Polish Translation


Not at all, I would say. :wink:
@Charlie I’m getting a lot of “Server Errors” when trying to save or approve a string. Is it something you are aware of or is it something on my end?


Hey @Schocker there seems to be a 404 error. Please bare with us while we get the site back up!


Still no mod that would accept the suggestions, so we are in a dead end.


@olokos upgraded to moderator :smile:


Wow, didn’t expect that to happen. :slight_smile:
I’ll do my best to finally get that translation moving.


I’ve got no idea how to actually accept the translation…
Cult Status should be first. I can press save or I can accept suggestion, but it won’t be accepted as translated. Why?..
I’m missing about 20 translated strings because of this.


Did you try again at a different time? It may be that those strings were locked if they had recently been edited by anyone.

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Yeah, you’re right. Is there any option to disable the auto-lock translation? It’s really annoying and pointless imo…


Also, if you could change the default “accept suggestion” action to save then it would make translating easier.
Now accepting translation just reloads the page with the suggestion typed into text box and to actually accept the suggestion I have to press save even though I did accept it already.


I also forgot to mention that we really need another moderator here, because I’m the only one actually translating here.


I will be able to maintain the project on a daily basis starting with Wednesday. There is nothing to be worried about, I’m sure the project will eventually be done. :slight_smile:


You don’t have to maintain it on a daily biasis. I don’t and it still moves on. It’s just a matter of time, but If 2 people work on the same project then time is decreased 2 times.


How it’s going then?


Hey Guys, How is it going? Any other people with previous translation experience that would like to help? :book:


@Charlie, we’re going forward, slowly, but still forward. I’ve been flooded with e-mails about new suggestions recently, but most of them are just word-to-word translations, and I don’t think that the game should be translated literally. :confused:


Hey @Schocker, No you are right, we are looking for quality of translation that retains the games character :smile:
Let me know if you need anything and great work so far :clap:


I’m really busy ATM, it seems that only I’m working on that along with Schocker…


Hey everyone, it’s my first post here, so I thought it would be suitable to say ‘hi’ :wink:
I came to help you guys with the translation. I don’t own a copy of my own, but I still believe my knowledge can be helpful here.

I’ve studied English philology and I’ve done various translations in my life. What’s more, I work in the game industry as a journalist (StrefaGier.pl and Eurogamer.pl in the past, 1ndieWorld.com until now).

So if you still need some extra hands on board, please count me in and spare some time on explaining where should I start :wink:


@olokos @Schocker

Hey guys, can you please confirm that you are still actively working on the Polish translation? Do you need more moderators? Is there anything we can help with?


Yeah, the translation has been in a stagnation for a while already, but I believe it is because most of the strings which still need to get an accepted translation are long ones and, well, the translations of them often need to be done from scratch, since many suggestions are very literal.
Adding a third moderator won’t hurt, though. @szula27 looks like an experienced guy. :slight_smile: