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B3yond is a game breaking the technical limits of the Playsystem 3 beyond belief,
and launching a new technological standard for games.

It is a surprising mixture of epic loot, bloody heads and a deep story that combines this game together. The game runs smoothly at a constant 60 FPS with some hiccups, although this is excuseable considering the huge open world. This is probably where B3yond shines. Not one Playsystem 3 game can pull off such an amazing world, and the developers behind this game have ceretainly used their skills to full potential. Within this world you’ll unravel a magnificent story, that is surely too good to be spoiled. Gameplay consists of completing quests, choosing your destiny and becoming evil or good. This blends in well with the beautiful soundtrack, but in all honesty some tracks feel rather lackluster in terms of variety. The game even includes some online and Co-Op game modes, although these prove to be lacking and bite just that little bit of the cake that would make this game close to perfect. Comparing this to the other Beyond titles, this one follows the story of its predecessor and does this so well that even if you are new to the Beyond Human series, you can still easily understand the essential storyline.


  • Amazing open world, setting a new technological standard for games.
  • Deep story with many plot twists, even for new players.
  • Controls sink in well with the combat system.


  • Slighty lackluster multiplayer modes
  • Some tracks feel underwhelming

All in All

B3yond. An amazing game that will surprise you like nothing else. With its minor mistakes it is still one of the best games to come out this year, and we can only beg you to purchase this marvelous title.

Final Rating: 9/10 (Amazing)

My game:


<<Become the fashion idol you always wanted to be!>>

“Teen-Top” is a game for the Gameling system,so captivating and rewarding that you will secretly start playing it yourself!
To begin with,the game uses the Gameling’s capability fully.It simulates a world of fashion with photo-shootings to start with and then as your character(teenager boy or girl) progresses it goes on with glamorous fashion shows.When the game’s timeline finishes(aproximatelly 15-20 years,depending on how successful you are) you can actually reap the fruits of your “labour” and buy villas and other luxuries with the money you earned during your carreer.
While the game seems to be for young people only,you may grow fond of it as it is extremely captivating and addictive.
A great game with no flaw.
Rarely you fiind a game for young audiences so appealling to middle-aged people!
10/10 from me!


Where’s your game?


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It would be fair to say that very few people were demanding another entry in the Huntdeer long-running game-hunting simulation franchise ‘Huntdeer’. It is true that some of the early games in the series were quaint, and the revolutionary game mechanics have won over many skeptics in days gone by, but the general consensus among gamers of all ages is that Huntdeer 4 was a derivative, poorly-designed game with unnecessary levels of gore. When ‘Huntdeer 5’ was announced last year as an upcoming title for the Orange Pit, there was a public outcry, in no small part because so many within the industry were anticipating the announcement of a new ‘Hotzone’ installment. I thought that I had drawn the short straw when I was asked to review ‘Huntdeer 5’.

I now concede that I had judged this game prematurely. Perhaps there is a place for a new hunting simulator in the Orange Pit catalogue. After all, ‘Huntdeer 5’ does so much right.

For starters, the gore has been toned down. The pseudo-comic gratuituousness of ‘Huntdeer 4’ is nowhere in sight; out-of-place weaponry options such as the grenade-launcher and flamethrower have been removed (the spring-loaded chainsaw still makes an appearance as an unlockable weapon, but only after players have completed the campaign mode on ‘Hard’ difficulty). For the most part the game offers a realistic simulation of deer-hunting, with a wide range of hunting rifles, plus longbows and crossbows, to select from.

The deer behave naturally in this game and the realism of the environments, in terms of graphics and sound, is beyond comparison. When the heat is off, I like nothing better than to sit and watch and listen to the deer frollicing in their natural environment. There is also some selectible chill-out music on the soundtrack which can enhance moments like this. If he spends more than fifteen minutes without raising his weapon, the player character puts his feet up and starts smoking a pipe, which is a nice touch.

Some of the raunchier excesses of the franchise have not been toned down, even though this entry is supposedly for ‘everyone’. The main character’s buxom assistant, Veronica, is as scantily-clad as ever. At least the new voice actress doesn’t have a lisp, so when she says ‘I’m polishing your big gun as we speak’, it’s not quite as cringeworthy as it was in ‘Huntdeer 4’.

There are some noticable glitches in the game. When there are more than three or four deers on screen they seem to collide and stick together. This is only really an issue on the ‘Time Trial’ mode but that mode is completely broken because of it. There also seem to be problems with the aiming system; sometimes the bullets/arrows fly in completely random directions and it is not clear why.

The other problem with this game is the lack of longevity. The campaign mode, which involves hunting deer to make enough money to pay off a gambling debt, took me about four hours to complete on normal difficulty. There is also a ‘Time Trial’ challenge as well as a ‘Free-play’ mode where you can select from 12 different environments (only 3 are available initially; Forest, Plains and Desert, but advanced stages such as the Canyon and Winter Wonderland can be unlocked later), set the deer density and play to your heart’s content. Some additional modes would have made the game better value for money (Say what you like about Huntdeer 3’s ‘Dancing Deer’ minigame but at least it could liven up a party if you had a couple of dance mats handy).

That said, the game is perfect for those who like to sit back, relax and watch the virtual world go by. Since it’s not too dear (no pun intended), I would recommend the game to such players. Score: 8.25


Not sure what to say

Alien Butler Wars Is a Sci-Fi action game of dubious quality for the PC.

Story - Somewhere in a distant planet, there is a feud between two millionaires that can only be settled if their butlers engage in a battle (pretty half-assed story if you ask me)

Gameplay - Battles are done in 5 different phases (in set order or random) with a best of 3: Phase 1 has the butlers using cannons to blow off as much as each other’s fort as possible, with the winner being the one who done the most damage. Phase 2 involves a race to the finish line while using all sorts of weapons to clear a path or to slow down your opponent. Phase 3 has the butlers engage in a “simple” boxing match with a variety of powerups. Phase 4 has the butlers defending their masters from their opponent’s droids they send in. Finally, Phase 5 has the butlers cleaning their master’s valuables while messing up their opponent’s.

Opinion - With the game’s name being “Alien Butler Wars” I didn’t know what to expect. They have put an awful lot into the gameplay which is wide and varied but the story, audio and visuals are pretty lacking to a point that it feels like that it is a student project rather than a proper game.

Random, but fair 6.25/10

And now for something mediocre

Inspired by this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAGBa9MZu0o


Smoke weed every day

You ever saw a game that looked really funny but was not funny at all? Especially when its for matures? This is one of those games. This game is only fun in the beginning, but really, after some time you get real bored.

The story

is very similar to Mario, where you do nothing else but knocking on peoples head and completing puzzles. You gotta save the weed stash, taken from the almighty cops, and then deliver it to the smokers.

The gameplay

In the game play, you jump around and kill cops. You can get a killstreak, after killing 5 cops in a row. The killstreak gives you a car, that just looks nice. Nothing else. There is very boring side missions, but seriously, they are about giving weed to the cops. So who would do that? Anyways, there is one good thing here. Coins. These coins can be collected and spended on buying different stuff, like add-ons to the crappy car, that can make them do special things. And if you collect all coins in the game, you also get something special. Spoiler: It’s a super mega weed rocket. Oh, and did i mension you also can buy one of these super mega weed rockets by paying 20 dollars? no? But now i did.

The dialogue
Is just completely dumb. Nothing interesting happens, but in start and end of each sentence it says “smoke weed every day” And dialogues are so long, boring and has the worst voice acting ever. It is like if you took 100 songs and mixed them together, to bring up something stupid.

The level design and AI, is probably the best thing in this game. The level design just looks so stunning, perfectly using the white and black mode. And the AI - which is basically the cops and nothing else, is very very smart. It almost becomes a brawler, that good they are at evading you stomping them, and they have very good shooting techniques. Whenever a cop shoots you, there is also a special animation for each body part. That looks very funny.

The graphics, the world design and the sound.

Let’s start with the sound. IT SUCKS. It says nothing else but SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY ever 2nd minute, so just turn the volume off. The world design is hilariously funny: You started as a little kid, where you were born by a piece of weed, and you were the first human to ever live. But then other people started appearing out of the weed plants. And then at last, the cops came and destroyed all the weed, so the humans had to breed. The graphics looks like something from the 90’s. Overall i would give it a 4.25, just because it has such a funny backstory, level design, AI and player animations.




Meteor! Meteor! It’s time for another installment of Doublecast, Ivalice’s favorite video game review radio show! Here’s your host, the ever-versatile Akamadoushi!

I’ve played some weird games in my time. Some really weird ones. I blame Doublecast’s producers. Where do they find this stuff?

I wouldn’t say Call of Bugs: Modern Bugfare is the strangest game I’ve played, but it is part of what appears to be an incredibly illogical subgenre defined by realistic military games re-cast with anthropomorphic animals.

For those who haven’t guessed from the title, Call of Bugs: Modern Bugfare is about human-sized anthropomorphic insects with guns. Despite everything I just said, CoB: MB attempts to paint a realistic picture of war. Imagine A Bug’s Life if it followed the plot of Platoon. That comparison was pointless, because I’ve never seen either of those movies.

It was legitimately impossible for me to take this game seriously. I tried, I really did, but I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Not only are all of the characters realistically rendered and animated bug-people, but the writing is super melodramatic. Every line is just so ridiculously over the top, and even more hilariously comes from the mouth of a giant bug.

The sound effects are good, the graphics are great, and the music is all right. The back of the box promises fully customizable weapons, but that’s a bald faced lie. There are three guns in the game that can use attachments, and two of those only have one attachment each. Only the ant carbine has any real customization options, and it still feels limited.


  • Good graphics and sfx
  • Surprisingly funny if you don’t take it too seriously


  • Utterly ridiculous in concept, plot, and execution
  • Extremely limited weapon customization
  • Lots of lag, especially in multiplayer mode

Final Verdict:

7.25 out of 10.


A hero to remember.

Sixgun Hero. Time for some Wild West action like you’re used to. Or is that just an illusion? I would say yes, as this game delivers way more than the usual Wild West game. This is a game with a story that could make you cry, gameplay that could make you laugh at other games, and music that will enrich your experience. Follow the story of a lost boy and grow up to become the hero of the game. What path will you choose? What equipment shall you get? The game offers enough variety for replay value. The only thing this game lacks is the actual length of the main story, as you can finish the game in a matter of hours. Sadly a lack of extra modes doesn’t make up for this and creates one of the only gaps to find in this beautiful game. But those hours that you’ll be playing Sixgun Hero? They’ll be worth it.


  • Way more than your usual Wild West game
  • Very well balanced design and technology
  • Great shooting mechanics
  • Awesome replay value


  • The main story is too short, and there are no extra modes to make up for it.

Final Rating: 9.25/10 (Amazing)

EDIT: Whoops, forgot my game…
This is the 3rd title in the major FrostWind series. (Excluding the prequel)


#It’s gettin’ chilly up here! Brrr!!

also it’s the premiere of the Season 2 of my Reviews!

What’s Up, Internet? This is your favorite DJ, WaveJones on your favorite show, “That Guy With The Glasses Who Reviews Stuff And Thinks That This Title Is Not Long At All”! Today, i’m reviewing FrostWind III… Well, 4, if you count the prequel “FrostWind : Origins”…

Well. Straight on to the review i guess!

Stage 2-1 : Storytelling and Interactions

Following from Origins, you are still, yet again, Nikel Penni, a nord from the north who has been on a very long, exhausting, adventure if you remember or played any of the previous games. Try that for a darned movie.

Finally after bustling down the hot nation of Volcanney, strolling around the bushy jungles of Mt. Rushed S’Mores, and the blue sea of the Atlanticas, you finally decided to go home. Finally. But, your fellow beloved partner, soon-to-be-wife, Tulip Hawthorne, is kidnapped by a suspicously unbehaviorized non-lethal veterbraeic pathetic excuse of a villain, known as Mr. X.

You were knocked unconcious and taken into the heights of Skyward Land. Will you be able to save your soon-to-be-wife? or…

Stage 2-2 : Graphical, Sound, and Technical Viewpoint

Well. For an 360 game… It’s alright, i guess. Nothing new though. But i see some minor details they put here and there such as the background, the places, the entities, and the NPCs, so that’s technically a plus in my book. It also runs on the NonReal Engine, yeah, the one that quantumDream uses for their games, so it looks just like games like Light Rain and Celcius (or Maroon Phrophecy in the Europe). Well. The graphics and Tech seems fine.

Now in terms of sound… THEY NAILED IT! Yeah. Holy moly cameroni this music is amazing. I can’t even describe it with words… i… They used an orchestral soundtrack and surround sound, well that’s amazing for such a small company! The sound effects are nice touches too, the walking, talking, climbing, jumping, and other effects has really good SFx.

Stage 2-3 : Gameplay and Impressions

Hah. This game reminds me of The Older Scrolls! This is one of the best Adventure games out there.

You can explore a randomly generated world- in the skies- while riding your… uh… ship?? i guess?? Probably similar to The Legend of Sell Them : Skyward Blade. The Dungeons are bareable though don’t let your guard down! This game…



Technical Difficulties. Please Hold On.

Stage 2-4 : Conclusions

This is one of the best games, though hard as hell i turned my controller to mush.

Story : 8
Interactions : 7
Graphics : 6
Sound : 10
Gameplay : 10

Hardness :
What?? - Piece of Cake - Easy - Okay… - Regularly Medium - Hard - Difficult - Nearly Killed Myself

This game deserves a great 9.5 out of 10.

That is all. Goodbye!

I believe Doublecast is up next. So let them take the game from The Wayfarers! (That’s the company name by the way.)


Hah, it was actually FrostWind: Origins. Close enough! :stuck_out_tongue:


The Beef Has Beef With You

Esuna! Haste! It’s time for Doublecast, Ivalice’s favorite video game review radio show! Here’s your host, the ever-versatile Akamadoushi!

I don’t review a lot of horror games, but I’m glad Insomnia: A Machine for Cows became one of the few. It’s far from perfect, but I had a blast playing.

The premise is that a minority of cattle have evolved sentience, and formed a secret society living beneath humanity’s notice. These sentient bovines are carnivorous. In truly ironic fashion, they primarily feed on human flesh. You regain consciousness in the bowels of a meat processing plant, and you have to escape without being butchered by one of the cows.

Now, I know a game about anthropomorphic cows with meat cleavers sounds silly, but trust me. This game is scary! At first. It’s really just a bunch of jump-scares and gratuitous gore. Once you’ve lost a couple of times, it loses its shock value. Playing alone, in the dark, at 3 AM, with headphones gives it some extra mileage.

One of the more interesting aspects is the lack of combat. At no point does the protagonist acquire a weapon of any sort. Nor is fist fighting possible. The protagonist is utterly helpless against a horde of cleaver-wielding, carnivorous cow-people.

Insomnia: A Machine for Cows is packed with collectibles, easter eggs, and hidden rooms. There are five endings, which one you get is dependent on how much evidence you collect and how fast you escape. There are also about twenty bad-ends, depicting a wide variety of gruesome deaths in excessive detail.


  • Eerie atmosphere
  • Detailed graphics
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Lots to see and do
  • Innovative concept


  • No music
  • Surprisingly short
  • Some secret rooms crash the game

Final Verdict:

8.75 out of 10!

Full title is Pony Quest VII: This is not the Way. It’s a direct sequel to Pony Quest VII/Pretty Pony RPG VII with the same setting and some returning characters.


