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Getting hooked on Ninja Hooks

Normally, I prefer playing Strategy and Simulation games on PC but after seeing this it has changed how I looked at PC gaming.

It’s a brilliant tale of one ninja’s journey to become the Grand Dragon among all ninjas, this game has you hacking and slashing through 12 diverse locales from Tokyo to Moscow.

I had no idea how well it could pull off all its intense action and it’s visually stunning graphics so well and yet run smoothly at the same time.

Though of course, the game has its flaws. The voice acting sounds kind of campy for an action adventure game and there are times where you could be clueless of where to go after every battle.

In conclusion, It does what it does with aplomb 8.5/10

And now, I present to you an adult point ‘n’ click adventure game that could be thought of as Leisure Suit Larry with furries.


##Yiff in hell, furfags!##

When my boss plopped this game down in front of me to review for the new issue of Ninvento Power, I had no idea what to expect.

It’s a hilarious tail (Haha, get it?) about your average Furry who goes to Furry-cons and wears ridiculous suits and likes to bone the con-goers. At Furcon 1969, the highest recorded of women in attendance in history, there is alot of hot sexy furry girls to meet. The problem is, you are a nerd. How are you suppost to yiff them if you look like a living pizza?
By hiding behind the best fox costume you could ever imagine of course! but, you’re poor. how will you get such a costume? All you have is a fox mask, but that won’t cut it. So, you have to resort to prostitution. Can you yiff enough furries to get the costume of your dreams to yiff them all? There’s only one way to find out, PLAY IT!

The gameplay is pretty good. You walk around chatting to girls by playing a little mini-game in order to negotiate the price for your rates. If you do it successfully, she’s all yours and you earn some money to buy better costumes to get the attention of more girls.

The game has a few silly bugs and it’s a little hard to know where to go, but you just have to think outside the box a few times.

Overall, I give this an 8.5 yiffs out of 10.

And now, I present to you, the greatest rhythm game about the best musical act in the world in which you play through the highlights of their career.##


Kidz Bop: Rockband
I’ll be the first to admit that my tastes in music have something more of a… classical leaning. As such, I shall endeavor to be as objective as I am capable of in this review.

First, I shall address the interface. They did something very, very right in allowing the player full keyboard customization privileges; I found the default control scheme slightly awkward for my wrists, even with the universal keyboard shoulder strap included with the game. (Less fancy than it might sound - it’s a strap to help you hold the keyboard like a keytar. Surprisingly comfortable.)
Next, the learning curve is sharp at first (if you are unfamiliar with the genre at all, at any rate), but after the third song (which incidentally marks the end of the tutorial phase, too), it tapers off to a slow, comfortable rise in complexity. And brilliantly enough, the learning curve lasts until the very last level; every song has its own tricks, and as the titular band improved over time, so too does the game place you at the heart of a technical progression where you need to combine a few of the old tricks in new ways.

To sum the game up, it is a delightfully solid work; I would suggest it as the genre’s first choice if you can at all stomach Kidz Bop’s deplorably saccharine-laden teen pop. And if you will excuse me, I shall now go forth and inflict a short-term hearing loss upon myself at a Twisted Sister concert.



And now, from Actionmasters, the successful tale of a scientist emigrated to… a slightly different land than we knew…




Welcome to Doublecast, Ivalice’s favorite video game review radio show! Here’s your host, the ever-versatile Akamadoushi!

All right, let’s get down to business. One of the more bizarre titles I’ve reviewed, Adventures of Shogun Tesla!

One of Nikola Tesla’s experiments has not only given him the ability to control electricity with his hands, but has thrown him back in time. Nikola awakens in Sengoku-era Japan. Because of his power to control lightning, he is revered as a god-sent warrior, and made an honorary member of the Tokugawa clan along with the title of shogun.

Much of the game revolves around battles. Nikola must decide troop positions before the fighting starts, and then can directly attack with his spear or his lightning powers during the actual battle. Nikola himself is invulnerable, but the game grades you based on how many troops survive. If all of Tesla’s troops are killed, he will be captured and the game will end.

