Polish Translation


I could also try to translate some texts! I’m pretty good at English though :stuck_out_tongue:

email if required is krystiangtr@gmail.com


What’s the situation?


You can keep an eye on this thread, we will announce when we are good to go!



Not sure what the developers think about this, but from what I can see there are only two volunteers able to do it properly. No offense, but the fact that we understand most of the text doesn’t mean that we’re able to automatically translate it to some other language. Even when it comes to translating into your mother tongue. The grammar, punctuation, style, not to mention some cultural issues - those are only a few examples of what is important in a PROPER translation. I understand the good intentions of a fourteen year old kid, but please… Don’t.

Translation should be done by someone who knows exactly how to do it right.


At this moment in time there is no indications, that translation to PL would start soon.


Couldn’t agree more. When it comes to game we should think not about a simple “translation”, but rather about “localisation”. We will need to take into account Polish idioms, local sayings, already mentioned cultural references, etc. etc.


Hey Guys,

We are sorry for the delay, We have merged the last changes and are ready to open more languages if you are ready?
Have you chosen some moderators who fit the criteria?


Hmm, this would be a tough decision to make, as I think everyone who has participated in this thread would like to be a moderator. :wink:

When it comes to my experience with translation, I have translated quite a few Android apps (notably Gentle Alarm and Timely) and I’m currently a Polish translation administrator at WhatsApp. I’m also responsible for English version of a browser-based game called MusicWorldGame and I’m one of translators at Polish MyBB Support. I’ve taken part in quite a few other projects, but they are not worth mentioning here.

BTW: @Charlie, I can’t register on translate.greenheartgames.com - I get a “Server error” all the time. :confused:


Hey, i Just checked your email address at our translation site and could not find you there, have you signed up with another address? or do you need to sign up?
Let me know and we will upgrade you to moderator status so we can get this show on the road! :wink:

This is where you need to sign up;


Hey, I’d like to get involved too. Any room for me?


Yeah, I’m having trouble signing up. No matter what I type into the form fields I get a “Server error” message (but in Polish). Something in the lines of “The server encountered some serious problems while processing your request. We are already working hard to prevent such issues from happening again.” :confused:


We are looking into this now, thanks for reporting it!


Kacper, there is room for everyone. :slight_smile:


As I wrote earlier, I’m ready to be moderator.

~I’ve already have an account on http://translate.greenheartgames.com/ (public profile: /user/Levy_PL/).


@Charlie must’ve fixed the sign up process, as I’ve managed to register on the CAT without any issues. :slight_smile: I’ve used the same nickname and e-mail as here.


Yip its all fixed! have added you as a moderator @Schocker


Any chance for me to become a moderator/active translator?


There are always some chances. I think you should already register on the tool and start adding suggestions. :slight_smile:


I’m here to help, everyone! I’d love to do some translating, there’s not much stuff I’m busy with currently so I have plenty of time :smile:

My email: arkfiu@interia.pl (ALL LOWER CASE!)


Hey Guys, Thanks for the interest. Just register at http://translate.greenheartgames.com/ and start adding suggestions.