Portuguese (pt-br) translation


Thanks for the feedback, we will look into this!


Who should I search for to talk about the brazilian portuguese translation? I wanna help, if needed.


@ppenido - You can leave any feedback here for the PT-BR translation. To test the translation simply choose the PT-BR language pack from the options menu inside the game. Then start a new game and report any findings :smile:

Hey Guys,

I have;

Guilherme Santos (Mod)
Alexandre Maier (Mod)
Vitor G. Vellozo (Mod)
Antônio Lucas Araújo (Mod)
Guilherme Souza
Carlos Augusto Barbosa
Dimie Lannes

I need to know which category people fit into from Moderators, Top contributors and quality assurance.
Guilherme Santos - Moderators

Also please let us know if any other people need to be added to the credits.


I think Ciro Leonardo Marques and Sílvio Filho fit into the Top contributors and they should be added to the credits.


@Charlie I can’t translate string 1443. It doesn’t save.


Terminei de traduzir o MOD Expansion Pack, irei criar um instalador para facilitar a inserção do mesmo, logo logo estarei disponibilizando para todos vocês.

I finished translating the MOD Expansion Pack. I will create an installer for easy insertion of the same, pretty soon I’ll be making available to you all.


@xujozer This thread is for the game translation, not a mod translation, @Charlie and @PatrickKlug would prefer if you stayed on topic


@Charlie @PatrickKlug The translation will be negatively affected with the substitution of string 13 by string 1443. They have different semantic values and no portuguese word can solve the problem for their two usages in the game. I ask you to bring back string 13.

By the way: What about the cases where the player gender affects string meaning? A feminine player would not like to see something as “Maria, o fundador da empresa…”, which translates: Maria (feminine) the (masculine) company founder (masculine).


Could you explain what you mean?

This is something that the game unfortunately does not support. I think at this stage it would be best to try to find a gender-neutral way of conveying the same meaning.


String 13 disappeared when string 1443 appeared, and they are the same word in different contexts. But I’ve already worked this out by encompassing its two usages.


cara vc pode me ajudar eu criei outra empresa e não salvei a outra como posso recupera-la?