[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon


I’m very excited to tell you guys that Expansion Pack Mod is now also available on the GDT Steam Workshop!

For those who have access to the beta can download the mod and for everyone else it will become available as soon as the workshop becomes public!


Which you will have to update like 10 times to fit the update with changes etc :smiley:


Yea probably, but that’s the life of a modder right? :smile: Once you create a mod that becomes popular, you’re bound to it for life :stuck_out_tongue:

Also @Charlie, I think you owe me a special forum title & badge :blush: :angel:


About the feedback and testing?


If this was a 0.99$ expansion I will still buy it
But it’s free!


Haha thank you very much for the compliment :smiley:

But I would never ask money for a hobby ^^
The fact that the topic has almost reached 100k views is already an amazing reward :smiley:

(Besides, I’m not even alowed to ask money for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Well? You see, people want more expansion to this expansion. Just add Lab Researches, tweak some topics (robot should be robots?) add a few minor features and it will make a difference!


I think is too much a coincidence like @DzjengisKhan returned a few days before to have the workshop for GDT


Believe it or not it was coincidence :stuck_out_tongue: Although I knew they were working on the workshop update I had no idea when it it would be released.


ah ok but…
you know some sites/files that I could learn how to mod to make some things like “DLC” or “REMAKE” that I can put in my mod?


There are no site that will specifically explain how to mod GDT, but since the game is written in HTML/Javascript, you should look into those and it should help you make mods. And also study the original game code located in GameDevTycoon/compressed/codeNw.js, studying the code really help making more advanced mods.


Or you can start learning Javascript from scratch, so you know what you’re doing. codecademy.com is free, awesome and really exlpains itself


Slight issue here @DzjengisKhan :wink:

Also, ignore the 2nd monitor :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm… it seems like the game takes the description from the Workshop page :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe this is something that has to be changed @alphabit?


Try using enter to cut your description. Or you used too much.


The mod seems to take description from the Workshop yes. Happened with my mod too. Thats why I made a short description.


we will fix this. please keep your description, descriptive instead of short :slight_smile:


Alright, thanks! :slight_smile: I love indie companys. Its so nice to be able to talk with the developers directly and not through some email form!


@DzjengisKhan I have a simple Question :smiley: I’m from Germany and going to localize your mod… so far so good my question now…is there an translation right now and if its not should I give mine to you so you can maybe add it for all.

With friendly greetings



Have had several reports of this within the last 2 hours;

 - **Enabled Mods:**

Game Dev Tycoon Mod API by support@greenheartgames.com
UltimateLib by Francesco Abbattista and Chad Keating
Expansion Pack Mod by DzjengisKhan

 - **Game Version:** 1.5.6
 - **Platform:** Windows
 - **Distribution:** Steam

Uncaught ReferenceError: DifSet is not defined (file:///D:/Programme/Steam/steamapps/common/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon/mods_ws/68679185_EPM_Workshop/ExpansionPack.js:9)

TypeError: Cannot read property 'isCustom' of null
    at Object.PlatformsSerializer.save (file:///D:/Programme/Steam/steamapps/common/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon/compressed/codeNw.js:1710:174)
    at eval (file:///D:/Programme/Steam/steamapps/common/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon/compressed/codeNw.js:218:89)
    at Array.map (native)
    at a.save (file:///D:/Programme/Steam/steamapps/common/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon/compressed/codeNw.js:218:46)
    at Object.b.save (file:///D:/Programme/Steam/steamapps/common/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon/compressed/codeNw.js:79:499)
    at Object.b.autoSave (file:///D:/Programme/Steam/steamapps/common/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon/compressed/codeNw.js:85:198)
    at Window.eval (file:///D:/Programme/Steam/steamapps/common/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon/compressed/codeNw.js:153:84)
    at Window.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:92:17)
    at Window.init.Window.handleEvent (window_bindings.js:148:13)
    at IDWeakMap.global.__nwObjectsRegistry.handleEvent (node.js:789:26)