#I still can’t believe i’m reviewing this series…

I like this series, but guys at my office keep calling me an idiot for playing these games! Meh, at least i’m having fun. Well, it’s me again, WaveJones, and now i’m reviewing Pony Quest VII : Tint Double U from our beloved friend, Horse-Drawn Game! I hope i pronounced that right.

Stage 2-1 : Storytelling and Interactions

Continuing from PQ VI, you are yet, once again, prince Horse of the Euqeustrai Kingdom! I don’t even care if i maek treaking fypos. You finally have saved princess Pony, for the sixth time, not including N64 and grOS spin-offs. But it turns out, our villain, Dr. Mule, has another plan up his sleeves… He turns the planet into a giant floating gumball in space, and eats it whole so the Uqeustrians doesn’t have a home anymore and he kidnaps princess Pony again. You said to yourself “This is not the Way it’s supposed to go!” And you go save the princess again, yadda yadda, whatever.

Stage 2-2 : Graphical, Sound, and Technical Viewpoint

Atleast the graphics good, seems they used the Mixer engine for this game, quite a nice touch i do say so myself. They seem to be using 3D V6 graphics though, yeah, so that’s a plus in my book. Though, weirdly enough, they seem to be using stereoscopic 3d as the default… so i gotta go through the menu to turn that off, every time. That’s a very bad programming choice.

The Music? Well, they seem a bit catchy, but, it does repeats itself every 3 minutes, so that’s kinda stupid and off-putting. There are… 4 songs in this game. Yeah, that’s right. 4 songs. Oh wait, it’s actually 2 songs and 2 remixes, so yeah, that’s stupidly stupid enough. The SFX is awesome! You really got to go and buy or rent this at Floormart or something else and play the darn game to know how awesome the sounds are.

Stage 2-3 : Gameplay and Impressions

Look, i don’t have a grudge against HDG, but their games are identically twins! Yeah, you still got the different stages, but that’s supposed to be a gimmick. There isn’t any new stuff added. You can still do the double jump, long jump, slide, and you can still attack with your tail and all, but where’s the new stuff??? Whatever.

Oh! And this game supports the Playsystem Move so the game can be played with motion controls. That’s nice.

Stage 2-4 : Conclusions

PG VII : TintW is an awesome game, though don’t go pick it up unless you’re a hardcore Horse-Drawn Games fan. The game’s really, freaking, damned, expensive! I mean just look at this! $167 on eBeach just for a PS2 game? Yeah, it’s rare, but what the heck, HDG??

Story : 7
Interactions : 8
Graphics : 6
Sound : 9
Gameplay : 8

Hardness :
What?? - Piece of Cake - Easy - Okay… - Regularly Medium - Hard - Difficult - Nearly Killed Myself

This game deserves the good 7.25 out of 10.

That is all, Goodbye!

After, i don’t know, 42 years??? The Wayfarers decided to create a 2D game, finally!


If there is anything more wanted than pizza, then it would be AR 3. Sheesh, have you seen those blazing graphics? Man man, this game blew my mind! Let’s just figure that this game is brilliant as it is part of my new Friday gaming night. Pizza + Cola + AR 3 = Best night ever!

The AR series has been known for its fallbacks. With the first installment they raised hopes for a successful series, but their sequel, AR 2: Wanted, decided to drop off from the outstanding 2D graphics and turn to 3D, which proved to be a flop. Now, after many, MANY years, a true sequel to AR is released. AR 3 not only gives us those unique 2D graphics back in a new fashion, but it also proves to give a realistic experience while still providing a fun experience. The game consist of 35 different vehicles, including 15 licensed ones, and 20 tracks. This is just the beginning; high levels of technology will unlock possibilities for players to create, share, download tracks and cars! The design of the game is done so well that every type of racer will enjoy this game. A casual player? Cruise around in the free mode! A powerup-loving racer? Go join one of the tournaments with powerups enabled! AR 3 has too much replay value for me to make this review much longer. Frick, this game has great music as well. It has almost everything! Fine, I’ll list your pros and cons, but just leave me alone after that! I almost beat my rivals at the intergalactic Space Core ZX tournament!


