Polish Translation


You are right, sorry.

Ok, Tysiek - my part please sent here: scorpio007(at)interia.pl


Ok, so if you will be sending text for translation, here’s my email:


Please, send Me something too :slight_smile:


I’m angry I didn’t get any notification when the replies started appearing in this thread. Argh, I was supposed to!

Either way. I have no idea how are you translating the game right now, @Tysiek, but Patrick told me they are using a web CAT system located here: http://translate.greenheartgames.com
I don’t know when and if they will add Polish to the languages listed there, but I think we should wait until we are able to use the platform.

Having that said, my mail is schocker@mybboard.pl :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe @Tysiek is translating the game straight from the code(like modding game)? That’s what I did to test polish characters in-game. (ł, ą etc.). They work very well, because game is using standard system fonts. He might also do it from what he see in-game. Just by playing it and writing translations of messages.

Anyway, I support @Schocker. We should wait until we are able to use the web translating platform. Patrick and Daniel are probably just too busy working on German translation and fixing bugs in game. They probably don’t have time for adding another language right now.


I’ve actually downloaded and I’m translating offline the english-us .pot file from GIT repository that I believe is used on webplate on http://translate.greenheartgames.com


I jak idą prace nad tłumaczeniem?


So… We (me and my friend) may start translating game - if previous users won’t respond.


Mogę pomóc.Chciałem to zrobić sam jednak nie mogę znaleźć plików z tekstami do tłumaczenia. Wyjaśni mi ktoś jak je wyciągnąć,albo przesłać i zajmę się jakoś ich tłumaczeniem


I still think we should just get @PatrickKlug to create a Polish section in their translation tool. :slight_smile:


@Schocker, yes - but “We also need at least two users who will act as moderators for a language.”.

I think, all players who want to help in translating of game, should be in contact (it makes translating in small group (3-4 users) is simple) - maybe we start to use Skype?

@Pyzior, z tego co się orientuję, powinieneś stąd wyciągnąć jakieś informacje - http://gamedevtycoon.wikia.com/wiki/Modding. :slight_smile:


Well, to be honest, if we really need to choose two moderators, we should do this mainly based on their experience with translatons. Anyone?


I can offer only translation, nothing more. Sorry. :wink:


Hello my name is Alan and i am a part of small indie games lovers community.
We’d love to see our language in your game. And we are ready for this challenge!


Ja też mogę pomóc :smiley:


Miejmy nadzieję, że w końcu będziemy mogli przetłumaczyć tą grę na nasz język - zgłaszam się jak ochotnik do tłumaczenia :smile:

Let’s hope that in the end, we could translate this game to our language - I submit myself as a translation volunteer :smile:
My English is rather good, considering that I just passed FCE exam with score 79/100. (only one point to pass with grade A and a direction for CAE exam, sic!)
I will check back here every now and then to see if I could finally help.

@PatrickKlug Please take a look here and tell us what are the odds, without your input people will forget about Polish translation and therefore we will end up without it.


Hello there.
This is actually my first post on this forum, and I’ve registered specially to take part in game translation to Polish as one of the translators or even language moderator.

Something about me and my experience with translations:
I’m Michał and now I am working in international spedition company located in Germany. I’m 21 y.o., but I learn English for something about 11, even 12 years. I have experience in game and movies (not only movies, TV series too) translations. I would also add, that I’m one of polish Wikipedia redactors, where I also made many translations from en Wiki.
Moreover I graduated technical school (type of high school), as IT technician, so I know something about IT spec. terminology.

Due to translation rules, I can be one of two moderators, who are necessary to start translation on a new language.

I would be glad to help in this project and I’m looking forward for any further informations about game translating.
Kind regards,
Michał aka Levy.

Any chance to start “Polish section” on http://translate.greenheartgames.com/? It wolud be really helpfull for translators…


We are very busy at the moment with the Steam release and update 1.4.0., we also have to complete and implement the German and Spanish version.
As soon as we are ready @PatrickKlug will unlock more translation projects.


Ok then. I can fully understand your current, busy situation :wink: Just let me know if things will change.


Awesome! Keep us posted on the progress, will you? :slight_smile:
Also @Levy_PL, could you please contact me through private messages? I have a few questions.