Polish Translation


10 hours until polish language was added and already 2% done :smile:
I will help translate tomorrow propably.


Awesome! :slight_smile: The next two days are going to be very busy for me, but I’ll help right after I get back home on Friday.


Well, as it turned out I couldn’t resist in helping to translate this great game, even before I even bought it. I ran over 230 various translation parts and I did my best in what I could.

A niechaj narodowie wżdy postronni znają, iż Polacy nie gęsi, iż swój język mają. :smile:


Great work guys! We look forward to seeing your progress!


I can translate something too, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Great! simply register here http://translate.greenheartgames.com/ and start adding suggestions. :smile:


Guys, I’m going to check and approve the suggestions as soon as I’m done with my Physics assignment.
BTW: @Charlie, could I suggest adding @Levy_PL as a second moderator? He has added a lot of suggestions and seems to know his way around.


Great! Have upgraded @Levy_PL to moderator, welcome aboard!


Thanks a lot! I got flooded with assignments for the next week and didn’t want it to stop the translation. :confused:


Thank you very much, @Charlie.
For now I have massive workload in my company. As soon as I deal with it I certainly will spend much more time with translation project.
Kind regards, Levy.

I’m back.


Hi guys!
Just wrote some suggestions. I will contribute more during the next few days.


Nice to see your active and working together guys :smile:


No to macie kolejnego gościa do pomocy.
I hope we will do this btw.


I joined and I want to help you to translate the game into Polish :smile:


@Charlie Is there any other way to navigate the list of strings besides clicking on the last string shown until we get to the one we want? Approving translations is a pain because of that, since every time I leave the CAT and open it again I have to click through all the strings on the list, no matter if they are approved or not. :confused:


Not that i know of sorry :frowning:


Load of suggestions but few approved :frowning:


Are there any new moderators with previous experience would like to step forward?


@Charlie, when it comes to me there is one thing which makes approving new strings a road through Hell. The inability of showing e.g. only those strings which are not approved or just a way to navigate the strings list in a quicker manner. :confused:


Project is dead?