  • Surprisingly good 2D graphics
  • Unlimited replay value
  • Cross Platform compatible
  • Works well with pizza and cola
  • There’s too much to list here and I want to get back playing this game so I won’t list them all


  • Takes too much of my time away

Final Rating: 9.75/10 (Almost perfect)
There’s one question though… Will it blend?

This is the… I dunno, 5th installment in the Top-Teen series? Anyhow, this is the 2nd in the dancing spin-off series. (A sequel to the Game Sphere Top-Teen: Dance Dance Romance)


Wow…Or should I say GROOVY?

Every facet of this incredible game is amazing. If you want to groove your way through as Elvis Presley, or strut your stuff as the new Michael Jackson. This game has so much to it:

Gameplay = Outstanding
Sound = Top class music
Levels = Each level is a new challenge as you go through all the dancing techniques
Graphics = Something new. The animations are so smooth

Aside from the thrilling gameplay, this teaches you moves for a disco, a club, a friend’s party. It truly is educational. So go and make your Mamma proud. Get into your dancing gear and move it.

Go and BUY THIS NOW and get ready to boogy!


Exactly What it Says on the Tin

Fire! Blizzard! It’s time for Doublecast, Ivalice’s favorite video game review radio show! Here’s your host, the ever-versatile Akamadoushi!

It seems like zombies are everywhere. I can’t even call it a recent trend, games have featured zombies either as a special mode or a central plot point for almost as long as there have been video games. But amidst a sea of gun-toting gore porn with some decay thrown in for show, Hide: Stay Hidden stands out.

I’ve played games in which the stated objective is to mow down the zombie horde with firearms. I’ve played games in which the stated objective is to run and/or hide, but there are abundant enough weapons and few enough hiding places that the actual objective is to just kill everything. Hide: Stay Hidden is the first survival-horror game I’ve seen that plays more like a stealth game than a third-person shooter.

There are weapons, certainly. You begin with a knife, and soon enough acquire a bat. The bat is weaker, but has more range and can knock enemies back. Using either of these weapons will most likely result in your death. You learn very quickly that killing zombies is not only the point of the game, but is a downright suicidal proposition. The knife’s faster kills are worthless against the bat’s knockback effect.

Zombies are slow, stupid, and nearly blind. But God help you if you somehow alert the horde. They are relentless. No matter how open the streets look, there are more of them in just about any direction. You may be able to outrun them, but chances are you’re running right into another pack.

The sound effects in Hide: Stay Hidden are the finest I’ve ever heard. You can hear your footsteps change depending on how fast you’re walking and on which surface. The zombies can hear you, as well. Running always attracts attention. A slow walk is generally safe, but some surfaces will amplify your footsteps no matter how slowly you move.

The solution, then, is to crawl. Crawling is very slow, but always silent. The downside is that if you’re spotted, you may not be able to get up in time to escape. Movement is highly situational. Can you crawl past that pack without being seen? Is it safer to run? Can you walk here without them hearing you?

When not actively chasing you, the zombie packs roam on their own. There are numerous hiding places throughout the game. Unless a zombie actually sees you go into a hiding spot, you’re safe. If you’re running from the horde and duck around a corner to hide in a box, they won’t have a clue where you are as long as none of them followed you around the corner before you hid. As I said, they’re kind of dumb. They don’t figure things out.

Confused zombies will lurk near your hiding spot for a short while, then give up and wander off. This is how much of the game is played; sneaking from hiding place to hiding place. Fighting is a guaranteed losing proposition if there’s more than one zombie in the area. A swing of the bat can knock a couple of zombies back so you can run, but that’s all the good it does.

