[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon


I don’t really have anything planned for the mod. I just try things that seems fun to add ^^

But a that VGX idea is cool :smile:


This mod is really awesome,but what about adding the virtual boy? I think it’s not in the mod already,right?


I’m not planning on adding more platforms.

Just because I think there are already so many console mods out there and people have to start a new game when a new platform is added, and I don’t want that ^^


How do I make a custom PC???


@IX13RADXI When you unlock the hardware lab you click on that and i will say “Make Custom PC” and then name it, give it a budget etc then select the parts and start making it


Small update

@SirEverard surprised me with an update for the searh bar :smiley: It looks like we first intended on doing it, but it doesn’t require UL.

Everybody go and thank @SirEverard by downloading his Camelot Expansion Pack [HERE!][1]

~~~ DzjengisKhan ~~~
[1]: [WIP] Camelot Expansion Pack -


Hey @DzjengisKhan
I suggest you to put a picture bar on the top of your topic and on the bottom of your topic, and adding some demonstration picture next to every feature you say.
If you need some example look at my mod “PortableWars” and you’ll understand what I meant


Yea I agree that some textures in the topic would be cool and I would have time to make the demo images, but I don’t have the time/skills to make some cool thumbnail ^^

But if someone is interested/talented in making a thumbnail for this topic it would be very appreciated! :smile:
If you’re interested just give me a quick pm with some of your work and I’ll check it out :smile:


The only problem is
It’s Tuesday, so I got school
To make things more clear I’m using my iPad, but I can do it on Thursday, Plus I can make the Demos a bit cool

You know me, I can photoshop


I really like this mod, but I am having annoying bug. When I go about making a game all the tabs work just fine until I get to the select a platform part. The window for Selecting a platform doesn’t have a scroll bar anywhere on it so my screen is stuck looking at the top 3 platforms that are out even when I want to release more stuff for PC. Everything else works fine except for that.

I do have UltimateLib, Tweak Mod, InfoStats Mod, and Camelot mod and I don’t believe any of those are conflicting causing the scroll bar to disappear. Any idea how to fix this?


Hmm, thank you for reporting it to me. I found out the problem is in the search bar, but I’m still trying to figure out how to fix it ^^ Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:


Yeah…have a same problem with scrolling in platforms menu : (


Fix + Update##

Fix: the scroll bug is fixed, you should be able to scroll in the platform menu again :smiley:

Update: @SirEverard surprised me again with another update for the search bar, although it’s maybe more for the topic menu :stuck_out_tongue: The amount of times you used a topic is now being tracked + displayed. Image for demostration:


Thank you for the quick fix, there was no way I could ever abandon the PC master race I am helping to found in Game Dev Tycoon. :smiley:


If you find more bugs please report them and I’ll see what I can do :smiley:


Thx for feedback) and thx for great mod)


Milestone: 40K Views

Everyone: thank you very much for the support of this mod, without you guys the mod would’ve never gotten to this huge 40K milestone!

So from the bottom of my :heart:: Thank you very much, and have a nice thursday:smile: !!!

~~~ DzjengisKhan ~~~


Hey. Great mod. But, can you make PC more powerfull? Becuse, I’ve created PC (selected best parts) after end of game, and someone (I don’t remember) said, this is not powerful. And idea. You should make SLI and Crossfire to graphics card. This will make PC’s x3 powerful.


Thank you for the idea, I gues I could add that, but I thought that it might make the custom computers a bit expensive. But I might add it eventually (since I’m busy with something else ;))


Hi, I have a little problem with this mod. I can’t deactivate it or delete the new topics it add cause every time I do this I get a error when trying to get a publisher contract.
Also I have a question about game prices ? The default is the settings from vanilla game or the mod default cause even if I get good games with good topic/audience/platform since I use this mod and “Camelot” I get in financial problems near the end of the game.
Also, developing a custom computer get your console out of the market. Why ? They are 2 different platforms, why can’t I have them both ?
Anyway, my main problem is. : “I am forced to use it now and I just want the vanilla topics”