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They Came - They certainly did!

I’ve now spent the past 6 days over the last week doing something out of the usual, somthing ravishing, magnificent. There isn’t any words that can describe the feeling when I playes They Came the first time. I’ll try to explain:

The game intro. The game intro features a magnificent storyteller (not Morgan Freeman) who takes you through the history and the setting of this game. It isn’t only the cartoonish but still real photographs that amuse and enlight me, but the music, the sound, the whole setting of this wonderful piece of movie. It’s way too good for a game like this. Oscara next!

The gamplay. They Came wrestles with the existing gameplay technique. The last technique has been here for several decades, for several periods of ups and downs, but this game revolutionizes the way you play, the way you interact, the way you think. It’s a revolution within the gamplay. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

The history. It’s here the best comes. While the gameplay and the intro are fine, and magnificent, I can’t really describe the feelings I have when I’m playing this game. You meet Anna, a teenage girl, who is living in Ontario. The first half of the game is only used to bond with Anna. You follow her to school, you meet her boyfriends (yes, in the night) and you follow her absolutely everywhere. This forms a bond to Anna and her family, and the whole society around her. You can feel a strange bond to all of the sluts at the school and to all the boys who dumped her.

Suddenly Anna sees a light in the sky. It’s here the action starts to form. The action of shooting, of tactics and of clever thinking. All of these skills are vital when you play a game like this (actually, there are none like this). The action is so intense, it happened more than one time: I went to bed at night with a creepy feeling that I could have done something different, just to kill more aliens. Paralell to this packed story, Anna’s lovelife is still going on. She meets different characters throughout the story, and the choices you make, is affecting how you get along and how you bond with them.

The questions. I’ve just recently finished playing it and I am sitting here with some strange questions:

Who’s her daddy?
Is she really in love with any of the boys and thus are she lesbian?

After this, there’s only one thing I can criticize: Where’s Morgan Freeman in the intro? Otherwise, perfect!

After all of this, I can only say one thing:

I want them to come again!

Alien specialist


Origin ‘Unknown’ will likely live up to it’s name

What is so special about America that makes aliens want to invade it? Is it the fattening food? The rock n’ roll music? Being the land of the free? Well, it’s fighting off another horde of extraterrestrials again in Greenheart Games latest game, Origin Unknown. After the success of Game Dev Tycoon, the developers are bringing strategy to a more violent, mature setting. But will it carry the same fun aspects that made GDT a hit?

One thing we do agree on is that the graphics are some of the best you can squeeze out of current gen PC’s. Compared to GDT’s relatively simple design, Origin Unknown is full of detail and color. Exploding spaceships will dazzle you and you will be lucky to not have your computer’s processor melt. The gameplay on the other hand is a little… meh, at best. You have 3 classes of units, ground, air, and special. Ground units range from infantry, to SAM tanks and rocket troops, but they all have a similar basic attack, with just increasing damage and health as the prices go up. Special units are mainly useless as they generally only provide some kinds of effect to enemy ships, like slowing them down. The exception is the nuke, which wipes out all enemies. It is ludicrously expensive though and you will likely only unlock it by sacrificing ALOT of your basic units. Air units are basically flying ground units. All in all, its pretty simple stuff.

The story is so terrible and cliche-ridden, that I won’t give you the displeasure of finding out how it goes, but if that is an important part of a game to you, then avoid this.
If all you want is to blow up enemies and gawp at the explosions, then this might be the perfect game for you. However, it doesn’t really do anything particularly ground-breaking, and will probably remain ‘Unknown’ to gamers because of it.


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Ion Wars - by Dead Atom


“Of Dead Atoms and Ion Wars”

Before I say anything I must say this, I have a MASSIVE soft spot for Sci-Fi games, but I’m sad to report that Ion Wars isn’t the super excellent edition to my huge collection that I was looking for.


The year is 2084, and the Astraeus-Hyperion T-300 FTL drive is released into the public, the galaxy rejoiced due to it’s efficient E-90Z hyper-fuel usage, compact design and great price. Fast forward 11 years and the galaxy is close to extinction, while the FLT drive was very good and successful, it was just too successful. Within an amount of months of the FTL drive’s release, everybody including cartels and rebels had access to it, making hit and run/cartel missions quite easy indeed, and because nobody could invent a better alternative, before you could say “I’m Catbug!” the galaxy was enveloped in a war against EVERYBODY which tore the galaxy apart. Now the last of the once great races have to rebuild their military and defend against other races.

You play as X-9CB, a Terran super cyborg agent sent to defend humanity against alien threats. Throughout the game you go to all sorts of planets assassinating potential threats and generally do lots of bad ass things.


The story’s dialogue is filled with machismo (This is all a big supernova shitstorm of a sandwich and your taking the first bite) but it isn’t horribly written par se, it’s just barely decent with a few typos here and there, with big room for improvement.


