Portuguese (pt-br) translation


Now is Ok, maybe was just some delay :stuck_out_tongue:
I think we’re able to continue the translation, we have many good suggestions and enough people to do it.


Good day Charlie!!!

I translate a game from English into Portuguese, I participate in a forum for translations in Brazil, but lately I’m not very active on the site, I have a certain experience, maybe not as big as others, but I’ve done a translation and like to get involved in this type of project.
I am since last week registering suggestions for the project Portuguese-BR translations website, available to me to moderate the translation if you permit me, there are many people participating and from what I’ve been noticing, people are translating correctly.

Thank you.

Note (if you look on the site of translation, I’m with nick NOVATO83 but my name pops up on suggestions: Alexandre Maier)


I’d like to help but do not have much free time and constantly use google translator, have a problem?


@lucaslannes Feel free to register at http://translate.greenheartgames.com/ and start adding suggestions.
@novato83 @Druida are your moderators active?


@Charlie How can i check it?



Good day Charlie!!!

From what I saw the last moderator that registered translations was the Vitor Ciaramella about 5 months ago, after that only I have suggestions, I think the Vitor Ciaramella is the current moderator of the project, but no longer does translations for a long time, is inactive.

I believe that I and the @Druida can touch the project until the end!!!

Have a nice day, Thanks!!!


@Druida @novato83 You are now the moderators for the PT-BR team. Have fun and thanks for the interest :smile:


Thanks Charlie, let’s complete the translation into the public PT-BR and the Game Dev Tycoon have support for more languages!!!

Thanks :smile: !!!


@Charlie thank you for the trust!
We have just to accept and delete suggestions?



Fala camarada, no momento sim, pois tem muitas sugestões, quase o texto inteiro, se tu aceitar a sugestão, passa a ser tradução, se achar melhor modificar, pode digitar no campo de texto e clicar em Salvar que vira tradução, caso fique na duvida se esta totalmente correto clique no combo confusa !!!

Camarada, eu te mandei mensagem restrita hehehe, não sei pq, mas tu bloqueou a tradução ??? Não consigo mais aceitar sugestões ou cadastrar traduções, me reporta que tu bloqueou a tradução hehe, eu tava pensando em ir no sentido inverso, tu vai moderando normalmente e eu vou no modo decrescente !!!

Valeus camarada !!!


Your mission is to accept, delete, modify and translate :smile:


It looks that we can’t work together, becuase when you edit something it automatically lock the translation, appear to me that the translation is locked by novato83, strange.


I would suggest that you and @novato83 get in touch via Skype or Steam and organize a way to work together.


Yea @Charlie we’re going to do it, but I think have a problem there, the last novato’s update was 15min ago and the translation still locked.


Actually was blocked for over 2 hours, I went to lunch and left the page open in the last translation that I did, I didn’t know that the system would be locked while I was with the page open, when I came back from lunch, I clicked Master or Portuguese-BR, spent 1 minute and unblocked, I’m sorry @Druida I had no knowledge that he kept the session!!!

@Charlie, thank you, I and the @Druida we have been talking for messages and Skype contact, we will arrange to make the translation :slight_smile: !!!


Hi, i’m sending suggestions for the translation, my name is Guilherme Souza.



Very good Guilherme Souza continue helping us complete the translation:)!!!

PT-BR - Muito bom Guilherme Souza continue nós ajudando a completar a tradução :)!


Hello guys, good morning!

I was wondering here and i think we don’t need to translate Engine, backgrounds, layout, all this technical words.

If you keep fast, we’re going to finish next week!


Great news! :smile:

And yes if someone changes a translation (not suggestion) then the language gets blocked a “short” time to prevent simultaneous translation of the same string. So please do not leave the session open haha :smiley:


@Charlie I’m afraid of happening many overlaps on the Brazilian version.
Will we be able to test it before release?