This is a fun game with an interesting concept, but I don’t think Actionmasters went far enough. There’s plenty of feudal Japan, but not too much Tesla. There’s little enough exposition and dialogue that it doesn’t even particularly matter who your avatar happens to be. There’s also the fact that Tesla only has two powers. He can summon a lightning bolt to instantly kill a distant enemy, or create a magnetic field to pull a heavily armored enemy closer. The guy can control electricity, why aren’t there more powers? Let’s see some imagination and variety!

This is a fairly long game with a lot of variety in battle maps. The music is all right in quality and fitting for its setting. The graphics are fairly good, and it’s easy to tell who’s on what side. The story is pretty weak, though. I won’t spoil the ending for those of you who haven’t played, but it’s nothing really shocking or even interesting.


  • Historically accurate battles
  • Fun gameplay
  • Fitting music
  • Lightning hands!
  • Very original concept


  • Weak storyline
  • Only two lightning powers

Final Verdict:

8.5 out of 10. Hoping for a sequel.


Smile.exe, a new type of game.

Most of the horror games I’ve seen, are the plain old puzzle games. Smile.exe plans to change this, with action instead of puzzle brought into it. They certainly brought it to the right group of people, mature PC gamers. Now, there are some bad things about this game. It drags on, and gets repetitive, and wasn’t very horror filled. It did though, offer a good amount of gameplay and great graphics. 7.25/10
(lol pro review right there)

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Game Maker’s Civilization II is one of those games that are always played at LAN parties and Grid Groups always play.

It’s a History/Strategy game where you control your own Civilization from the Ancient Era all the way up to now and try to win with science, culture, or napalm. The game has great multiplayer and singleplayer gameplay and is always different each time you play. The game also features mod support and has quite a few DLC Expansions so you know you’ll never get bored with the game. The graphics in the game are a top-down view style and have a realistic look to them. the game is available on three consoles, PC, mBox Next, and the PPS.

The only problem with the game is that it bears a striking resemblence to Sid Meier’s Civilization sooner or later Game Maker will get sued for copyright infringement.

Overall, I give it a 9.75/10.

And now, I present to you the greatest game of the century about the classic film series, James Blond.


Just wow! Where do I begin with SilverEar 006 II, a sequel to the much beloved game SilverEar 006. The game’s opening level of entering the KGB’s headquarters in East Germany was brilliant, on the first play through I was using stealth to past all the guards, on my second play through I was mixing up entering shoot outs. Unlike the original where sometimes you would mute the sound settings just to get gun crackling gun sounds and annoying music out, this time it’s a huge hit.

Each set piece was amazing with such details that I wonder how did they cram it all in the mbox 360 at all, in fact I had to make sure several times I was playing on mBox 360 instead of a PC. The character details are just as amazing and the smoothness that everything moves so fluid. Even the background elements that you don’t interact with are rendered in such amazing details that I wondered if they were actually part of the level.

The shooting mechanics are much improved, I no longer have to rely on sticky cover in shoot outs, gone are the rechargeable health. The stealth system actually make sense and add a real element to the game where you can even skip boss fights, instead of being a tacked on element in the original. The multiplayer was a blast with so many maps and game mode to choose from it wonder how would you even get bored of it.

While I don’t normally give out points, this game clearly deserves 10/10.

Ok here is my game, it literally saved my game company as I was on a string of bad games (with last 5 being under 4.0) and I went through the last bank loan. It was a sequel to a 1.75 rating Military RPG called End Games picking off where the last game ended with Nukes falling. After Mad (or After Mutual assured destruction) was suppose to be my last game before bankruptcy as a last ditch effort to stay afloat.



Every now and then a game comes along that just makes you want to go on a real adventure. After MAD is defintily one of them! In this game you play as one of three playable characters. Jon, a wealthy business man who was sailing on his yacht when the bomb hit, and returned home to chaos, James, an inmate on the death row who must find a way to redeem himself in the wasteland, or Carrie, an average business woman who is trying to find her family in a destroyed New York. I love the characters in this game, and I love to see important events in the game happen from each of their perspective. But amazing storytelling isn’t all this game has to offer. The games gameplay is so fluid I memorized it the second began playing. Every time I click a button my character quickly responds, whether it be shooting or looting. That’s another thing I love about this game: The combat. You fight many different variations of enemies, such as bandits or enemy soldiers. But you don’t have to kill them, this game also has a kick ass stealth mechanic that makes me want to try things over and over again. Finally, this game’s presentation is wonderful. The world is huge and detailed, the music is fitting and wonderfully crafted, and gosh darn it every person you meet you looks different. You’ll never see a game with this much detail.
Overall, this game gets a 10/10



Clockwork King, the “game”

Another review from Canon Studios, the game we’ll be reviewing today is an old classic for the PC.
Clockwork King… A mix of Cyberpunk and Action. This game had was filled with potential, the demos were good. The ads and interviews made it seem like a really good game… Until the release.

