Portuguese (pt-br) translation


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I found this bug when leveling up


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the translations has some bugs.
words in portuguese are bigger than words in english, breaking the layout.
in other cases, the text with “{0}” or “{1}” is not loading the names (variables).
i will try to post the images here.

a tradução tem alguns bugs.
palavras em português são maiores do que as palavras em Inglês, quebrando o layout.
em outros casos, o texto com “{0}” ou “{1}” não está a carregar os nomes (as variáveis).
Vou tentar postar as imagens aqui.


@Eduardo_Moraes thank you for report this issue.

@Charlie @PatrickKlug that issue do you think is better if you reduce the translation or will you fix the layout?


I worked again saturday and sunday :\ (Activision is fucking my social life kkkkkk)
So i couldnt play the game again --`


@Charlie I want to ask for one thing in the string 859: It is a representation for a game number (Game #x, where x is a number). In Portuguese this kind of representation is not usual so I tried to do something like ‘Jogo nº x’ (where x is a number, and it has a space before it) or ‘Jogo x’ (with that mattering space before it). But I couldn’t put that little space and the string became ‘Jogo nºx’ contradicting the stylistic rules of grammar. So that is all. This solicitation is not exactly necessary.

The string 917 shows a similar problem. I’d abreviate the word ‘desenvolvimento’ (development) to ‘desenv.’ and the verification says I can’t put that period at the end of the string, this ocurred in string 180 too (I want to abreviate it like in dev., but because of the syntactic inversion of Portuguese the verification thinks it is a final period, I will try to not abreviate it which may cause some layout errors). Also, I can’t put a comma without a space before it at the string 1240, which in English is not needed but in Portuguese it is essential and with this space it is incorrect. I couldn’t understand the use of ‘but…’ after the strings 1257, 1260 and 1262.

Another thing I’d like to report is the trouble of feminine names which is not problem in English, a gender-free language. We could make something like this: o(a) funcionário(a), o(a) jogador(a). But this isn’t very aesthetic. It may exist a support to change the strings that refer to people according to their genders. Other situation where this system would work is in this string:

‘jogos de Casual’ is a completely wrong word building. The correct would be ‘jogos casuais’, because ‘casual’ isn’t a name of a game genre, it is a kind of game. In English it can work because the language doesn’t require adjective bending. I suggest two solutions for those cases:

  1. New strings are created to satisfy the gender differences (a string for male and a string for female) and a new string is created to the ‘Casual games’ translation.
  2. A system to change the gender of just one word (or more) in the same string to satisfy the gender difference and to change the word building ‘jogos de {0}’ (where {0} is a game genre) to ‘jogos casuais’ when necessary.


If i recall correctly we had the same issue with the ES translation. Just carry on and we will look at it later, maybe a font decrease.


@Charlie ‘Research’ on the top of the screen wouldn’t must have been translated to ‘Pesquisa’?


Now I’m reviewing the strings from the game. And I could see what is needed. Firstly, some strings are not translated here:

Seems like all strings with date referal sentence fragments don’t appear translated


Just checking but did you start a new game?


Yes. I started two new games, but the game keep not translating specially these strings. Here are other strings untranslated:

How about my asks in posts 110 and 108 at this topic?


If you can make a simple list of the string numbers it would be really helpful;

Then I will pass that to the devs to examine!


Hey Guys,

There was an update today to fix an issue with some strings remaining untranslated despite being translated.

Please try out the latest version and report any issues such as strings remaining untranslated after translation or strings which don’t fit in the layout.


Haha @Charlie going through all the translate topics? XD


Only the active beta ones :stuck_out_tongue: all done now!


Since that update these strings aren’t saving in the translation site but they are translated at the game (How?):
350, 705, 909, 1040, 1041, 1042, 1056, 1107, 1113, 1176.

The strings with date referal sentence fragments are also translated. Gratters!

There is a layout error:

This could be solved by shortening the font or abreviating the string (but the verification wouldn’t let a period stay at the sentence end).

An untranslated string (64):

But in other occasions it is translated…

These untranslated strings don’t even exist at the translation site:


Thanks for the feedback, we will look into this!


Hopefully with the update on the 18/11/13 these issues should be fixed. Can you please advise if any remain?


The layout issue from the first picture and the untranslated strings from the third picture in my last post are remaining.

What about my purposes on post 104 on this topic?