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Hi, there is ModAPI, so people started making mods.
I always wanted to create a modification to game. And my dream is SuperConsoles!

I present to you…

SuperConsoles Adds Of course New Consoles, And Also Topics, Events And Research Items. Also, The 0.9.5 Version adds Game Announcing!

:notebook: Changelog

Version 0.9.1

-Re-maked 2 images, so thay are better looking
-Fixed not apperaing images problem, and 1 other bug.

Version 0.9.3

-8 New Platforms:
MicroBox Hardcore
SmokeCube V2

-Also Worked a little with descriptions and images of consoles.

Version 0.9.5

New Platform:
-Vena D3stroy3r

2 New Events
3 New Notifications
Optimized Some Sales

And… Game Announcing!

Version 0.9.6.
-Changed 2 or 3 images

Version 0.9.7

-Changed and added images of platforms (not all ofcourse)
-Changed some descripitions
- Fixed the bug with game announcing

You Can Find Full Changelog There.

:briefcase: Modification Contains:

51 (!) Platforms

9 Topics

32 Research Items

2 Events, 3 Notifications

Game Announcing

Full List On Nexus Mods

:two_men_holding_hands: Credits:
Haxor(1337) - Most Of The Mod
@DzjengisKhan & @Darkly - Some Help With Game Announcing Feature
GhG Forums Community - Some Ideas (PS. Gimme More)

:bulb: Ideas:

-none :C

:no_entry: Issues Known:

Now, none, but if You see any please tell me about it

:arrow_down: Download :

Nexus Mods Page: http://goo.gl/ZWdXTH

Mediafire, OUTDATED Download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8qt3q4ctl0801/Modz

:information_source: All Websites

Nexus Mods


And, Greenheart Forums :wink:

If you have some ideas or want to help, comment.
Please report any bugs.

Modding and pictures
The Official Community Mod List
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Official Mod Ideas Topic

Sounds great, let me know when you get a working version up! Dont forget to prefix your thread title with [WIP] etc for fast indexing!


Here are my ideas


SmokeCube (SteamBox)

Gameling Rainbow (Gameboy Color)

GSi, 3GS, 2GS (DSi, 3DS, 2DS)

Gameling Elite (Gameboy Advance)






Oh no! There was a power outage! Start all over or salvage what you can (This will cost a lot of money!)

 These have been all of my ideas. Thanks for reading! (If you do :crying_cat_face:)


Ideas for consoles:
Govodore CDTV
Visual Ling (Virtual Boy)
Smoke Machine (Steam Machine)


Ideas for the mod-
Smoke Redlight(Steam Greenlight.)


I had idea for Gameboy Advance named just Gameboy Super, but your name is better. I don`t know will I use the DS in my mod. Thanks for ideas!


@BungholeMcGee Govodore CDTV- seems legit. @diamond655 Im not sure about Steam Redlight.


Thanks for ideas! Ive used them.


I was playing on this mod, and then i got the pop up for the Matari 2600. There was a picture of a gameling there.


Yeah i know, im working on that in this while.

(Every console have Gameling icon (WTF!?))

PS: Ive even wrote that:

Bugs (known):
Some images are replaced
(I cant fix that fricking bug)



I made you a picture for the Govodore CDTV


Thanks :smile: i have cake for you:



@Haxor to fix the bug, put 1 in front of the icon in the code for the second platform and continue putting numbers after icon until you reach the last platform.


@Venomous Thanks! That does work. I want to give you a cake, but it was my last piece.

New version with 1 platform and that bug fix is avadbile.


Ive finally fixed all bugs ive ever saw in my mod. Yay!

Also working on “ART”.


Cool mod. But I think there are too many resolutions…


Ive found an bug: grammar one. There is "Telled (WTF?). In that weird console. Sorry I dont remember the name.

And I have 2 cool ideas:

-Add TPS, and FPS

-Add platforms for games like Facebook, and some apple`s.


Oh! I have an another idea:
add something like Galaxy Gear.


I think you mean “Elver” Console. Its fixed in new update.

Ive implemented that already, in new update. It`s not ready yet.

Oh, I dont have TPS topic. Thanks.


That “telled” thing was in CFon.