The Graphics are very mediocre. They’re bland and lack polish, but they get the job done since they fit the time period the game is based on at least, but there is still room for improvement.


Now on to the music, and I can’t really find words for how KICK ASS the music is in this game is! All of the tracks in this game are are catchy, memorable and great to listen to! They fit the game perfectly and almost excuse the mediocre graphics and dialogue.


Now on to the gameplay, and I’m happy to report that the game play is good but there’s room for improvement. The shooting mechanics in this game is good, you can shoot in all eight directions without much hassle which is great and you can hold down the fire button to fire continuousl . The game also has a good amount of weapons including a weak melee attack. The weapons excluding the melee attack range from below average to pretty damn useful. The guns are pretty fun to use and I had no problems with the enemy placements. Too bad it doesn’t have a lot going for it after that (except a very generic hacking mini game). The gameplay is **good ** but pretty generic, which is a bit of a let-down.


The game is really just your above average action shooter with nothing that’s really new to the table. While the game has some kick-ass music and solid yet cookie-cutter gameplay, the graphics and dialogue aren’t really that good. The game is five hours long and while I did have fun playing it, but it really isn’t the best choice for a beginner’s Sci-Fi/Action game. Unless you are a die-hard fan of the Sci-Fi genre, you can skip this one worry-free.


  • Solid gunplay
  • Great music


  • Bland graphics
  • Cliched story
  • General room for improvement

7.25 out of 10


Tigron, the Game about a Robot Tiger going through Space and Time in this issue of TPS Reviews!

When they plopped this on my desk, I was curious about what the developers were thinking when they first started this game? But as I played, the game grew on me. Considering I make games myself, I had to see this for myself. I removed a star from this review because of the fact that it’s a robotic tiger. I mean, seriously? Who’s going to get that? Then as I played on even more, I realized that the biggest mechanic that supported to the 7 stars in my review (and my thumbs up!) is that when the tiger went through time more and more, it disrupted the environment in the present, which brought a small amount of strategy into the game. The game is amazing, love it as much as I love my own games, and I look forward to seeing when they’ll go bankrupt so I can “donate to” their company, which might take a while.

Also, our latest game title!
(X-COT stands for Extraterrestrial Combat Offense Team)
Platform: PC
Average Rating: 9.75
Audience: Everyone
Units Sold: 348.7K
Costs: 59K
Income: 2.4M
Profit: 2.4M
Released: Y6 M6 W3
Fans Earned: 2,154
Top Rank: 1st Place
(no picture, not allowed to cause I’m a new user)


XCOT 2: Perfection For Everyone To Enjoy

When I first loaded XCOT 2 onto my PC, I was super happy. I had so much excitement from months prior when it was announced! I clicked the “New game” option and watched the opening sequence. A few words appeared across the screen alerting me that Aliens invaded Earth… AGAIN! I was tasked with building a crack squad of Water-Gun-Armed soldiers to combat the legions of aliens who wished to enslave the dogs and cats of the world! I was surprised by the fact that this sequel was better then the original! This game might make you cry… I remember when my first soldier went into a diabetic coma while on the battle field… I’m sorry Bill Bobson, I truly am. This game is a must…

http://imgur.com/Mcv1fmlby by 434 Studios



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Double Dash Kart has me dashing to the shops to buy it!

Most people have considered the Game Sphere to be a failure when compared to the mighty Playsystem 2, and to a lesser extent the mBox. It’s smaller catalogue of titles, it’s failure to embrace online play and its ‘unique’ console design. However, every now and again it recieves an exclusive title which causes alot of gamers to regret buying it. Double Dash Kart is one of them.

Karting games have forever been increasing in popularity since the release of Super Sergio Kart on the SNES, and while successors have not been the most innovative of games, new additions have brought a few interesting additions and tweeks to the standard formula. Well, Double Dash Kart turn that on its head by revolutionizing a winning formula. It shakes things up by introducing flight sections, where in parts of your race, you can transform your kart into a plane and fly through an alternate section of track. Whilst the flight sections are a little linear, keeping you to a (mostly) specific route, they are very challenging, fast paced sections involving a lot of obstacles and threats to avoid, and provide a new challenge to the player. Whats more, each track has parts that allow you to either stay in your kart and go round normally (usually the safe approach) or transform into plane mode and fly round a flight section of the track (usually a risker, more rewarding route).

All the usual types of power-ups are there, however they all have some interesting, innovative ideas added to them to really make the gameplay flow brilliantly and give it a good skillful pace. For example, a homing rocket travels very fast, much faster than the red shells in Sergio Kart, but it requires a short locking on time, plus you can now dodge it by powersliding to the side (at the right time!). In addition, no rage inducing ‘1st place player homing attack’ like a blue shell. Each powerup is designed in a way to reward skillful play whilst still leting the racers at the back catch up! Graphically, the game has no problems. It has a wonderful cartoon style like most other kart racing games. Each track’s music is catchy with out getting annoying. And the controls work wonderfully on the Game Sphere.

