Polish Translation


Thanks for the update @Schocker . While the Polish translation may be slow going, at least we are assured of quality with you heading up the team! :smile:

While @szula27 is indeed a perfect candidate, he doesn’t actually own the game which is an issue when trying to put the strings in context and retain the humour of the situation.

@szula27 If you do purchase the game, let us know and we will get you upgraded to moderator!


My time is lacking recently. Schocker explained it all. If the strings are short then it’s hard to retain the original character because they’re very literal and you need to understand what’s up with half life 2 (of which I hardly know anything about).
@Charlie I honestly think that you can add him as a moderator. I’ve been a mod even though I bought the game a while after I started my first translations here. :wink:


I don’t think that I will continue to translate it. I’m sorry. I’m perfectly fine to play in english if I want and I don’t have much free time anymore… :frowning:


Aw, what a pity. Well, I was just supposed to get to grips with the translation again, since I will have more free time in the next few weeks.
Take care, @olokos! :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know @olokos and many thanks for the work you have done so far!


Thank you guys, that was a pleasure, I hope that the Polish language is finally going to be finished.


First of all I want to thank everyone who has worked on the Polish translation. We know how big of a job translating the game is so thanks for your efforts. As you know the translation had stagnated and was a while from being complete but I have great news today.

A combined team from www.mooncreative.pl and http://www.bdip.pl/ have taken on the task and translated the entire game using their professional team. They have donated this translation and we have already integrated it into our translation system: http://translate.greenheartgames.com/projects/game-dev-tycoon/master/pl/

This means that a Polish release is not far off now :slight_smile:


Since the translation is complete we have created a separate Polish translation feedback topic here:



Oh, that’s awesome @PatrickKlug! I know some guys from http://www.bdip.pl/ (I think you mistyped the URL :wink: ) and I’m sure they have done a great job.
I am still glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of our efforts. I will now have to pass the good news to all my friends who have been eagerly waiting for a Polish translation. :slight_smile:


thanks! corrected.