Clockwork King had many flaws that made this game not-so-great. Although this game was created way back, it didn’t stand up to the standards of games during that time. You start off in a cyberpunk-style workshop, You are the king of all your workers, but then something happens. Your workshop collapses, and you try to escape and are trapped. You look for escape throughout the entire game.

Clockwork King focuses too much on Story and Dialogues that the actual Action aspect doesn’t seem fun. You crash and fall, dialogue. You see a horde of monsters, cutscene. You run off, dialogue and cutscene… ITS TOO MUCH!!!

There were some good aspects of the games. The very few times you actually battle, they seem to be quite okay. Its just that you barely battle at all, and makes this game more of an interactive story than a game. I know they care about story, but please, if you do, make this a motion picture instead, it’ll please more people.

In a nutshell… it stinks. 5.25/10

EDIT: Had to change game, realized I wasn’t supposed to use real game names xD.
http://imgur.com/zsklfIZ: Extra Info: Game - Gaem Beats. Made by Canon Studios. Canon 1337, not-so-successful custom console. Let the creativity continue :slight_smile:


#Dem Beatz

Hey guys… Finally back, you know? Today i’m reviewing Gaem Beatz by Canon Studios.

Stage 1-1 : Story
You are a girl in Japan, known only as Inuseka Masashima, but most of your friends call you “Inu”. One day, you woke up in Kyoto, Japan, lost in the crowd, remembering only your name, and a strange pin is on your hand… A phone rings inside your pocket, assuming it was yours, you got it out and sees an SMS stating “You have 60 minutes to reach town hall, go.” The pin on your hand was gone and you see a strange looking clock, ticking away every second. As you were told to, you ran towards the town hall as these black jellyfish creatures started attacking you. Will you reach the town hall? or will you die in this town hell?

Stage 1-2 : Presentation
Hey remember GS games? Yeah. Those games. Where Ninvento tried to make 3D but just end up with stupid polygonal stuff. Like that Blony Hawk game, or that Double Deux games? I hated those. This game brings those back, though in a very appealing way… This is a purely 2D game, with some 3D effects here and there, but i like it. It’s a charm, y’know? The “cutscenes” looked like it was ripped off some manga or something, it looks exactly like those kind of stuff! Though the voice actors sure made up. The soundtracks are great! From the title screen to that familiar credits theme, this game made a culture of gaming. Not to mention this was a rhythm game? So the soundtrack… needs to be awesome.

Stage 1-3 : Gameplay
Let’s get this thing going here. I hate the Canon 1337’s controller. It took me some time to get the controls, but i managed. Everytime you encounter an enemy, a basic Pixel Monsters battle screen appears. Everytime the tune hits, you gotta match the buttons on the screen and on the controller. So everytime you see a C on the screen, you gotta press the C button. Basic Rhyming stuff. I like it!

Stage 1-4 : Overalls
Story : 10
Presentation : 10
Gameplay : 9

With the annoying controls, this game isn’t perfect, but great overall. I give it a 9.75/10!

The Galactic Force made their first hit… Khrono Trigger! on the Gameling!


Khrossing the Frame

It’s time for another session of Ivalice’s favorite video game review radio show, Doublecast! Here’s your host, the ever-versatile Akamadoushi!

The Galactic Force never really wowed gaming fans as a group. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of their titles, but they just never struck a nerve with the mainstream market. I’ve long wondered if they’d be able to make a game that would really stand out and wow the crowd, something to remove that dense blanket of esotericism.

This is that game.

Khrono Trigger really pushes the limits of what the Gameling can do. The graphics are detailed, the music is as complex as midi synths can be, and the storyline is enthralling. It has all the fun gameplay quirks of TGF’s older titles, and makes shout-outs to each and every one of them, but it has the writing and technical sophistication to pull ahead of every one of its competitors.

You play the role of Khrono, a mysterious bank-robbing surfman. After a successful heist, Khrono jumps on his getaway board and paddles out with a bunch of cash in what I hope is a waterproof bag. Just as he’s surfing away from the police, lightning strikes the wave and sends Khrono back in time. It’s here that Khrono learns to control both electricity and time with magical powers he didn’t know he had.

The rest of the game can be played in any order you choose. The quests are all required, but there’s no set progression. Most of the dialogue will change depending on which order you use, so it’s definitely worth it to re-play the game with different priorities.

I can’t say much about the other characters without spoiling plot elements related to their respective quests, but I can sprout generalities. Each character uses a type of physical weapon unique to them. For example, Khrono uses surfboards as weapons. All playable characters also have magical powers at their disposal. Khrono Trigger has a staggering array of spells, which can be combined in duo or trio attacks for even more variety. Each character controls a specific element and aspect determining what type of spells they can use. Khrono controls the element of lightning and the aspect of time. He can damage enemies with lightning attacks, restore MP to himself or his allies, speed up a specific ally, slow down a specific enemy, or stop time entirely for a specific enemy. The last spell he learns is FFWD, which speeds up all animations for an entire battle. Useful for boss fights with lots of lengthy attack animations.

My one complaint about Khrono Trigger is that I don’t think it lives up to its potential. An appalling amount of content was cut due to the platform’s limitations. Khrono Trigger makes me think of a dog running to the end of its leash and getting choked by its collar. As much as I enjoy this title, I think it could have been so much more were it developed for a console and not a handheld.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Fantastic music
  • Incredible writing
  • Fun gameplay
  • Interesting plot premise
  • Time travel is awesome!
  • Tons of weapons and spells


  • Monochromatic
  • Leaves you wondering what could have been…

Final Verdict:

9.75 out of 10. More, please!

And now, one of the most illogical things to ever be made by Horse-Drawn Games.


Somewhere, an equestrian is crying.

Horse-Drawn Games, famous for their pony-themed games (It’s in their name after all) beginning with the TV licensed Pretty Pony Tales which is best known for giving hope to licensed games. This Inspired them to go create hits such as Tactics Ponies, Pretty Pony RPG and grPonies. But this here My Sexy Pony is quite a letdown.

It’s a virtual pet game where you care for you own customizable pony with the typical features of any virtual pet game except there is a twist. When you make some progress into the game (about 30 mins) you are given a cutscene of your pony becoming anthropomorphic and sexy. At this point, you’re given access to activities reminiscent of dating sims. Lastly, when you achieve perfect friendship with you pony, you’re given the opportunity to do what the manual refers to as “Breeding season”, It is basically a sex mini-game that strongly reminds me of the infamous “Hot Espresso” mod for Grand Theft Manual.

Overall, this game is undeniably surreal but it falls short. this is a step in uncharted territory for Horse-Drawn Games which I feel could be bad for the company.

Dissapointing, but could be a guilty pleasue among bronies 5.75/10

And now, I present to you an AAA game dev simulation game


A Unique Take on Game Development

Firaga! Thundaga! It’s time for another installment of Doublecast, Ivalice’s favorite video game review radio show! Here’s your host, the ever-versatile Akamadoushi!

Game development is a rare topic when it comes to simulation games. You can find them, sure, but the number of stand-out indie titles is miniscule and big name game development simulators are practically unknown. Aside from Game Dev Story from Kairosoft and Game Dev Tycoon from Greenheart Games, most of them are also terrible. Game Dev Heroes seeks to change that.

The game begins with character customization. In-depth, full-on customization. If you alter every aspect of your appearance, you can spend ten minutes or more just making an avatar. And that’s not a bad thing. You can also choose one of twelve voices.

It looks like an ordinary setup. Your character is a solo indie developer working out of a garage. Normal enough starting point. The true genius of this game is revealed when you start the development process, though. Select your features, and then determine the game’s quality by playing a rhythm mini-game!

The mini-game consists of a colored grid with letters in the squares. You have to press the appropriate key when the lettered square lights up. Adding more features adds more squares. Better versions of each type of feature shortens the amount of time you have to press a key. You get an amount of points dependent on your stats for each successful press. More points means a better game. Toward the end of the game, with all the best features selected, you’ll be using 36 keys (1-0 and a-z) and will be expected to hit any of them at lightning speed.

Later in the game, you can hire employees. They can either add a bonus to development points, or they can be assigned to features. Assigning employees to handle features for you will remove those features from the development grid. This is helpful, but the AI employees will only acquire 50% of the possible development points. If you can handle the extra keys, it may be worth it to just do it yourself.

Game Dev Heroes has wonderful sound effects, fluid animation, brilliant gameplay, and well written story events. Graphically, it’s not quite up to snuff. The technology is there, but the talent is not. The developers tried for a cartoony style with weird proportions and cell-shading. They failed, and everyone is just weird looking.

There are also quite a few bugs, many of which are graphical. For one, there’s an awful lot of clipping. Clipping everywhere. Arms clipping through desks, jackets clipping through seats, necks clipping through shirt collars. It’s distracting and terrible. Also, if you play for more than an hour at a time, there’s a chance the colors will disappear from the development grid, making it impossible to play as you can’t see when a square is highlighted. And need I mention the famous and hilarious “floating intern” glitch?

All in all, Game Dev Heroes is a great idea with almost-great execution. I love it, and highly recommend it, but it really could be better.


  • Deep customization
  • Good sound effects
  • Fun gameplay
  • Interesting take on game development
  • Floating interns


  • Ugly character models
  • Lots of clipping
  • Potentially game-breaking graphical errors

Final Verdict:

8 out of 10. Great job.

Now for another Horse-Drawn Games title, because I alternate between two developer names and usually only think to save screencaps for HDG.


Thread clean up, No off topic chat here :smile:


Pure TES Brilliance

Warpath is a fantasy action game like no other on the TES.

Setting: The Kingdom of Wotrei has been attacked by the evil forces of the dark lord Aserghu who threatens to plune the world into darkness and you (one of 6 different playable chaacters) have been chosen to do battle in the war to save us all.

Gameplay: For starters, you must pick a charcter out of 6, they include: a human warrior, a half-orc barbarian, a elf hunter, a gnome druid, a dwarf witch and a drago shaman. The game is played like an arcade beat 'em up (like Double Dragon) but with rougelike rpg elements mixed in, meaning that you acquire experience for every enemy you defeat and with enough experience you can level up one of your character’s stats or abilities at the end of each stage.

Personal Opinion: I can tell you that this game really squeezes as much out of the TES’s technological capabilities though there may be some slowdowns, particularly when there are many enemies on screen. I would reccomend this to any fantasy fan out there who owns a TES.

A wonderful achievement 9.75/10

And now, I present to you an EROTIC Vena Oasis action game that was made during a strange combo trend.


Crazy Addictive

Revive! Cura! Welcome to this week’s installment of Doublecast, Ivalice’s favorite video game review radio show! Here’s your host, the ever-versatile Akamadoushi!

I’ll start by saying that everything you’ve heard about Bunny Bump is true. The picture of rabbits “multiplying” on the cover art is not a joke. Not only does that happen, it’s pretty much the entire game. You play a male rabbit, and you have to interact with several female rabbits. Then the next level starts, and can be described in exactly the same way.

Now, I can’t transcribe what the game’s tutorial tells you without getting the show canceled. I will only say that Bunny Bump is not about furiously mashing the B button as fast as possible. You have to find the right…rhythm. To your button-presses. For reasons.

Each lady rabbit is different. In later levels, the required timing will actually change during the er button-pressing activity. If you’re too fast or too slow, the lady rabbit will leave, and you’ll receive no points whatsoever for the poor performance. Keep the lady rabbits happy, and–

What’s that? Oh. My intern just told me that a female rabbit is properly referred to as a “doe”. I’m not saying that, everyone will think I’m talking about deer.

Anyway, that’s the entire game. If you think Bunny Bump sounds like a strange game, you’re absolutely correct. It’s also surprisingly fun, and incredibly addictive. As bizarre as this game is, I couldn’t put it down.