In summary, this is the new defining kart game for the future. A true example of fantastic design. The flight sections really add something new to a stagnating genre, but one cannot wonders what could of been if they hadn’t of made those parts so linear. Still, that is just me nit-picking and should not put you off buying this game!


And now, a game of Business by Dead Atom :grin:


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Chairman of the Playsystem Board

Today, I am reviewing Chairman, a business simulation game for the Playsystem

The aim of the game is like any other, Build and manage your own company while competing against AI companies but this game takes a more in-depth approach.

You can pursue business in different sectors such as retail (running a chain of supermarkets, department stores, etc.) manufacturing (run factories that make a diverse variety of products), farming (raising livestock and growing crops) and R&D (running research facilities for new tech and quality improvement of products).

The game integrates a stock market which I never seen in a business sim before, it can be used for buying out stock of companies to sell when it’s value increases or when you have enough stock, completely take over that company.

I love this and also suprised about it as well as it’s the kind of game you wouldn’t expect to be on the Playsystem but rather on the PC and also the game can be difficult at times, even on the easy setting but it’s challenging enough to the point that players who succeed in this game should be given a master’s degree in business.

A very unique game for the Playsystem 8.75/10

And now, a sports game notorious for its mature themes that made fans nickname it “Madden Kombat”


Today, I am reviewing Brutal American Football it is not like those Madden NFL games. It is a mix between Football and Mortal Kombat. Play as a man with fist so strong he can break all of your bones in one hit with his bare fists. There are brass Knuckles scattered around the field. But who needs them? You are a buff dude with fists. The Gameplay is awesome, the graphics need work, but still awesome. The camera shaking feature makes it even cooler. Very immerse game. 8 out of 10. ~Idiot game studios.

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Worst Game Ever is the best game ever from Idiot Game Studios.”-Bulb

After playing Worst Game Ever for 20 hours non-stop, I’m so sure that this game is the best hospital simulation. Gameplay is so unique , you have to control every bit of section that you command [everyday in game , you command different section like “Kiddy Section” , “Operation Section” or “Emergency Section”] so your hand will not stop until you pass the day or you lose. And there’re moral choices that you need to make , for example , 1 old guy has a heart attack and another man get shot in his chest , and you’ve got only 1 operation room left , who would you choose to save? The weak point of this game is Graphics and some several bugs that need to be fixed.

Worst Game Ever is the best game ever from Idiot Game Studios. 9.25 out of 10. -Bulb

And now , the most epic AAA-Title game from Bulb Gaming Studio and the last chapter of “The Trilogy” series , The Last Trilogy!


PS. Sorry for bad English.


The Last Trilogy: A masterpiece

The Last Trilogy is the 5th and final game in the Trilogy series. It is available on the Bulb 2.0, the PC, and the Playsystem 5. It is just incredible. The graphics. The world. The story. It is all just amazing. It contains tons of awesome artwork too. The Last Trilogy is all about 3 timelines going on all in one world, and they all connect to each other in some way, but the characters don’t even know it. The year is 20XX, because that is in fact a real number and year, and the world is run by an evil ruler, named Cannondwarf. He rules with an iron fist and a frail body. He has outlawed all things good, and has just turned the world plain evil. You play as 3 of the Chosen Ones, a people that at random are born with goodness inside of them. They all know it, and they fight Cannondwarf’s minions in multiple battles of true epicness, and I must say, the blood in this game really shines. Literally. All blood is now just solid metal. But that’s not the point. After years of fighting his minions, and gathering clues that will eventually lead them to each other, and in this final game, they meet. They all fight Cannondwarf in a big-*** battle and kill him, which restores all good to the world. Sappy; yes, epic; yes! Buy this game NOW!


  • Incredible soundtrack composed at Bulb Gaming Studio HQ
  • Amazing storyline
  • Precision graphics
  • Amazing world layout


  • Takes up way too much of my time. It took me way too long to make this review.


May the Farce be with you

Sci Guy is an action game for the Govodore 64 and is a satire of Sci-fi.

The plot involves a sci-fi nerd who was organising his valuable collector’s memorabilia when suddenly a huge green ray blasts from his TV and sucks him in to a world of Sci-fi (yes, that’s the premise). The gameplay consists of 9 side-scrolling levels, in each level the player must fight through various enemies and obstacles before fighting a boss at the end of each level. Along the way, the player would find various weapons and power-ups, each with their own advantage against certain enemies. There are a few flaws with this game, for starters there isn’t a save feature, not even a password system, also there are a few points where the player can get stuck.

