[REL] [Need Suggestions] MOAR Computers Mod


This is a very simple mod that adds 10 new consoles (Currently)
This is the first build of my first mod, so please be nice.
This is installed as any other mod. There are tutorials elsewhere.

I am currently out of ideas, so PLEASE make some suggestions down below.


Mod API. That’s it.

Known Conflictions: None

Please review.

Change log (Downloads are for the aforementioned version):
v0.1 (12 Downloads)
-Made the mod’s 6 base consoles.

v0.2 (19 Downloads)
-Added The Groople Silverbook
-Added the SwordOS machines
-Changed some images around for Grapple devices

v0.3 (19 Downloads)
-Fixed Image Problems
-Added GreenHeart Computer
-Balanced Consoles

v0.4 (0 Downloads)
-Added GridBOX

v0.4.1 (0 Downloads)
-Fixed Package.json Error

v0.4.2 (360 Downloads)
-Bug Fixes and Balancing

Official Mod List

Why use a website that forces you to sign in to an account?
I would recommend mediafire


I also recommend mediafire


Is it free? That is the question.


He wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t free :slight_smile:


Fair enough, The link is now mediafire


@KizzaGaming_ @Gamingthrou
Now it’s mediafire. Please download. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey & Welcome to the forums :tada:

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Finally some new mod not using UME! :smiley:


If only UME worked on mac, this would be based off it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Added to the official mod list; :smile:


WOW! Thanks!


Oh my god guys, when combining the downloads for all versions… this mod has been downloaded by 50 people! Yay!

I will add any computers requested .I have two requirements: Do not use real computer names, or suggest any overpowered computers.

Also, if you have any problems with balance, please tell me. I have gotten a depressingly low amount of feedback.


Well, congratz!
I Can just say, that mod to Y10 works good.


@Haxor Thanks! Err… what did I do to year 10? if I did anything, that was unintentional…
And while your here… got any suggestions?


Well… You did computers!
I don’t really have any ideas for computers…
or maybe, one little one little little:
some computer with something like SteamOS?


@Haxor It’s added! Please note it realeases in year 35-37, so it is psot game. This is to ensure you have codename: grid before the console releases.


Add Mac OS, OS X, and Linux. (No, I didn’t mean like Mac OS X 10.1, OS X 10.8, I meant just 1 single OS X.)


@BestPERSON2 GrOS is Mac… Grapple is the GDT equivalent of apple…
AND Vinux is linux


We have hit 100 downloads! Wow! I never expected to get this many downloads for such a simple mod! Please remember to give feedback, though.