared for you from:

Hope this helps.

For any other questions and things, I still need a couple of days more. The last weeks have been very intense and busy, but I didn’t forget you :wink:


It helps. I just turn off wi-fi and I can create! But how do I apply my mods to the game?


When you are satisfied with the settings in UME, use the Build button in the toolbar to create a ZIP package with your mod. Then you simply unpack the contents of the ZIP file into your GDT mods folder.


Did, you get any advance on the next version?


###Important note###
The servers at abesco are undergoing a bigger maintenance and scheduled upgrade, so downloads will not be available from the well known download location for a while (hours to a 1 or 2 days).

I made an alternative link available on Google Drive to allow downloading the UME (also updated this in the first post in the link list). While in maintenance, please download from the following location: :floppy_disk: UltimateModEditor on Google Drive Please also note that automatic updates will not be available until the server is fully working again. Sorry for any inconvenience! [/spoiler]

April, 12th, 22:30 CET
The server for the official website is again up and running. Access to the official website is now available.

Thanks for your patience :smiley:


OMG what is this?



Something to do with nodes


What the heck?
Maybe a theme? (Yes there is a theme tab/button)


Hmm cross-platform?


Cross-Platform or Online… Need to decide on that. But dev can go with node-webkit :wink:
I’m still researching and evaluating necessary modules for creating the app framework.

It’s just a raw idea


UME, witch will support mac because it was made with js and it was made in node webkit


Yes. That is the plan.
Although I have still not taken the decision to serve the app online or as NW version.

Whatever way I’ll go for, it’ll be the same codebase and it will be compatible at least with all the systems that do support Node-Webkit (Mac, Linux, Windows… and who knows… later more? ;))

I’m also thinking about setting up a small community team here on the forums that will do the main development under my coordination (because I’m quite heavily involved in a lot of projects atm).

I am especially thinking about @DzjengisKhan and @Darkly, but I would be happy to hear from other people who is interested in taking part to this project.

Please bear in mind, these are only thoughts and ideas… nothing has been decided so far. So I’m open for discussions :wink:


@alphabit, I would be honord to help with your new project :smile:

Not only because it gives me a great oppertunity to repay you for all the help you’ve given me over the time, but also because I think I would learn a lot from it for my future education ^^

So feel free to message me whenever you need my help and I’ll try my best :smiley:


I’m also honored to be considered for the project, but on the other hand I don’t really have the time to work on two large projects at the same time, especially right now since I have a lot of IRL stuff going on.

Whichever way you decide to serve the app (or maybe both NW and online?! That would be pretty convenient), I’m sure it will turn out great just like the regular version of UME. I’ve never coded a full complicated UI before anyway :wink:


@alphabit + @SirEverard + @DzjengisKhan + @Darkly + @kristof1104 = BEST FIFA 14 (cough) GDT ULTIMATE MODDING TEAM


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