The graphics are very detailed. A little too detailed, really. The animation is very smooth. Fluid, one might say. The music is passable, nothing particularly outstanding or memorable. The sound effects are a little ridiculous. I mean, I’ve never seen real rabbits go at it, but I’m pretty sure lady rabbits don’t sound like a dog’s squaky-toy during. The images displayed between levels are a little gratuitous and unnecessary, and might offend some gamers. But if you’re willingly playing a game about rabbit relations, then you can’t really complain.


  • Detailed graphics
  • Smooth animation
  • Addictive gameplay


  • Strange sound-effects
  • What the heck did I just play?

Final Verdict:

8 out of 10. Absolutely not for children.

Pony Quest is the same thing as Pretty Pony RPG, I just sometimes use different titles on different play-throughs. You can review it as Pretty Pony RPG VII, or you can treat Pony Quest VII as a localization. I just wanted to clarify that they’re the same thing.


Pony Quest reaches the lucky 7

Horse-Drawn Game has recently released the 7th installment to their Pony Quest series (Also known as Pretty Pony RPG in some parts of the world). When I first heard of this, I was like “It’s the 7th installment already?” and was then given a copy to review so here we go.

Story - It follows the story of Thunder, a rouge pony who initially joins the rebel group ELEMENTAL to stop the world-controlling council Eterna from draining the life of the planet for use as an energy source.

Gameplay - As with previous installments of the Pony Quest series, Pony Quest VII consists primarily of the following: an overworld map, field maps, and a battle screen. The overworld map and the battles in this is rendered in 3D which is new although the field maps are still in 2D. The battle sequences use an Active Battle System in which each character does an action at their own speed like people would in a race.

Personal Opinion - This installment is more darker and edgier than the others and it really makes use of the Playsystem’s technical capabilities whenever it can. If you’re a fan of RPGs, I’d reccomend this to you.

Great Job 9.25/10

And now, for this:

This game was made in response to this:

“Only a game with unicorns, rainbows, pirates and ninjas could possibly be better.”


Pirates ‘n’ Ninjas in Unicorneria: Nothing could be better

Recently, I wrote a review about another game from the same company that made this one, and I said, “Only a game with unicorns, rainbows, pirates and ninjas could possibly be better.” Well, they answered my request. They made a great action game full of crazy adventures in amazing levels and graphics. They really pushed the limits of the technology on the TES 64. Well done you guys.


Never Odd or Even

Protect! Shell! It’s time for another installment of Doublecast, Ivalice’s favorite video game review radio show! Here’s your host, the ever-versatile Akamadoushi!

Most games these days tend to follow one of several established outlines. There are frameworks to each genre, and the boundaries of those frameworks are rarely tested. Vib-Biv isn’t most games.

Marketed as a word game for children, the cover art and the description on the back of the box are deceptively simple. Trust me when I say there’s a reason Vib-Biv has sold over a billion copies. Hold on, that can’t be right. Becky, can you double-check the sales on Vib-Biv? What, really? You’re serious? That’s intense.

Vib-Biv is a word game unlike any other. The goal is to construct palindromes on a scrabble-like board. The gimmick is that the board moves, as do the words. Vib-Biv is the first Playsystem game to actually require the use of Playsystem’s Twinpulse analog controller. The only button used during actual gameplay is the left analog stick.

With both the board and the words floating about randomly, timing is crucial. You have to use a bumper to knock a word onto its proper place on the board. The first few puzzles are easy. All of the prompts are only one word, so you just have to find the word backwards. Later stages provide increasingly complex prompts that require equally complex solutions using multiple words.

All in all, this isn’t a very difficult game, which isn’t surprising when you consider it’s intended for children. It’s quite fun, though, and certainly well made. My only complaint is that the words sometimes veer off in the wrong direction after contacting the bumper. Given the lack of penalty for failure, this isn’t a huge deal, but it can still be annoying.


  • Unique concept
  • Interesting visual style
  • Good selection of music
  • Rats live on no evil star.


  • Questionable bumper physics

Final Verdict:

9.75 out of 10

Now for another Horse-Drawn game, specifically the third title in the Beyond Human series of cyberpunk RPGs.