[REL] [Need Suggestions] MOAR Computers Mod


150 Downloads, and still no new feedback… guys, if you want me to improve the mod, you have to tell me how!


@lilshatespug217 just to let you know that @KizzaGaming_ account was fake


I honestly didn’t see a KizzaGaming_ on this forum, so… I have no freaking idea what you are talking about.


@KizzaGaming_ @Gamingthrou Now it’s mediafire. Please download. :stuck_out_tongue:




I could see you made this in paint…I am dissapointed in you!


If only UME worked on Linux. :wink:


@xXMegaFaceXx Why are you disappointed that he used paint?


Who cares…?
Maybe exceot for you.
What’s the difference :stuck_out_tongue:


You are wrong. I used the wonder that is Gimp. XDD

Never could quite understand how people got those super crisp images like used in the actual game, so I just improvised.




could you add the phillip cdi in there?


the download link no longer works but this mod looks cool nd id like to have it so if someone could get it to me id really appreciate it


How About Micronoft DOT (DOS Computer)


The game already has it named as Micronoft BOSS


Not as a usable platform though


You could probably stick text based games on it, but that’s it.


I meant that you can’t make any games on it, because it’s only mentioned in contracts
EDIT: also DOS had 2D games later on


DOS also had 3D games later on.


That’s not DOS by itself though, not at first at least, so if it was to be a platform it either needs to have an evolution of tech level or have multiple platforms, that first solution I’m probably gonna solve in the SDP, that second would be annoying. (unless you tweak notifications to show up on the side under normal conditions, or remove them entirely for those platforms)