There is a night/day cycle in place, and it can be used to your advantage. You’d think daytime is the best time to run from zombies, but you’d be wrong. Zombies are nearsighted during the day, and will only see you if you’re quite close. In the dark, they legitimately can’t see. Travel by cover of darkness, avoid street lamps and the headlights of wrecked cars. You have a flashlight, but I’d recommend against using it unless you’re looking for collectibles. Darkness is your best friend.

There are firearms in the game, but ammunition is sparse. The only guns I found were a 9 mm pistol, a .44 magnum revolver, and a 5.56 mm assault rifle. All three of them are incredibly loud and will draw attention from quite a distance. The pistol is quieter than the revolver or the rifle, but it can be heard from further away than it can shoot. It takes about six shots from the pistol to kill a zombie, two from the revolver, or three from the rifle. There’s so little ammunition to find that each kill feels like a complete waste. Guns are absolutely a last resort option.

And that’s the only fault I really find with the game. There’s no freedom, or even the illusion of such. Boston looks like a big, open, free-roamable city, but it’s not. Hiding places are in set (but numerous) locations. The zombie horde roams in a pre-determined pattern (unless chasing). Because of these patterns, backtracking for any reason is a guaranteed game-over. You don’t see it at first, but their is a path laid out for you from beginning to end, and if you stray from it you’ll die. And once that sets in, Hide: Stay Hidden starts to feel incredibly linear for an “open world” game.


  • Stunning graphics
  • Life-like sound effects
  • True survival-horror gameplay
  • Accurate title


  • Not much of a story
  • Quite linear
  • I wanted to kill all the zombies :frowning:

Final Verdict:

9.75 out of 10.

Up next: the only OYA title ever released by Horse-Drawn Games.


Descending into the OYA

Descension is a dungeon RPG by Horse-Drawn Games and their first and only game to be released on the OYA

It is a top-down roguelike in which the player controls a chosen hero out of 7 characters as they explore the dungeons located deep underground. It incorporates randomly generated levels like any other roguelike. On each floor of every dungeon, the player must fight monsters in a room before they can continue onto the next. Along the way, the player can collect money to buy equipment from shopkeepers, find hidden treasure chest which have items to power-up your character. Each floor of the dungeon includes a boss which the player must defeat in order to progress to the next dungeon.

Personally, I find this game so addictive that I feel it could be the killer app for the OYA but then again I feel it might not get the praise it deserves because of the negative publicity the OYA recently received.

A reccomendation for all OYA owners 9.25/10

And now, from the vaults of Madrid Software comes 80s sci-fi action


CyberCops 2010

CyberCops 2010 is a new game from Madrid Software. When I played this game, the first thing that I thought was “What an amazing game!” The graphics were just amazing and the story was so interesting! The only thing I didn’t like was that the game was very buggy! Sometimes, when I was in a level, a random CyberCop came out of nowhere and killed me every time!

But anyways, the game in overall was very surprising! The game is so addictive that I couldn’t stop playing. Congratulations to Madrid Software!

A very nice game 9.75/10

And now, the game you were all been waiting for… By Firegames Studios comes a new Dungeon/RPG game!


Goblins in a Lead Role

Sleep! Poison! It’s time for Doublecast, Ivalice’s favorite video game review radio show! Here’s your host, the ever-versatile Akamadoushi!

It’s rare to see goblins portrayed as more than mass-murderable mobs. Even more rarely are goblins allowed to be a “good” race, or even vaguely sympathetic to the protagonist’s cause. Never before have goblins been portrayed as the primary race.

Dungeons and Goblins isn’t a sophisticated game, but it knows its limitations and works within them quite well. The graphics and sound effects are basic, but the gameplay is solid and the writing is nicely polished. It’s clear that the developers fully understood the Gameling’s capabilities, and made the most of them.

Starting a new game of Dungeons and Goblins prompts you to enter a name, then select a race and class. Race determines your character sprite and statistics, class determines which powers you learn to use. Six of the ten selectable races are varieties of goblin, and they have the same character sprite. Only their stats differ. The other races are human, elf, dwarf, and kobold.

