Portuguese (pt-br) translation


I wanted to ask if it will be available soon a translation into Portuguese, because I believe that many Brazilian / Portuguese play Game Dev Tycoon.

Thank you.

(Sorry for the mistakes, is that I had to translate by Google Translator)


Vitor is working on the Portoguese translation at http://translate.greenheartgames.com/projects/game-dev-tycoon/master/pt_BR/ and he has made some good progress but there is a lot of text to translate so it might take a while before we have a full build.

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I can contribute to the translation?

yes, sure! Just go to http;//translate.greenheartgames.com and you can submit suggestions.

Okay, thank you for the reply.
I’m “The Translator Guy” , i can be come a moderator on the translations site?

I’ll help you, ok ??

:smiley: Brazilians finnally :smiley:

Do you have any volunteers for a Brazilian Portuguese translation? I can provide credentials :stuck_out_tongue:

@Marcos_Bolton I think we could use another moderator for this. If you have experience then you’re more than welcome :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on the Don’t Starve localization. I could provide an URL for that but idk how unethical that would be. Anyway, it’s also available on their Steam Workshop.

I’ve registered at the translation forum but I guess I’m just able to suggest entries for the time being.

@Marcos_Bolton Could you tell me your username on the translation site. I can then give you moderation priviliges. Please note that we will update the translation files after the Steam release so there will be some changes to the current values.

Sorry, the username is Salsa. I understand, I’m actually used to the fact that every patch I have to review some inconsistencies among the strings of certain games. So yeah, I hear you.

Hello, I bought the game through Steam, and would really like to congratulate GreenHeartGames, the game is very good:D, congratulations on your innovative idea!!! Well I would love to play in Portuguese-BR. I noticed that the translation project is stopped, because it’s not being done translations only suggestions, and there are many suggestions that are correct, if you want I propose to review the suggestions and do the translations and complete the project.
My user page of translation: Alexandre Maier.

Note: Last sent an email to support, by translation page on the subject.

A good day to everyone (In Brazil are 10:55 heheh)

Thank you!!!

Alexandre Maier

Admins or support, any news about my request for Portuguese-BR??? One more question, the weekend had an update, actually increased the difficulty?? Since Sunday I can’t over eight in a game heheheh! Thank you!!!

I’m Pedro and I have some experience in translation of games but this time I’m not in any project and I’m here to apply for moderator
my user: mgtpt

I´m Portuguese but I´m on Denmark and It´s fine for me English because I speak it everyday xD
Btw I know many Portuguese friends that play Game Dev Tycoon , so I agree with the translation :smiley:

If you want to ask something , just add me on Steam: Migz_DK


Hi Guys I hope everybody is ok.
I’d like to contribute with this translation. I’m Brazilian but I’ve been living in Ireland since January, nowadays I’m working as game tester for Activision Blizzard and I think I can be helpful for Green Heart Games.

I don’t know why but I can’t log in… anyway my Username there is Druida.

Thank you

Hey Guys, We have time to work on translations again! How are you guys doing? what do you need to move forward? do you have enough active & experienced people?

@Druida I can see your account, have you managed to log in yet? what happens when you try?