[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon




@Charlie do you still have these errors?


Very nice looking mod. I know this probably isn’t the place to ask, but can I get a list of the 11 new platforms introduced?


I made the best custom PC possible in the game but it said the features are slim and expect no hardware…whY?


Itara Backflash
Itara 5200
Gameling Color
Viva Playsystem
Playsystem 2 Slim
Holo Box
mbox 360 Slim

@Jonathan_Ulloa It’s a bug.


Hey how do you set difficulty?


I think it’s disabled for the moment


can’t install it, any mods installed after it won’t be activated or it comes out with an error if all of them are installed at the same time: The exception occurred in /libs/requirejs-2.1.8.js:6
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Hmm that’s really weird, because I only use it to set the state of the computer to completed, and it has always worked. :frowning:

Did something change with the new update?


Nevermind & Apologizes. I removed my post, it had something to do on the way I ran it on my side :confused: blame me


Haha no problem ^^ Everyone can make a mistake sometimes right? :smile:


@alphabit is the one to blame!

One @alpha to rule them all.


Alpha, beta , gamma delta, etc are all greek Letters. Proud to be greek!


Thanks, Do you know when it will be enabled?


Maybe when @DzjengisKhan enables it or when he fixes it.


Hey, No more reports of errors from people using the expansion pack mod :clap:


Haha hooray!! :smile:

A good way to celebrate 100k views :smile:

Now I just have to release a version without topics :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats!! :cake:


or, make it configurable :slight_smile:


@PatrickKlug That’s actually something I’ve also been thinking about :smile:

I just have to find some time to make it since work/competitor mod takes up most of my time :stuck_out_tongue: