[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon


There is something i don´t like about the new platforms, do we really need the “Slim” versions of some consoles ?

It´s the same console. It doesn´t make sense to me make a game for playsystem 2 and playsystem 2 slim x´D


Actually, you could have a UI at the start when you create a new game to choose what parts to enable. It shouldn’t be too hard, you only set booleans and data store values using the button.


I mod cant be perfect without

I’ve played the game without moving in time with cheat mod


Thats a lot of mods


little sillyness, much mods.


Can anyone help me ? After Dowloaded the mod and entered Game Dev Tycoon the mod was red and nothing happens when I click it.


Do you have UltimateLib and the Mod API installed?


When I put the folder in place, a windows pop up with lines of codes. Can someone help please?


Well… What are the lines of code? That is just like saying “Help, my computer doesn’t work.” and then providing no details to why it doesn’t.


I think not. How do I install it ?


Press “CTRL+F” and then write “ultimate”. Click on the topic that says UltimateLib and follow the guide!


I’m not the creator, but I wouldn’t like to be talked into this aggressive from of language. You know, it could be a typo in the code, or never knew about it.


Just cuss away! Swearing isnt gonna change anything here


You should never complain about free software, as long as it didn’t damage your computer in some way. I’m sure @DzjengisKhan will fix this shortly! Have you tried Formula 1 - Action? That might be good!


Update announcement

Hey everyone! I have some awesome news for EPM fans and maybe even haters :smiley:

I want to announce an update I will be releasing somewhere in the near future.
Here’s a list of every planned feature with the progress:

:european_castle: New features:

  • Multi-Topics: Pretty much done, you can’t pick the same topic twice, it saves in the game history screen and saves it when closing the game!
  • Feature selection menu: a tab under in the ‘settings’ menu, where you can select which features you want to enable! (will probably require a restart of the game) Menu is made, the rest has yet to be made :frowning:

:hammer: Fixes:

  • Fixed the custom difficulties
  • Improved images
  • Some more minor fixes

Some screenshots :smile:

Official Mod Ideas Topic

Looks cool :smiley:


My exact reactions


YEY! Amazing work!




Nice one!! :smiley: