[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon


kristof is alive! Finally we can die in peace while waiting for the new CompetitorMod update!


Haha yeah had some issues in real life that come first :smiley:
I’m currently on vacation in turkey, Wish i had brought my laptop instead of an ipad though… Writing code on a piece of paper isn’t that much fun :stuck_out_tongue: but still beats not coding at all.

But still even if i’m absent for awhile dzjegis has been working very hard on competitormod :smiley: props to the mad signtist @DzjengisKhan.


He’s doing good as I can tell. Most of the stuff you told him to do is done, as I can say. You should have come to Greece lol.


Yeah @DzjengisKhan is doing great! I’m very happy to have him aboard! I’ve been to greece before,its nice but i prefer turkey(although the wifi sux). Sorry for going off topic dzjengiskahn. See you tomorrow man when i’m back in belgium :smiley:


Haha I’m really happy you asked me to join :smiley:
Working on competitor mod is way more fun than working on EPM tbh :blush:

Enjoy your last day in Turkey @kristof1104 and talk to you soon!


Am I the only one who is impatient for this update?
Or is my main trait is “impatience”


The update is almost done, there’s only 1 problem left: the game doesn’t save/load the options you selected, because of how the game loads its data :frowning:

So I’ll have to figure that out and then it’s pretty much done :smiley:


Oh! I forgot that I haven’t sent you any gift!



When is the update done?. :wink:


Error AlertError Uncaught error. Please report this to support@greenheartgames.com: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘textfill’ (file:///C:/Games/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon%20v1.5.11%20(2014)/mods/ExpansionPack/source/CC_AddOn.js:1928) Please restart the game.Enabled Mods:Expansion Pack Mod by DzjengisKhan (Founder & Leader) & LineLiar (Co-Leader)Game Version: 1.5.11Platform: WindowsDistribution: Steam

I tried to use just this mod, but it still gives me this error, any idea?..


I sort of ran into a problem…
When I put this in my mods folder, it didn’t come up. I’ve put other mods in there (which aren’t active) but this one won’t. Can anyone help with this?


Screenshot please

(Mods folder and mod folder)


Love the expansion pack but I’m getting a NaN by my cash(new user’s can’t upload images)? Is this a known bug? If so how do I fix it? I’m working on a Mac running version 1.5.11 of the game if that helps - let know if you need more detail.


Does this mod have Dutch Localization? If not, I can do it. Just reply/pm and give me like a text file or something like that, with all the different notifications, events and things, and I will do my thing. Also, while I am making a reply, do you know if there is something like a max amount of mods the game can handle?


I having problems with my money. It shows NaN Instead of cash? Why can I solve this?


It’s a Great mod but i have a Bug: When I Release a Game, it sais that It sold 0 copies and made 0 Money. ¿Any Help? Thanks!


Are you sure you are using the latest version?
I’m sure it was fixed in a update.


I Resolved. Just setting again the Game Price. Thanks ANyway.

But i have another problem. I can’t create a Custom Pc :worried:


What do you mean exactly?


I have the ultimatelib 1.3.3 and have the expansion pack mod from the github link provided at the top of the page however, I started a new game and the development cost for both the PC and G64 is Nan. Im not sure how to solve this, seen suggestions for updating but I thought I had the latest versions of everything. Can anyone help please?