Portuguese (pt-br) translation


Ok, vou continuar mandando sugestões e correções.

Antes as aspas não apareciam nem nas sugestões, mas agora já estão aparecendo, não sei se aparecerão no jogo…

Quer dizer que posso mandar sugestões à vontade e sem dó?! Às vezes acho que sou um pouco crítico demais ou apenas quero impor a linguagem a que estou mais acostumado… Aguardem sugestões em todas as strings então!


@ToinhoAlam Pode mandar sugestões sem dó camarada :slight_smile: !!!

Qualquer coisa pode me mandar PM tambem, não tem problema, estamos quase no fim de traduzir tudo e vamos continuar refinando, se quiser ir do 1 ate o 180 revisando eu te agradeço, pois estes foram linha que já estavam traduzidas e começamos bem dizer após isso !!!

Valeus camarada !!!


We’ve finished the Translations, now let’s start to review.
@Charlie once we finish with the reviews, can you ask to daniel and the other dev who I dont remember the name kkkkk to provide a non-official portuguese build. I want to play it before just to fix possible overlaps and out of context.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Aos tradutores e colaboradores, busquem pelas palavras, review, publish, publisher, publishing.
Vamos criar uma padrao e organizar,


The translation is blocked…:frowning:


Hey guys, the PT-BR is listed as 96.2% :clap:

There were some server errors yesterday i believe but they should be fixed now.
When its ready we will then give you a beta key to use in steam.

This is how it will work;
-Restart your steam client.
-Right click on Game Dev Tycoon in your steam library.
-Go to properties, beta’s and use this password:
( I will let you know when i get it)
-After that select the PT-BR as beta build. Your game should get updated after that.

This is for testing purposes.


Thank you Charlie :stuck_out_tongue:
We still having problems with some strings. We can’t approve any suggestions to translation.


We had some further server problems today but they should be all fixed now!


I’m translating again some strings which I did before D:
And I couldn’t find them.



Finished translation :slight_smile: !!!

Let’s start making a revision to find possible errors. And really the opportunity to run the game in Portuguese will be very good to meet bigger problems and go fixing!!!

Just a question the game accepts both quotation marks ( " ) as quotes by ( ’ )???

Thanks !!!


Ok Guys, RU and PT-BR translations are live for testing!

This is how it will work;
-Restart your steam client.
-Right click on Game Dev Tycoon in your steam library.
-Go to properties, beta’s, select your language
-After that select the PT-BR as beta build. Your game should get updated after that.

Please start a new game to test otherwise some strings may remain in English.

Please stick with ’ as " is not accepted in all locations and may cause errors.



Ok, thanks, let’s continue the revisions!

Thanks for the explanation about the quotes, let’s keep ’ in the translation!

Thank you!!!


I’ve been a bit out of the news Game Dev Tycoon, so the update with the translation already have a release date? =)


It’s a beta release via steam. Please follow @Charlie’s description on how to test it:


Hello @Charlie

Followed your instructions and I was able to upgrade to the Beta of the Portuguese-BR :slight_smile: !!!

Yesterday I started to play a little to find some errors, but I noticed a few things a little strange, we translate all texts for translation site, but with the game in Portuguese-Br still featured some fields in English, in case a message from Tutorial, after putting the company name and the player, that the site is translated into Portuguese, was presented in English, and also in time to develop the game, when you open the first screen, there are the texts ’ Pick Engine ', ’ Pick Topic ', ’ Pick Genre ', also appeared in English, check out the site and they have been translated into Portuguese, as a matter of fact these text was I translate heheh.

I don’t know if there have been any mistake at the time of importation, I couldn’t play, was not more than about 1 hour, but I noticed that for these texts was not applied to translation that we did, I can’t tell you if there are more texts that the translation was not enforced, but could give a verified that?

Thank you!!!


novato83 I believe It’s not a real time translation, so we have to wait them to “render” a new build using the updated strings. I remember to translate those strings today, so it will probably be on the next build.

I haven’t had the opportunity to play the Portuguese-BR version yet, but I’ll probably play few minutes tonight, just to see how is going.

@PatrickKlug / @Charlie has any chance to our name appear on the credits? I’d be really happy to see our name there.
Localization Team or something like that.


Yes We will need all the translators and moderators names, as they would like them to appear on the credits. If you can compile a list that would be a great help!


How can I do it?
If there’s something like most Activate translators for specific language will be better.


Well start with yourself and the people you have been working with!


I’ll start:
Guilherme Santos (Mod)
Alexandre Maier (Mod)
Antônio Lucas Araújo
Guilherme Souza
Carlos Augusto Barbosa
Dimie Lannes

These are the guys that I remember now,
There’s also Vitor … but I can’t remember his surname.