Fighter, wizard, and rogue classes are available from the beginning of the game. Sorcerer, hunter, and slayer are hybrid classes unlocked by leveling up to 10 in two different classes (fighter+wizard, wizard+rogue, and rogue+fighter, respectively). The ‘ace’ class is unlocked by achieving experience level 50 (the maximum) with any three classes, and wields a variety of talents.

Each class has access to multiple active and passive skills. Passive skills always do their thing, but only three active skills can be equipped at a time. The B button cycles through the 3 active skills and standard weapon attacks, while the A button performs the selected ability. The D-pad moves your character, select brings up a map, and start opens the character menu. The game itself is a side-scroller, unusual for the dungeon RPG genre. It runs similarly to a platforming game, but with more emphasis on combat and puzzles than jumps.

It’s possible to save and load, but dying is permanent. Death will result in your character data being wiped. Only experience level and quest points are saved. The goal is to get as far as you can. Aside from unlockable classes and the high score screen, there is no sense of overall progress.

Because the dungeon floors are procedurally generated from a list of parts, Dungeons and Goblins is able to offer a supposedly unlimited number of floors. Each floor has one ‘quest’ that must be completed to descend further, and one hidden ‘journey’ that is completely optional. The objectives, contexts, and rewards are always randomized. You’re able to play for quite a long time before it gets repetitive.


  • Mind-blowing levels of stage variety, especially for a Gameling game
  • Tons of weapons to use and skills to master
  • To date, no one has reached the bottom of the Infinity Chasm. The developers claim it is legitimately impossible, and I believe them.
  • Crazy-addictive gameplay!
  • Goblins are given emphasis over the traditional fantasy races


  • Sound effects are pretty basic and unimpressive
  • Six of the ten races use the exact same sprite
  • Many weapons and skills also share graphics

Final Verdict:

9.25 out of 10!

Next up, Horse-Drawn Games has developed a sequel to their classic post-apocalyptic RPG.
The original Dust was for G64 and had an average review score of 8.5.


Dust 2

Greetings fellow gamers out there. I am Greetings

Dust 2 really sets a new standard for RPG’s.On Earth in the year 2132. Everything has changed. Supplies were scarce, bandits, raiders, scavengers, everywhere you look they are robbing.

What gets me so excited is the game’s advanced storyline. I find myself guessing what’s going to happen next and BAM something else , totally unexpected, happens. The world is full of natural disasters, occurring from place to place. This makes the game totally random. One moment you’re running from bandits with your daughter. Which eventually …(that would be a spoiler ;)). The next moment you’re trying to survive a tornado. Save the people you love. Trust me when I say…you’ll love the people. There are many very important decisions. Become a bandit, become part of a vigilanty group, help the poor and so much more.

The dialogues…oh god. Gamegasm. They are exceptionally done. With celebrity voices and the body gestures, facial expressions, everything to give a gamer a boner! The moral choices in the game are epic. Running from a tsunami you can either be:

  • Selfish
  • Risk yourself to save others.
  • Or come back later and scavenge their bodies and possesions.
    You can be the baddest of the bad or the best of the good. Totally diverse.

Gameplay is relatively good. I find myself astonished when I see execution moves, animations of the units and all these little things makes it worth every second. The design into the specific area is amazing and the AI isn’t even sloppy. What’s wrong with this game?! NOTHING! Oh but there is one problem, I would’ve love a better sound engine. Some sounds are just a little distorted.

The open world :3 I feel more free in it’s open world than I do in the real world. Buy a plane ticket to Spain. Go to Antartica to find your…(spoilers aren’t allowed :smiley: D) All of this costs money and that brings us to the point of the ingame currency. It’s very REAL. Set up a shop to do business. Dust 2 is very open. The graphics are very good. Every little hair is calculated, every wrinkle, every eye. The history is completely transferred from Dust’s history.

Just as you finish the game something terrible happens. Now there remains but one question:
Good on you Horse Drawn Games! 9.75/10