[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon


Hey. Great mod. But, can you make PC more powerfull? Becuse, I’ve created PC (selected best parts) after end of game, and someone (I don’t remember) said, this is not powerful. And idea. You should make SLI and Crossfire to graphics card. This will make PC’s x3 powerful.


Thank you for the idea, I gues I could add that, but I thought that it might make the custom computers a bit expensive. But I might add it eventually (since I’m busy with something else ;))


Hi, I have a little problem with this mod. I can’t deactivate it or delete the new topics it add cause every time I do this I get a error when trying to get a publisher contract.
Also I have a question about game prices ? The default is the settings from vanilla game or the mod default cause even if I get good games with good topic/audience/platform since I use this mod and “Camelot” I get in financial problems near the end of the game.
Also, developing a custom computer get your console out of the market. Why ? They are 2 different platforms, why can’t I have them both ?
Anyway, my main problem is. : “I am forced to use it now and I just want the vanilla topics”



To start of: yes, the default price is the vanilla price.
But about the topics, what error do you get whith the publisher contract?
And last: the reason you can only have 1 console/pc on the market at the same time is because I think it is better that way, otherwise it would be to easy to generate money.

Hope this helps a bit, and please tell me more about the error ^^


Hi, thank you for the fast response I use better error mod since "cannot ‘read’ property of ‘null’ " is not telling much so here it is:

"A uncaught exception occurred in GDT
You might have lost any unsaved data :frowning:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of null
The exception occurred in file:///D:/Games/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Game%20Dev%20Tycoon/compressed/codeNw.js:964
Error : { … },
GameVersion : 7,
GameId : 0.1612031776458025,
GameInfo : { … },
CompanyInfo : { … },
Environment : { … },
NPM : { … }
} "

I cannot upload the screenshot and I got it how to use the error mod now I have the etire log I might be able to solve this myself but I am not a programer and I have less idea about java but all are connected so almost the same basics but I would appreciate the help.

If you need the log it will be a long one to copy/paste.


This is actually a known error from the Camelot mod, luckly he @SirEverard fixed it in the latest update :smiley:

Go check his topic, you’ll see more people reporting this bug + the post where the fix is announced :stuck_out_tongue:


Uhm Camelot. Thank you for your fast response.

And about the computer, Imagine I made Star Citizen MMO whit 8+ reviews AAA and and expansion of 10 and when I made the PC My console was gone but I could not port it. Usual I develop the MMO after all researched and last console but now I was trying something different. Anyway since Playstation 5 is good for sim games I don’t really need both but in real life is possible.

Anyway good mod, just to many topics for me. I will delete only those and use the rest :slight_smile:


hey, is this mod compatible to the multiplayer-mod?


I think it is for the most part, but I’m not 100% sure. There might be parts that won’t be synced with the other players. But for the correct awnser you would have to ask this question to @Darkly :smiley:


i would, but i cant reply in his thread anymore -.- its stupid that new users can answer only three times…


Well, I’m sure he will awnser it here, since I mentioned him in my post he should get a notification ^^


Yes, it is compatible. Other players who don’t have it enabled may see some weird stuff such as missing images for your custom platforms, but otherwise it should be fine. :wink:


@DzjengisKhan the next update of my mod will add the PS Vita Slim, so… can you give me the date of the launch and the retire of the vivaPlaysistem that your mod adds?

And… I know that I ask this every time but, how are you doing with the custom genres? (if you still working on it)


@supersamuel the dates of the viva playsystem are: 22/6/2 and 29/2/1.

And about the custom genres: it’s still not working, and I kind of forgot about it after the search bar + my new project. But I thought I read that alpha and everard wanted to implement this in UL, so maybe you can wait for that ^^


What’s your new project?


That’s a secret :3
The only thing I can say is that I will be using UL for a bit :wink:


Well, from you I know I can expect something very nice :smile:


cool mod :smiley:


@Cqwer, Played a couple of playthroughs in GDTMP with Expansion Pack and about 5 other mods included. Works perfectly. :wink:


What folder have you put in the mods folder? Is the folder called ‘ExpansionPack-master’ or ‘ExpansionPack’?