[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon


This mod is dead…
At least @DzjengisKhan is


The mod IS working for me. Use the Workshop version.


R.I.P EP for GDT mod

??? - 2015


2014 - 2015



And holy dam, 1366 posts
That’s just amazin


enters $0.001
receives a limited-edition thank you email


Hi everyone!

I’ve been working on Expansion Pack a bit again and I’m planning on releasing sort of a ‘reloaded’ version.
At the moment these are the features added/removed/fixed:

  • Removed the topics, because there were a lot of people complaining about them and saying that the mod would be better without them.

  • Removed the slim versions of the consoles, same reason as above.

  • Added multi-topic, you can select 2 topics for your games. The 2nd topic does not affect your score however. At the moment it’s purely for some extra flavour for your games.

  • Fixed the search topic feature, during the implementation of the multi-topic feature I also fixed some issues with the search topic feature.

  • Fixed various bugs with the difficulties.

Features I’m planning on adding:

  • Become a publisher, choose a topic, genre, platform, minimum score, royalty and budget. Other companies can apply for the contract and create the game.

  • I don’t know what more yet :stuck_out_tongue: But feel free to give me ideas

Also, in the new edition the mod won’t require Ultimate Lib anymore, so hopefully no “my mod turns up red” comments :smiley:

Tell me if you would like something like this and suggest ideas :smile:

~~~ DzjengisKhan ~~~


Possibly expand on the Custom PC feature, like allowing someone to create a custom component which can be used in a Custom PC and sold to other manufactures :smiley:


All praise @DzjengisKhan, The first awesome modder since before GDT got mod support


The ability to create mobile consoles like the GS and Gameling would be cool!


Workshop pls?


The topics your mod added were pretty useful, shame to see them go, but other than that everything else you did is fine. I’m excited.


Why dont released a topic version?
Or an addon that add topics?


There are already a butt-load of topic mods out there.


True dat with numerous unbalanced topic


I’m still working on it so I can’t publish it on the workshop yet.
However, for people who are interested here’s an early download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/23p6sqob75kgc6a/Expansion-Pack-Reloaded-Early-Version.zip

Please let me know if you find any bugs.


Found one


these are butter

get it, butter?


No, I don’t get it.


Can you play gdt with this mod because UltimateLib is broken?