Alright, but its flaws must be addressed 7.25/10


Dance Fever DX

One of the most productive games this season has brought to us. In Dance Fever DX, you follow the infamous Daince Fevar, best dancer in New York, Washinton, Japan, Germany and France. Now he/she comes to Australia, where he dances his way to victory. He learns many new moves from the old legends and defeats the best. Help him dominate the world with his INSANE dancing skillz.


If you weren’t scared of clowns before, you will be after this game

Clown Store hits a soft spot for me. Like the soft spot of a newborn’s head, a weakness and this game shoves a finger in to that soft spot and twists it around. To put it simply clowns freak me out.


There is not much of a plot here, you go Halloween shopping and you end up in the circle of hell that is “The Clown Store” Then you fight your way out, very simple. However, is advertises right on the box that it is an action game, so the plot is sufficient enough not to lose any points.


Oh god, the horror in this game is great. Like too great. The paramedic needed 4 shots of morphine to put my pulse back into normal levels. You’re in the store at closing time, then the lights go out and it get creepy real fast. You use clown-like stuff but with a deadly twist. That pie is laced with cyanide, these flowers shoot sulfuric acid, ect…
There is a good mix of weapons here and as you go farther downward into the torture rooms, even more unlock. They use every trick in the book to scare you, with very effective results. Also, OcuLust Trench use is extremely discouraged as side effects such as shock, coma, heart attack and even death could creep up.

Graphics and Sound

This game is not for the faint of heart, the visuals and sound are uber-realistic. You will see the acid you just squirted burn the flesh off the monster, hear the screams of a girl being cooked in a Brazen bull, and watch as a man cuts his leg off to escape a saw, only to be grabbed, hanged, drawn, and quartered. Nightmare fuel indeed.

Final Score


A masterpiece, but you’ll probably be too scared to play it.

Other gaming news

Gloves Gaming has lost all of their data in a hardware transition! Page 25
"It’s all over…" -Owner of Gloves Gaming, Rowan Pice

New independent studio opens in Eastern Europe! WITH NEW GAME! Page 7
"I can into games!" -Owner of Red Storm Studios, Antol Czibor

Page 7

A Red Storm Studios game

"A complex simulation of atoms! Watch as bind and form into molecules! Careful, they might reach critical mass!**
**With 2D graphics! (v1) And BASIC SOUND!


Up and Atom

Molecular Simulation by Red Storm Studios is game all about molecules and atoms. First of all, it is fairly gimmicky with a in-depth interface of adding/subtracting atoms, binding/forming molecules, force movement of atoms/molecules and a ? for facts about different atoms/molecules. Of course it wouldn’t be a game without something entertaining, it features various missions (refered to as “experiments”) where you must use a limited amount of atoms to form specific molecules etc.

Overall, this games shows potential to be quite educational which can be a good start for Red Storm Studios with the amount of depth it has.

Good and quite educational 7.25/10


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Woah, this is probably one of the best medieval games out there. Here, you can go fishing, hunting and even giving people stuff.


Is whatever you make of the world, the more you use archery the better you get and the more popularity you will get for that skill, etcetera. There are hours of fun gameplay and hundreds of intriguing twists and side-missions. You also have access to different characters, although you can only change their tactics and fighting styles.

Sweet Mary, this is such an open world. Using both interactive environments and realism to match your skills, this has to rival even RPG-God Skyrim. This comes with a very precise goal: Anything! You can cook that pig, eat that pear, grow a forest or even raise children!

#Graphics and Sound
Using state-of-the-art Graphics Versions 4&5, they truly have set a new pioneering achievement for open-world games. Perfecto. You can see exactly where that arrow landed or precisely where you cut that meat. As for the sound, well, you would think that it’s real life, even the various roars of different ogres, trolls, dragons and many other creatures are as vivid as can be.

Overall Rating:



With all that Red Storm Studios might not have remembered to create extra gig for all the texturation differences and bugs. The DLC’s were alright though, so that gave the game an extra 0.5 pts.

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Rockstar Studios unveils GTA VI Plans
’’ We hope the sequel to GTA will be even better" - Rockstar Representative


Third time’s a charm

Left For Dead III, the eagerly awaited sequel to the hit survival horror franchise has been released on the UExcel, mBox Next and Playsystem 5.

This installment completely revitalizes the series by taking a more casual apporach to gameplay (previous instalments felt kind of complicated) which is quick and easy to learn but difficult to master. Like the previous instalments, there is an emphasis on teamwork with each character having their own strengths and weaknesses that must be put to good use against the zombie horde.

The main highlight of this game is it’s online features which allows for a unique co-op experience that all gamers are sure to like a lot.

Overall, absolutely perfect 10/10

And now, a satire about the most hated video game critic ever.