Official Modding F.A.Q

Ahh okay, my mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the response. I use the steam version on mac, and yeah, I am connected to the internet, but I haven’t got anything about any updating yet. (I think.) So, I will try to reinstall the game and hopefully, that will work. Or else I have to come bak here.

You may find this mod tutorial for macs handy;

I’m very confused, on how to make my own mod. I get, that I need to know HTML, CSS, and JS. But, how do I start modding. There’s a modAPI, in the mods folder. I assume, that’s how I start. However, I can’t open it. Do I need to download a program, or can I use a simple program, like Notepad?

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Hi, I got a error message when I clicked on the mods tab

Hey @Charlie, getting too many mods will make workshop support? Or it’s up to valve (or steam)?


how do you pause the game on Steam

@Gamingthrou - It really depends if modding becomes popular enough to warrant it.
@lenton_craig12 - Press the ‘escape’ key.

thanks charlie

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I have a downloaded version from the site, not on Steam. How do I get mods to run?

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Hey @icuparg4 - In exactly the same way with the exception of navigating to a different address.
For Windows based OS the address should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Game Dev Tycoon\mods if you installed to the default location.

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I need help it gives me an error saying Ultimate libs is not defined

Some mods require the UltimateLib mod. You can get it here:

Forum Topic:

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No i have it in my mods folder but in the game and when i go to mods its there but in red

Sounds like you are missing the gdt api then:

When you unzip it make sure you remove the “-master” at the end.

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I’ve installed the modding API and UltimateLib. But Mods still won’t work, they don’t show up red in the mods menu in fact I can select them so they turn from white to blue. BUT when I restart the game I’m met with this pop up error… several times. Which I can’t post a screen cap of because the forums won’t let me since I’m a new user.

But it reads:
Can not load mod one of the scripts”

then it lists off a file directory but its cut short because the box is too small and the box can not be resized. So I have no idea if there is any more information. This error pops up like 5+ times before it will let me continue into the game.

Once I get into the game any of the selected mods which SHOULD be loaded are not working at all.

I’ve googled this to death, browsed the forums here to death, browsed the game dev tycoon subreddit to death and searched for youtube videos modding the game and I can’t find a single other individual on the internet who is having this problem.

List of mods I’m trying to use:
GDT Expansion
Tweak Mod

Please help me.