[REL] Cheat Mod by kristof1104


I suggest using the workshop version.


Don’t put the mod into the mod_ws folder, that’s for workshop mods only, you need to put it into mods/ folder


It’s not in the mods_ws folder.


Your screenshot clearly says otherwise


Here is a screenshot of the mod folder of where it is placed in my directory. http://imgur.com/XzXQd08


So what do you think could be wrong?


delete everything and subscribe to the workshop version


Ok I figured it out. It turns out I downloaded the wrong file, but after I downloaded the right file it still didn’t work so I took the folder named “CheatMod” out of “CheatMod-master” and placed it in the mod directory and restarted steam and works now. Thanks for helping and responding to my questions!


Hey, I have a problem, I couldn’t get the workshop version to work for a while so I put in the github version and when I clicked, there was no cheatmode option, eventually I got to get the workshop version in the game but it switched to a ‘steam’ version with different saves and mods activated and the cheatmod still did not work, I tried loading up old saves and even made a new game, as well restarted my game everytime I activated or deactivated a mod.

EDIT/UPDATE: I went into steam properties and got the ‘non-workshop’ version and put in the github version of your mod, everything has seemed to get fixed but the save’s are all different, I will create a new game however. Anyway I believe I am completely done and the mod is working, my modding knowledge has helped me once again!


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So does this work if I bought the game on the Windows Store? (I’m new to this)


No, because the version from the Windows Store does not include mod support.


then make it i bought the windows store one because its cheaper


Unfortunately, due to the way the game is distributed through the Windows Store, mod support for the Windows Store version will not be possible.


soo give us keys @PatrickKlug


@khal00d352 There should be a button that will allow you to get your steam key


Okay, so I have the game now on Steam. I found the Steam Key. The mod still doesn’t work for me. I know in the description is says I need to have Beta installed. How do I do this even though Beta is closed?


The description is outdated. There is no beta anymore. All you need is the latest version of the game (1.5.10 I believe). You can then get it from the steam workshop


Thanks. I got it to work. I forgot I needed to restart the game. Works like a gem. :smile:


how come theres no non-steam workshop version for this?