Introducing Tavern Keeper - the second game being developed by Greenheart Games


After two years of working on our next game in secret we are finally ready to tell you what Game #2 will be. Find out more on our freshly baked website at

  • The Greenheart Games Team

Game #2? Game #2!
Game to create movies

The site said something about 2018 for a beta?! How can you be so crue?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway this looks the kind of tycoom game that I will spend a number of hours on so keep it up!


10/10 Would develop.


It’s finally public! LOVE IT. Screenshots look amazing! Loving the low poly look and feel. That kitchen is also looking swell!


can’t wait, been a fan of greenheart games since game dev tycoon, hope to see a lot of customization, and a lot of other cool features!


Art style and game idea looks and sounds pretty good. But… 2018? Aren’t you announcing it a bit early? And… cruel to make us wait this long:P


The project is at a point where we are definitely ready to talk about it more in public and I think our fans have waited long enough to hear anything about Game #2 :slight_smile:


Oooo this game looks quite interesting indeed :slight_smile: I will keep up-to-date!


Wow, for such an early alpha, the game looks amazing so far! Can’t wait for more info to trickle in over the next year. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, this looks exciting! As for the platform, did I read it right, it’ll be PC only? If so, that’s unfortunate, as I’d love to see a Mac or mobile version.


So much hype! I love where you guys are going with the genre. Literally cannot wait to get my hands on this. Please please please put this on Steam Early Access as soon as possible!!!


We meant PC as in potentially Windows, Mac, Linux. We develop on Windows so that’s a guarantee but I think it’s very likely that it will be on Mac (and maybe Linux) too but we’ll have to wait for our tests when we get closer to a Beta.

Ideas for Tavern Keeper

Totally was not expecting this, but that’s a good thing. So cool to see how much Greenheart Games has grown.

Cannot wait!!



Why isn’t it done? Is it done yet! Just hook it to my veins!


Oh my god - finally another game from greenheart games! Game dev tycoon was really, really fun! I have high expectations! Just kidding, as long as it’s a decent game i’ll be happy :slight_smile:


Looks amazing. Cant wait a year for it though damn it! Any chance of you guys doing closed alpha testing?


Looks very fun and unique! Can’t wait to try it :smile:


I love the art work, it’s the kind of art that remains untouch with time because it’s not serious!
The idea is funny! I’m waiting for it but 2018! :’(

Keep the sense of humor and try to implement a nasty but very funny anti-pirates functions:

  • Like orc mafia coming every day to take your money
  • Your employees steal your food until you can no longer serves the customers

I’m sure you will come with something funny

Also, please keep up the communications (YES it’s time consuming…!) because building a community will help you at the end when you will need to talk about your game!

Good luck for the next 2 years of development!



I read the email.
Also please implement a crazy game breaking mechanic in the cracked version!