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Can you help me @alphabit?


Does the notification have a header text? Can u also please verify that the notification is visible in the notification manager form?

Please post some screenshots, if possible.


hmm, it doesn’t matter anymore, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: I figured it out… Just seems like the header was too long :slight_smile: I’m new at this so there is just very minor things i may have problems with :blush:

Quick question then, what does it mean to have it like this?


Yeeep I need to update my mod


Can you provide the old Windows XP supported versions(the latest supported version would be nice)?
And i can upgrade to vista or higher, i just dont know how.


i would recommend upgrading too windows 7 due too the fact that support for xp ends next month and windows vista is quite unstable.
Look up a tutorial on youtube if you don’t know how


You can’t simply ‘upgrade’ to windows 7. It cost a lot of money to do it, or you need to download an illegal version, which I wouldn’t recommend :stuck_out_tongue:


fair point…


My computer was windows 7 and before i downgraded to windows xp, i lost my product key and everything D:
I’m stuck with windows xp and have a windows 8 computer ready to be bought, just need a higher buget :cry: .


Thread cleanup. Please keep off topic chat in private messages or in its own thread :smile:


Sorry guys for being late, but I’m still heavily involved in some projects and duties atm. I already prepared a new version which I still need to polish a bit before releasing.

The next version, as already posted previously, will definitely be again compatible with Windows XP :smiley:

Personally I would recommend, if possible, to install Windows 7, because XP has reached its EOL (end of life) and will not be supported anymore (especially concerning security updates).

But again, UME will be compatible to Windows XP again and upwards starting from the next release.


@alphabit Would this new version fix the issues iv’e been having with TZPack???


Well, before release I’ll test it using your project anyway. So presumably, yes. It should work after that. I will use the project(s) u sent me to test prior to release.


Thanks @alphabit


Quick question, what does it mean to have it like this?


Good question! Never seen that! :stuck_out_tongue: How did u manage to achieve that?

Can u please provide me a download link to the UME file? You can also send me a PM if you want to privately make the link available. If you cannot opt for letting me download it, send me a PM and I send you my email to send me the file.


Yes, well all I did was to pull one thing to another and it made like a dropdown… but it seemed like after some time it went back to normal (it wasn’t as a dropdown)

The UME file will be there shortly :stuck_out_tongue: but I can’t promise it would look like that because it changed by itself…


here is the ume file, but I don’t think that it’s like on the picture…
Otherwise all you do is dragging the engine under another engine.



@alphabit I managed too achieve it aswell


Ah! Now I see. So u did basically drag’n’drop the “node” under the other?